zirconium implant treatment

Today, a lot of people come to Turkey to have both economic and ergonomic teeth treatments. There are a lot of benefits to patients that having zirconium implants in Turkey. 

Zirconium Implants are a different and highly advantageous implant type that can be preferred in implant treatment to replace missing teeth.

Advantages of Zirconium Implant Treatment

  • Zirconia implant treatment is a completely natural material.
  • Does not contain metal
  • It is very aesthetic due to its colour similar to the natural tooth colour.
  • More hygienic than metal materials
  • Zirconium implants are extremely robust
  • Compatible with the immune system, does not cause allergies
  • It is easily accepted by the bone and makes it easier to implant
  • Having a zirconium crystal tooth make you smile much better than before and the appearance of your new teeth looks so natural

Where Is Zirconium Used?

Zirconia implants, which are more beneficial in terms of general body health and helps new teeth to give more successful results in terms of aesthetics, is a very robust material that is originally used in other fields of medicine. Zirconium has been used in treatments performed in different parts of the body, especially hip joint prostheses, and it has been proven that it has no side effects or harm to date.

Is Zirconium Implant Intact?

Due to the nature and strength of the Zirconia material, zirconium dental implants are also extremely robust and long-lasting. As it is a material that can withstand harsh conditions, it shows a strong performance in dental implants. It is not easily damaged and corroded.

It is easily tolerated by patients allergic to the metal as it does not cause any allergies, and also provides an ideal use in the implant treatment process thanks to its break-resistant and biological compatibility. It does not cause gum problems, and thanks to its light transmission feature, it allows us to capture the aesthetic appearance and function closest to natural teeth in our implant teeth.

How Did The Zirconium Implant Treatment Come About?

Zirconium teeth implants, which has been used in Europe for years, is also applied in our country. The teeth were strengthened with a metal layer placed under the teeth, which were previously made in traditional dental restoration methods. However, over time, as a result of both the problems experienced by some patients and the search for a healthier and ideal solution, Zirconium Implant application has emerged.

What is The Zirconium Implant Treatment’s Price?

The zirconium implants price differs from patient to patient depending on some factors.

Before zirconium oxide implants, the patient’s pre-existing intraoral problems are first examined and corrected. Then zirconium implant treatment is started.

The mouth structure of each individual, the number of implants needed and the health status of the oral tissues are different from each other.

For this reason, to have a clear answer about the price, the person must first have an examination by a dentist and have an oral examination.

The zirconium implants abroad to receive treatment for a nice vacation and come to Turkey is an opportunity for individuals to achieve quite the right choice both economically and treatment to obtain excellent results. 

The zirconium dental implants cost is so much cheaper than plenty of other countries.

Titanium Vs. Zirconium Dental Implants

Many people want to learn about zirconium oxide dental implant treatment and want to receive this treatment.

Well, let’s give you information about titanium vs zirconium dental implants.

A titanium implant is one of the most preferred materials in dental technology. The first reason for this is that titanium is durable and does not interact with liquids in the mouth.

Titanium material, which is called a tissue-friendly substance, also provides a noticeable speed in the recovery period after treatment. Besides, the durability of these implants is very long. It is known that it stays in the mouth for many years without damaging the bone. Implant tooth root covered with some special materials contributes to the healing process with the help of these substances.

To prevent complications that may occur after implant treatment, the preferred titanium can remain on the jawbone for many years as if it were a real tooth root and does not damage the bone in any way. This product, which is preferred in almost all implant treatments today, has not caused any disease until today.

Implants made of zirconium, which is thought to be tissue-friendly, such as titanium, have been tested considering that they will provide an advantage because they are more similar to teeth. However, the implanted colour remaining in the bone is of little importance. Also, zirconium implants are used very little because they are not as long-lasting and trouble-free as titanium implants. For this reason, 99.9% of the implants currently used in the world are implants made of titanium.

zirconium implant treatment

Titanium Implant Treatment

The durability of Zirconia materials used during titanium implant treatment is seriously excellent.

It is one of the most commonly used surgical treatments in dentistry with its interaction with bone tissue and its natural appearance of patients.

The feature of Zirconia material is that it has a tooth appearance, is durable and has a very similar appearance to natural teeth.

For this reason, dentists prefer Zirconia material, which is highly appreciated for osseointegration, more than other implant materials in dentistry.

Zirconia is a silvery-white coloured element found in nature in solid form. The symbol of Zirconia in the periodic table is Zr.

Zirconia is preferred in different areas of dental treatments because it stands out in terms of aesthetics and is durable.

At the same time, the complaint of decreased taste in individuals who have had titanium Zirconia implant treatment is a rare condition compared to other types of implant treatment.

What Should I Do After Zirconium Dental Implant Treatment?

You should think of the Zirconia implants as your normal teeth and brush them at least twice a day.

It is necessary to have regular check-ups every 6 months.

It is normal to have tingles for the first time. It will pass over time. If it does not pass, you can use the painkiller recommended by your doctor, and if it does not, you can make an appointment with your doctor.

Your doctor may temporarily stick the teeth. In this case, the implants can come off more easily. There is no such thing that the temporarily adhered tooth will fall out continuously. If there is no problem after the trial use, it will be permanently pasted.

Floss use should be continued. Even the frequency of use should be increased.

Care should be taken with extremely hard foods. The shells of foods such as walnuts and nuts should not be broken.

Permanent or temporary adhesive residues may be left when first glued. When you brush your teeth, do not be afraid it may come in your mouth.

You can make an appointment with your doctor for all your problems.

Since there is a foreign substance in your mouth, it may take time to get used to it.

The implants may feel different on your tongue, lips, mouth. The reason for this is that there is no tooth in that area for a long time. You will be used to it in 15 days at the latest.

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