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Every year, a significant number of people travel to other countries for dental procedures. One of the main reasons for this is the cost of teeth treatment. The need for quality medical facilities is another reason why patients move abroad for teeth treatment.  “Are Turkish dentists safe?”

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Treatments that clinics in Turkey offer

Is it safe to have dental services in Turkey?

In order to understand whether teeth treatment in Turkey are safe, you need to read carefully about the parameters for choosing a clinic. All of the following points perfectly describe a dental clinic in Turkey and make this country stand out the rest.


Before and after dental surgery in Turkey

A wide range of dental clinic services

The fact is that many dental diseases are interrelated and in most cases, one pathology is the cause of the another. Therefore, a holistic approach to diagnosis and subsequent treatment is necessary. Dental clinic in Turkey provides the following services for high-quality and holistic treatment

Modern and digital equipment is used for diagnosis.

Experienced and qualified dentists

The seriousness of the dental clinic is also evidenced by the fact that  the staff is permanent, working for more than one year. It takes time to form a well-coordinated and professional team, so the specialists should work together for more than 2-3 years. At the clinic Dentatur in Turkey, most of the specialists have been working since its foundation and the team of professionals increases every year. The patient’s comfort during treatment and the quality of the results depend directly on this. Dentists in Turkey focus on efficiency, painlessness and accuracy of treatment.

Compliance with health regulations in the dental clinic

A good dental clinic must be perfectly clean, medical personnel must wear normal shoes, and shoe covers must be provided for patients. There must be ultraviolet lamps for the regular sterilisation of instruments.

During appointments, the dentist and his patient must wear masks and disposable gloves, which they change after each patient, protective coverings, and a special shield. The surfaces and premises must also be disinfected and all sanitary and epidemiological measures must be observed.

Observance of these rules is the basis for sterility in a healthcare facility. In Turkey, this is taken very seriously and fully comply with these points, since sterility is also a guarantee of successful treatment.

Availability of specialised equipment in the clinic

The dental clinic in Turkey is equipped with the latest, the modern equipment and instrumentation. During treatment, specialists use:

These devices help specialists quickly and efficiently identify the presence of disease and carry out the accurate and timely dental treatment.

Medical Records Maintenance in the clinic

Each visit to a dental clinic is accompanied by a medical card that records a patient’s diseases, allergic reactions (including medications) and procedures performed. Its preparation does not depend on the number of manipulations performed by the specialist – the card must be filled in even in the case of a single examination.

It is also worth noting that in Turkey, the patient is provided with other medical documentation (service agreement, questionnaire for precise health analysis), because having collected all the data the doctor has information about the patient’s health, and at the same time – the patient has legal protection for receiving services having an agreement and consent to teeth treatment.

Explanation of the doctor's actions to the patient

This is one of the most important and worrying points. When thinking about whether it is safe to get dental work in Turkey, it is a question of understanding the dentist’s actions. Some unscrupulous doctors in other countries neglect to inform the patient. This scares people, they feel anxious during procedures and do not trust the dentist. Specialists in Turkey give the patient all necessary information. 

This is done at every step of the procedure. This way, the patient knows what is going to happen, is mentally prepared and the procedure runs smoothly. Informing the patient makes dental treatment in Turkey safe and comfortable.

Dental care in Turkey

Dental treatment in Turkey is effective, safe, painless and inexpensive. That is why thousands of patients from CIS countries, Europe, Asia, China and America come here. After a visit to a Turkish dentist, you really will not be ashamed to smile openly, because your teeth will literally shine with health.

Why is dental treatment in Turkey safe?

Dentistry in Turkey is rapidly developing, along with other areas of medicine. The Turkish health system is trying to keep up with the times. At the same time, prices for dental services are kept at a level acceptable to most foreign tourists.

The main advantages of dentistry in Turkey:

A patient travelling to Turkey for treatment also enjoys a variety of other benefits not directly related to medicine.  They include the following:

Having said all the above, you should not wonder why Turkish clinics are overcrowded with foreign patients. Some medical centres treat more foreigners than locals.

Is it safe to get your teeth done in Turkey using veneers or implants?

Most people sooner or later face the need for dentures. In this case, it is important to understand the methodology of an aesthetic dental treatment and the benefits of these procedures in Turkey.

There are two main options for dental treatment – removable and fixed dentures. The current trend is fixed dentures, which perfectly replace the patient’s teeth. This is provided by veneers and implants.


Veneers are thin plates made of ceramic or composite material. Ceramic plates are 0.1 to 0.4 mm thick. They are distinguished by their high level of an aesthetics and durability. The veneers are fixed on the outer surface of the teeth and cover the front, the sides and the incisal edge. This is the main difference between veneers and crowns – the crown covers all tooth surfaces.

Most often, these plates are used for aesthetic reasons, i.e. to give an aesthetic effect to the smile. With the help of veneers, it is possible to change the colour of enamel, correct the shape of teeth or change the transparency of teeth.

dental veneers in Turkey



Implants are needed after the loss of several teeth or the entire dentition. The procedure consists of placing implants in the place of the lost teeth in the jawbone.

