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What is Porcelain Teeth Crowns with metal infrastructure? How are they made?

The application of porcelain crowns, which people use to alleviate their aesthetic concerns especially due to their teeth and to achieve a better smile, appears as a treatment process consisting of metal-based porcelain, which is designed to provide instant smile transformation. Porcelain teeth crowns, on the one hand, has the aim of performing the oral functions of the person in the best way, on the other hand, it helps to have a tooth appearance close to a flawless appearance and gives an aesthetic smile. Of course, as well as cosmetics, porcelain crowns also bring positive improvements in terms of medical and oral health. It is possible to apply them in cases where the structure is degraded over time, morphologically damaged, deformed in shape and structure, discoloured and desired to be functional. What is porcelain tooth, how is the process of porcelain tooth coating and everything else you want to know about porcelain tooth coating was compiled for you in this article?

What is Porcelain Teeth Coating with metal infrastructure?

As it can be understood from its name, porcelain teeth crowns with metal substructure is a dental coating method, which is obtained by processing porcelain on a metal infrastructure and designed to cover the surface of your original teeth. Porcelain teeth, which are individually designed and put into production for each patient, are obtained from high-quality materials that can represent the most natural teeth appearance. Porcelain, which is the material closest to the natural appearance and colour of the teeth, is one of the most preferred materials for dentists when it comes to a perfect smile design.

If you are wondering how to use porcelain crowns with metal infrastructure, the essence of the work is very simple: These metal-based porcelain teeth sets, which are produced based on the special dimensions taken from each tooth, are placed in the relevant teeth of the patient and lead to a much smoother and white teeth. With the porcelain coating we will talk about the teeth correction processes in detail, but first we need to take a closer look at the types of porcelain crowns.

What are the types of porcelain tooth crown with metal infrastructure?

When we look at the porcelain teeth crowns with metal substructure, we see that it is possible to categorize and treat these treatment methods in more than one category. For example, if we consider metal porcelain tooth coating types in terms of material, we will be able to make the separation on an infrastructure basis. Alloys obtained in suitable amounts of metals such as iron-nickel-cobalt- are the most widely used types. In addition, in cases where the person is allergic to any of these metals, more special infrastructure materials are used. There are cases where porcelain coatings with metal substructure are processed on precious metal alloys. For these, precious metal porcelains are made by adding them in metals such as platinum, copper and silver, mainly in gold. In such types, the teeth are prepared by applying specially produced porcelain mixtures which are processed on the main structure by being a metal. Considering the natural tooth color of the person, it is possible to choose from the metal porcelain coating tooth colors accordingly.

Metal based porcelain substrate crowns can be applied to patients for one tooth, for multiple teeth or for full mouth. In addition, depending on their robustness, they can be preferred dependently or independently. The  physician decides on this and then the reasons for the elections are explained to the patients one by one and their approval is obtained.

In the types of connections used in partial prosthesis productions, the patients are provided with a more comfortable use by attaching them with prosthetic teeth with the help of special nails added to metal porcelain coatings laid on their own teeth.

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Who Can Have A Porcelain Tooth Crown With Metal Infrastructure?

Candidates who are suitable for metal porcelain teeth coating are generally patients who have encountered at least one of the following problems in their teeth:

  • Mild or moderate distorted tooth disorders
  • In the completion of tooth deficiencies by bridge
  • For carious teeth that cannot be completed with a standard tooth filling.
  • Tooth or teeth with a visible fracture
  • In relieving aesthetic concerns
  • In cases where partial dentures are used, metal-based porcelain coatings are used.

However, there are some signs and indicators obliged to show that you are not a suitable candidate for metal porcelain tooth coating treatment methods. If your teeth have severe decay, if you suffer from gum disease or have a level of infection that requires canal treatment, you are no longer a suitable candidate for metal porcelain tooth crown applications. However, if your dentist successfully solves these problems and is sure that you will not be faced with them, of course, once your primary treatment is completed, you can still apply for porcelain tooth crown processes.

How To Make Porcelain Teeth Crowns With Metal Infrastructure?

If we take a closer look at the porcelain tooth crown with metal infrastructure stages, we see that the first stage starts with a thorough cleaning of the surfaces of the teeth. Your dentist begins treatment to remove a thin layer of plaque from the top of the teeth to be treated. This plate layer may differ depending on the individual needs of the patient and what type of porcelain coating will be made. In the absence of any extra problems, the amount of abrasion made as standard varies between 0.5 or 1.0 millimeter. During the procedures, as with other coating types, the cuts are completed by performing local anesthesia and the measurement phase is started.

