immediate implant treatment

The immediate implant or immediate loading implants is a surgical treatment which is applying an implant at the same time that the tooth is extracted and making teeth on it.

To make an immediate implant, there should be no infection in the tooth and there should be enough bone in the area to be applied. A tooth extraction should be done as little trauma as possible and if necessary, the bone powder should be added around the implant in the patient’s mouth.

After the analysis of the maxilla, the mouth cavity and the earlier procedures on the teeth, the treatment can be performed by a dentist.

Immediate loading of dental implants is a way of treatment, due to the elimination of the waiting time required for ossification of the extraction cavity, the need for less surgical procedures, shortening the patient’s toothlessness period, allowing the optimal implant size to be placed by preserving the vertical and horizontal dimension of maxillary bones, and reducing the total treatment cost to oral implantology.

Implantology has attracted a lot of attention lately, and many clinical and experimental studies are carried out by many researchers using the immediate implantation method. The successful results obtained in these clinical and experimental studies have enabled the immediate load dental implants is accepted as a treatment method in oral implantology.

The method is both quick and loved by patients due to greater usage.

What is Immediate Implant?

It is a great way to have immediate implants in Turkey. So, what is immediate implant treatment?

Just in one session in which the patient’s tooth is extracted means applying an implant immediately and making a tooth on it.

To make an immediate implant, there should not be an active infection in the tooth and there should be enough bone in the area to be applied. A tooth extraction should be done as less traumatic as possible and if needed, the bone powder should be added around the implant 

After the dentist think the patient is fine to be performed, he or she checks the Maxillofac of the patient due to make a proportional shape of the implants.

You may want to have this procedure in abroad.

Having immediate implants abroad means that both you fixed your teeth and you will have a lot of experience when you back home again.

How is Immediate Implant Treatment Performed?

Under normal conditions, the implant is made after 1.5 to 2 months of waiting time from the tooth extraction. However, in certain favourable conditions, implants can be placed at the same time as a tooth extraction.

This procedure is called immediate implant application and every detail of the treatment is made in just one session.

Surgical application is similar to other implant applications. The only difference is that it requires experience. Because the determination of every step of the treatment needs a qualified dentist.

Immediate load dental implants vs traditional implants have some difference between them. When you have a traditional implant, you have to join a lot of sessions because it takes time to make the implants perfect.

However, if the dentist made this clinical treatment lots of time, he or she can make it in a very short time as one day.

Who Can Have An Immediate Implant Treatment?

Immediate implants are usually applied to the anterior teeth of a patient. The tooth must remain intact during clinical extraction. Tooth extraction is not done when it is traumatic. Also, it should not be done on teeth with an acute infection and a roaring inflammation.

So, if you have some issues with your teeth, you may have those treatments before having immediate implant treatment. After you fixed your other teeth problems you can have immediate implant treatment.

For example, if you have an acute infection on one of your teeth. Having an immediate implant treatment may cause spread around the infection.

That’s why you need a healthy mouth before the immediate implant treatment.

immediate implant treatment

What are the Advantages of Having Immediate Implant?

One of the advantages of the clinical immediate implant is time. Thanks to this technique, the recovery time of the tooth extraction is not too long as expected. Being at the same time also prevents the patient from having trouble due to a second surgical procedure. Also, most of the time, the patient does not remain toothless, as temporary fixed teeth are made in the immediate implant.

So, there is no need to make a temporary filling or something in the patient’s mouth.

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root placed in the jawbone and made of appropriate materials to restore the function of the missing teeth. Thanks to the implant, both the missing teeth are completed and the teeth fulfil their normal function, as well as covering the appearance of the missing teeth in the mouth, making the teeth look natural and esthetical appearance.

It is a safer functional alternative treatment method compared to the veneer, bridge and palate prostheses. In the treatment of veneers and bridges, other neighbouring teeth are damaged in the patient’s mouth because of the support from other teeth, but in implant treatment, the artificial tooth root is applied directly into the jawbone, so the treatment is performed without damaging the other teeth. This may be the best advantage of immediate dental implant treatment.

Implant treatment is one of the most comfortable, robust and reliable treatment methods. Prostheses made on dental implants look natural because they look very close to real teeth. They have a longer life span compared to all prostheses because they are not touched and their structure is not damaged while completing the missing teeth.

What are the Immediate Load Implants Prices?

These days a lot of people think what the immediate load implants prices are.

The price of the immediate implant treatment is so economical and ergonomic and you have a chance to make not only a tooth treatment, but also a holiday to patients if you like to come to Turkey.