Standard prostheses are titanium rods. Afterwards, a crown or a denture is attached to the implant. The denture fits snugly to the gums and will not move or fall out.

dental implant in Turkey


Why are dental treatments in Turkey so popular?

Turkish dentistry is in demand not only among locals but also among foreign patients. Thousands of patients from the EU and the CIS countries come to Turkey every year for dental treatment. The point is that Turkey offers high quality dental services at affordable prices. 

It is no secret that aesthetic dental treatment is not a cheap procedure. The total amount depends on the cost of the implant or veneer, the method of treatment, the individual characteristics of the patient’s oral cavity, the clinic rates, etc. However, if we compare the cost of dental treatment in Turkey and Europe, the difference in price is significant.

The low cost of treatment in Turkey does not mean poor quality; on the contrary, it guarantees quality and focuses on patient comfort. Dentists in Turkey are highly qualified specialists, who use exclusively modern materials from the world’s leading manufacturers. The lower cost is due to factors such as high competition in dentistry, low rental costs and minimal mark-ups on consumables.

The use of modern technology enables dental treatment to be carried out in the shortest time possible – literally during a holiday. In fact, that’s what foreigners do – they go on holiday to Turkey and at the same time have their teeth treated.

Myths about the safety of dental treatment in Turkey

There are many myths in medicine. Dentistry is no exception. The patient’s ignorance, a lack of oral culture and an unjustified fear of pain produces dozens of excuses and justifications that put patients off going to the dentist’s surgery. Dentistry in Turkey is a complete reversal of these myths.

Myth №1 - Treating teeth hurt

Many people are scared to go to the dentist. That is, fear is at the heart of it all. First and foremost, fear of the pain the doctor will cause. Many of us have been afraid of dentists since childhood. In principle, this is understandable and understandable! We usually go to the dentist with pre-existing pain. Here is inevitably more pain in the dental chair. For centuries, all dental procedures have been extremely painful.

But let’s remember that this is the twenty-first century. And today’s dentistry has set a course towards comfortable dental treatment. That is, without pain. It is impossible, you say? It is possible because dentists in Turkey use high-quality and diverse types of anaesthesia. It is individually selected for each patient. Therefore, dental treatment will be painless for absolutely everyone.

Myth №2 - Doctors will offer to remove a tooth for no reason

The long-term dental practice has proven that the loss of just one tooth reduces the chewing efficiency of the dentition by about 10%. The distribution of stress on the dental arch is disturbed and problems arise in the digestive system. In addition, due to the lack of nerve irritation and pressure on the jawbone, the bone tissue in the place of the extracted tooth is eventually thinning. That is why experienced dentists in Turkey do their best to preserve all the patient’s teeth and never remove them without a good reason. And when this is not possible, a dental implant is placed by the doctor after the tooth is extracted. Knowing this information, you can eliminate the question “are Turkish dentists safe?” from your worries.

Myth №3 - The diagnosis can be made incorrectly

Two factors influence the correctness of the diagnosis. These are the competence of the doctor and the equipment used during the examination. As mentioned above, dentists in Turkey are among the best in the world. They are trained at the best universities, undergo practical training and learn all the details about the human oral cavity. And in the treatment of patients, doctors are assisted by top-notch equipment. It is impossible to find old, inefficient and inaccurate equipment in Turkey nowadays. The same cannot be said for the CIS countries. It is a big problem there. Turkish dentists are able to fully visualise the jaw of each patient, analyse it thoroughly and provide clear results to the patient. This means that you will also see a 3D model of your oral cavity, be able to adjust the treatment and help the doctor to create the perfect smile.

Why choose Turkey to get your teeth done?

To conclude, Turkey is a country with a quickly growing medical tourism industry and the provision of high quality patient care and rehabilitation services. The healthcare industry is given maximum consideration by the government and private investors, so multiprofile clinics, medical centres and networks have a sufficient set of modern equipment, a staff of highly experienced physicians and infrastructure facilities for the rapid development of the industry.

Implementation of new techniques, the use of advanced achievements in the field of medicine, and continuous improvement of staff educational level brought Turkey to the forefront of world medical tourism. In Turkey, public and private clinics strictly follow the established treatment protocols fully compliant with existing international and European standards.



The healthcare system is based on strict control of diagnostics and treatment costs in Turkish clinics. It is customary in the country to treat foreign patients with respect and make their stay in a hospital as affordable and convenient as possible.

The Turkish healthcare market is diverse and saturated, which allows patients from other countries to choose an affordable clinic in Istanbul, Antalya, or another city in the country. Getting treatment in Turkey is 25-35% cheaper and can be as effective as in British, German or American clinics.

Often patients cannot get proper medical care in their home country. The limited range of medical options, the lack of necessary modern diagnostics, outdated treatment standards, and long waiting times force patients to seek medical services at foreign clinics. Turkey is the ideal solution in such a situation.

Also, when your teeth are healthy, don’t forget about proper and regular care. This will help prevent the onset of new diseases. You can ask your dentist about how to do this properly. It is important to follow his recommendations.

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