In the measurement phase, the images of the teeth to be coated with metal porcelain teeth should be obtained. Your dentist can do this by taking mold from your teeth with silicone gauges in the traditional way, or by using imaging technology with the help of oral scanners, in a three-dimensional way. Images obtained from mold or mouth scanner are sent to laboratories specialized in this field and it is requested to start metal porcelain teeth production according to the desired dimensions.

Infrastructures of the desired covering teeth are requested first and they are rehearsed to the patient. If there is no problem in the first rehearsal stage, it is requested to prepare the teeth for the second rehearsal called denti rehearsal.

At the rehearsal stage, the patient is shown with the porcelain processed on the infrastructure and the structure, color, form and functionality of the teeth he will use in the future are shown. Corrections, if any, are made at this stage. If the patient likes everything in the second rehearsal order, the teeth are sent back to the laboratory and polishing is done and then they come back to the clinic to be applied to the patient.

All these procedures take 5-10 days, depending on the number of teeth to be completed.

Porcelain tooth crown with metal infrastructure prices may differ according to the details of the process to be performed. Another factor that plays a role in the change of these prices is, of course, the material and amount of coating to be applied. Those who have metal porcelain teeth crowns in our clinic leave with 100% satisfaction and they enjoy using the porcelain crowns we have built for years safely.

Crowns and Veneers spesificationsTeeth application Implant applicationSubstance andLight permeability and NaturalnessLife timeAllergy or strange filling Computer designHand madeBaseAdded porcelainWithout porcelain or anatomicalDENTATUR PRICEUK PRICE
Metal fused porcelain crown✓ ✓ ✓✓✓Metal100₤350₤
Zirconia based porcelain crown✓✓✓✓✓✓✓✓Zirconia160₤550₤
E max laminate veneer✓✓✓✓✓✓✓✓E-max200₤750₤
Empress laminate veneer✓✓✓✓✓✓✓✓Empress200₤750₤
Composite Laminate veneer✓✓Composite150₤350₤
Crowns and Veneers spesificationsMetal fused porcelain crownZirconia based porcelain crownE-max laminate veneersExpress laminate veneersLumeneersComposite Laminate veneer
Teeth application
Implant application
Substance and strenght✓✓✓✓✓✓✓✓✓✓✓✓
Light permeability and Naturalness✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓
Life time✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓
Allergy or strange filling
Computer design
Hand made
Added porcelain
Without porcelain or anatomical
DENTATUR PRICE100₤160₤200₤200₤275₤150₤
UK PRICE350₤550₤750₤750₤950₤350₤

What Should Be Considered After Porcelain Teeth Crowns With Metal Infrastructure?

It is not expected a heavy recovery process after the Porcelain tooth coating process with metal infrastructure is completed. After the treatment, the patient can drive on his own, go home and continue his life as he wishes. The patient can also return to work the next day, or even immediately after treatment, if he wishes. Although the pain after porcelain tooth crowns is almost nonexistent, if pain is felt, it is at a level that can be relieved with a standard pain killer.

After the treatment is completed, it is useful for the patient to be careful not to consume excessive hot or extreme cold foods and drinks for at least a week. Avoiding hard-chewing, hard and sticky foods will be among the factors that speed up the healing process. Likewise, the first week at the end of the treatment, slight pain and pain may occur in the teeth that are treated a little. This is quite natural and the dentist will give the patient pain relief advice to deal with this porcelain tooth coating pain.

When it comes to the porcelain tooth crowns life, it is generally believed that they have a durability of around 10 years. Of course, this period is gradually increasing with the developing technology and continuously improving oral and dental treatment procedures.

Just like natural teeth, yellowing and deterioration may be in time with metal-based porcelain tooth coverings, but it will be minimal and this is often caused by poor oral hygiene. The porcelain protective and polishing materials used are produced in a way to prevent the accumulation of food residues on them, but bad oral care may cause these materials to change colour over time or to form plaque and tartar on them. The important thing here is to make porcelain crown’s dental care properly and in accordance with the rules. Teeth should be brushed regularly, flossing should be used when necessary, and a quality mouthwash should be used after each tooth brushing. If any of your porcelain teeth are broken, cracked, or dislodged, you should carefully consult your dentist by packing the removed or broken piece. If your dentist can re-fit the piece in such cases, he will try this method. If re-fitting is not aesthetically or medically appropriate, he can order a new porcelain crown for that tooth. In the event that the porcelain tooth crowns are removed or broken, there are no physical ailments such as pain.

Meral-based porcelain-coated teeth cleaning should be the same as the teeth cleaning processes you apply on your natural teeth. You should brush your teeth twice a day, stay away from acidic foods and beverages, and avoid blows that can damage your teeth.

If you are interested in metal-based porcelain tooth crown processes and want to have aesthetically more natural looking, smoother and whiter teeth, you can contact our clinic. You can get information about porcelain tooth coating fees, as well as detailed information about the procedures and learn everything you need to know before application.

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