dental implant

Tooth implant during pregnancy in Turkey

When a synthetic structure performs exactly like a natural tooth, an implant is the only option for replacing a missing tooth. In the majority of situations, dental implantation is the only option to get the best results for the teeth’s aesthetic and functionality. However, there are times when the surgery is worthwhile. Pregnancy comes in…

dental implant

Is pain after dental implants normal?

Implantation surgery is a modern technique for replacing lost teeth. Throughout the world, dental clinics utilise it with great success. The key component of the procedure is the implantation of a titanium rod to act as a sturdy support for the crown in place of the missing root in the bone. Following implantation, patients may…


Toronto dental bridge in Turkey

When the bone structure permits implantation, the prosthesis is exclusively used in toothless jaws. It may be constructed from metal, ceramics, zirconia, or composite materials. The benefit of this bridge is that the supporting components have microscopic holes that allow a dentist to unscrew it after a specific period of time, remove it, clean it,…

Dental sedation

Dental sedation in Turkey

If the dental phobia is still the main reason why you do not treat your teeth in time, you need to read about dental sedation in Turkey. This article will inform you about an excellent opportunity to get dental treatment without discomfort. That is why if you suffer from dental phobia, this option is a perfect variant for you.

Dental veneer treatment

What are the benefits of veneers in Turkey?

Let us help you to find the answer to the question: “is Turkey good for veneers?”. In this article, you will find information about veneer treatment: costs, time of placing, and time of serving. That is why if you plan to correct your smile with dental shells, read this text. We tried to tell you the most interesting facts about this procedure.