You can have them both economically by coming to Turkey. It is pretty the same with what megagen implant cost in Turkey.

Steps of The Implant Treatment

A patient can have immediate dental implants after extraction in just one day! However, there are some situations that the dentist has to check on.

Before the dental implant is made, the dentist checks the general health of the person and whether the maxilla and jaw structure is compatible with dental implant treatment. X-rays are taken to determine the Maxillofac status, to make a very correctly restoration.

If a single tooth is lost, a single implant can be applied without damaging the other adjacent teeth.

It is used in the absence of large and molar teeth. A fixed bridge can be created with one or more implants in the backmost parts of the mouth. In such cases, prostheses can also be applied, but their use is difficult because they are mobile and coarser.

So, the dentists are suggesting the implant treatment more than the other treatment methods. If you want to have a long life span treatment, you should choose the implant treatment.

Also, when it is necessary megagen implant can be used with Straumann so that make the procedure sturdier and quicker.

In cases where all teeth are not present in the lower jaw, the dental implant treatment method is a very successful application. With at least two or more implant treatments placed in the anterior region of the lower jaw, artificial teeth that are very close to their natural appearance are obtained and the teeth can easily perform all their functions.

This method can be used easily in long toothless spaces. In cases where the toothless area is long, the fixed bridge area is long, causing problems in use, but in cases where the toothless area is long, one or more implants are applied with more robust and non-problematic artificial teeth.

It can be used in upper and lower jaws without teeth. In cases of osteoporosis, there is a decrease in the volume of the jawbone. When this situation is advanced, the patient becomes unable to use his prostheses.

Therefore, in such cases, at least two implants are made to the lower and upper jaws, then the prosthetic teeth are fixed by attaching them to the implant layer. The patient continues his or her life without losing chewing and speaking functions.

Chewing and speaking functions are better than most of the other treatment methods and the tastes of the foods are not lost unlike most of the other treatment methods.

Getting veneers done in Turkey

What Are The Things To Consider After Immediate Implant?

After the immediate implant treatment, if a temporarily fixed tooth is placed on the tooth, it is recommended that the patient eat soft foods. Apart from that, regular use of medicines and ice compress applications will be sufficient.

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots, usually made of titanium and titanium compounds, to replace missing teeth in the mouth. After the implant procedure, which has been used for more than 30 years, some special conditions need to be considered for the treatment to be more successful and the process to be good for the patient.

  • You should be careful not to eat or drink anything for 2 hours after implant treatment. Avoid hot drinks for the first 24 hours and try to consume only soft and cold foods (for example; cold puree, dairy products and ice cream).
  • Try to avoid hot food and drinks in the first week.
  • After implant operations, gentle pressure with a soft, sterile tampon is recommended to stimulate coagulation and stop bleeding.
  • It is a possible result to see blood on the first day after the operation. You may even see traces of blood on your pillow when you wake up in the morning. Don’t worry when this happened.
  • In the first 24 hours, you should be careful not to spit or rinse your mouth. So that the healing process of the wound area begins.
  • Do not brush your teeth or use mouthwash on the evening of the operation.
  • However, do it after 36 hours. It is necessary to gargle your mouth twice a day for 2 weeks with mouthwash or with salt water (a teaspoon of salt in a glass of warm water is recommended).
  • Gargle for 1 minute, spit and then do not eat or drink anything for 30 minutes.
  • Do not smoke or drink alcohol for the first 24 hours. It is extremely important not to smoke until the operation area is completely healed.
  • If antibiotics or painkillers are prescribed by the dentist, be sure to use them as a recommended brand.
  • If bleeding occurs in the operation area in the following days, apply pressure on that area with a sterile tampon.
  • In the first 3 days, hematoma or swelling can be found in the operation area, cheek or under the eyes. This situation passes by itself up to 10 days.
  • For this reason, applying ice to the operation area during the first day (10 minutes of application with ice, wait 10 minutes, continue for a few hours) to accelerate the disappearance of the scars and sleeping with your head above the first 2 nights accelerates the treatment.
  • Absorbed stitches are expected to remain in the mouth for up to 2 weeks and do not need to be removed.
  • If there are non-absorbable stitches, they should be removed by the dentist after 5 – 7 days.
  • In both cases, do not brush the stitched area in the first week after the operation.
  • If any problem occurs or you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask your dentist.
  • Cold application is recommended for the first 24 hours.
  • Sutures placed in the mouth are removed after about 1 week depending on the condition of the patient and the wound.

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