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Beautiful teeth make anyone feel more confident. That is why dental procedures of all kinds that restore or enhance the beauty of the oral cavity are most in demand in recent times. Perfectly straight and white teeth are not natural for everyone. In addition, time and an unhealthy lifestyle have an adverse effect on their shape, enamel, and gums. If you want a smile makeover, there is a solution – getting teeth done in Turkey. Dentists at the Dentatur dental clinic in Turkey can help you rectify the situation. Just a few visits for treatment and your smile will be flawless.

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Treatments that clinics in Turkey offer

What is Aesthetic Dentistry?

Smile transformation, or getting teeth done in Turkey, is a new trend in dental treatment and aesthetic procedures to improve the appearance of teeth. The dentist not only treats but also corrects dental defects. He or she is responsible for removing plaque, correcting crookedness and malocclusions, chipping, and interdental spaces.

All these abnormalities can be corrected. Dental aesthetics is based on the developments of scientists around the world. Therefore, the arsenal of dentists at the Dentatur dental clinic in Turkey includes modern methods, the best equipment, precision instruments, and quality consumables.


Before and after smile makeover

The Purpose of Aesthetic Dentistry

This area of treatment is developing at a rapid pace. The aesthetic procedure can restore the beauty of your teeth. But it is not all about beauty.

Correcting malocclusions and eliminating gaps between incisors or canines restores functionality, reduces pressure on neighbouring teeth, and improves chewing. This prevents further damage to the gastrointestinal tract.

Whitening and the elimination of crooked and chipped teeth make a person more relaxed, give an opportunity to smile openly, and make social contacts more easily – this leads to the elimination of problems when socialising, increases self-esteem, and protects against stress.

All types of aesthetic treatment solve dental problems in a comprehensive way. This field includes restorations and prosthetics, whitening, and augmentations.

The procedure of dental aesthetics treatment can overlap with surgery. For example, a distorted tooth has to be extracted in order to ensure the correct development of the neighbouring teeth. There is no need to be afraid of that. The most important thing is the right choice of aesthetic dentistry clinic. Its staff should consist of certified dental specialists. And a high rating and good reviews are an indicator of the institution’s reliability. These indicators correspond to the Dentatur clinic in Turkey.

Smile Makeover in Turkey

The artistic procedure is in high demand. Unlike dentures, it can restore the anatomical shape, function, and colour of damaged tooth tissue, prolong its life and restore its attractiveness.

This type of dental treatment is needed if:

The procedure can be direct (all the work is done in one visit) or indirect (at least 2 visits to the dentist’s office).

getting teeth done turkey

Direct Restoration Procedure

Direct dental restoration (composite restoration) is the application of filling material. The procedure is fairly quick. For example, the restoration of the anterior tooth with a filling material takes 1-3 hours, depending on the individual circumstances of the patient. Direct restoration of the tooth has a few disadvantages. The filling material may discolour over time or it may lose its lustre and acquire a luster different from that of natural enamel.These defects do not matter if you are dealing with chewing teeth, but they will be more noticeable on your anterior tooth. Therefore, this dental treatment is not the best and most long-lasting option.

The Indirect Restoration Procedure

The indirect restoration procedure is a laboratory fabrication of an artificial restoration based on an individual impression of a composite material or ceramic mass. The doctor at Dentatur the clinic in Turkey attaches the finished restoration to the damaged tooth. In contrast to the direct method, you will have to visit the dentist for treatment several times. However, the result of the procedure is long-lasting, and the restored tooth is not only beautiful but also fully functional.

If more than 50% of the tooth is destroyed and the doctor performs depulpation (removal of a nerve), the restorative material may be destroyed by high stress. If this leads to a root fracture, the tooth will have to be extracted. Therefore, professional dental treatment is first and foremost a correct assessment of the problem and the choice of restoration techniques that will give a guaranteed and long-lasting result.

Dental Treatment with Veneers

Veneers are plates made mainly of ceramic material. Their thickness is between 0.5-0.7 mm and they are designed to cover the surface of the damaged tooth. The use of veneers is justified if the damage is in the front part of the tooth, but there is little or no damage on the inside. Ceramic veneers are distinguished by their colour stability: they do not darken or lose their lustre.

The procedure of dental treatment with veneers is recommended if the patient has:

Types of dental veneers

Dental Treatment with Crowns

A crown is an orthopaedic structure with which dentures are performed. Micro dentures provide a restoration of the shape of the tooth, allow for high aesthetics and stop the functional characteristics of the tooth. In simple terms, a beautiful tooth is obtained that can be chewed effectively. Dental restorations with crowns are suitable if the degree of tooth destruction exceeds 50% or if the nerve has been removed from the tooth. Modern dental crowns are made of ceramic and metal-ceramic materials. The most similar to real teeth are ceramic micro-prostheses.

The advantages of treatment with crowns:

When choosing a dental crown for aesthetic treatment of teeth, there are several things to consider. First, the volume of the tooth will be grinded down. If you do not want that, inlays should be preferred (more about them later). The second factor is that the nerve in the restored tooth must be removed. Only large molars are left alive. An edentulous tooth will decay – the process is very slow and may take years, but it will still happen. Therefore, if possible, it is better to put a crown on a living tooth.

Types of dental crowns by material

Why Get Your Teeth Done in Turkey?

Dental tourism as a phenomenon has long since emerged as a separate area in the medical services market. Patients from Western countries, who value beautiful teeth but do not have dental treatment at home due to excessive costs or poor customer service, have become trendsetters. Such people look for places where dental treatment is relatively inexpensive and the quality of services provided is high enough. One such country is Turkey. Reasons to get a dental procedure at the Dentatur clinic in Turkey:

getting teeth in turkey

Modern medicine makes it possible to create a “Hollywood smile” for everyone, regardless of age or the condition of their mouth. The main thing is to see a good dentist in a timely manner. If you need to remove unsightly gaps to make your enamel colour uniform, repair a partially decayed tooth and deal with other aesthetic problems – the dentists will do everything promptly, affordably, and qualitatively.


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