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Can you get veneers if you have cavities in our Dentatur clinic? We will answer this and other popular questions about veneer treatment in this article. You will find out how to prepare for this procedure. It is reliable information for patients who plan to get dental veneers.



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Can you get veneers if you have cavities?

Tooth cavity treatment in Turkey

The dentist will not allow you to get veneers on teeth with cavities. It can be harmful to veneers and your teeth. Thus, the first step of veneer treatment will provide a detailed check of your oral health. The dentist will ask you to do an X-Ray to ensure that your teeth are healthy and have no decay. If teeth have any diseases, the doctor will treat them before placing veneers. It can affect the time of veneer treatment but will increase the duration of veneers lasting. However, you can get veneers if your teeth are crooked or uneven. 

Do veneers cause decay?

Porcelain dental veneers

There is a myth about veneers, which avers that they are harmful to teeth. It is not a true fact because the shells are safe for your oral health. Veneer treatment does not provide abrasion of a lot of tooth enamel. Due to it, this type of treatment is safe for your teeth and does not harm their structure. Also, veneers do not cause decay. However, your teeth can get diseases after veneer treatment. As a result, your teeth can get small holes that harm their structures. It is because the shells cover only the front side of the tooth. Thus, its back side is open and can decay. Moreover, the diseases can be caused along your gums. That is why it is super important to care about your oral health every day. You should remember that a daily routine will help you to protect your mouth from bacteria. Clean your teeth and gum from food residue that causes the appearance of dental diseases that can harm your teeth. A toothbrush and dental floss will help you with that. Furthermore, it is necessary to use mouthwash. It allows you to protect your teeth for the long term. As a result, your teeth and gums will be healthy. 

Can veneers decay?

No, dental veneers can not decay. They are made of porcelain or zirconia. These materials are stain-resistant. Thus, your veneers will have snow-white colour every time. However, they also need detailed daily care. It will increase the duration of veneers last. Moreover, you should visit your dentist to check your veneers twice a year. They will ensure that shells are securely attached to your teeth. Moreover, dental veneers should be replaced over time. You can wear veneers for 15 years with proper care. Also, shells can crack like natural teeth. Thus, you should be careful and visit a doctor immediately after noticing the damage on your veneers. It is because they can harm your teeth. 

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