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Let us inform you about how dental implants stay in place. We will tell you how dentists place the implant tooth in our Decatur clinic. Moreover, we have prepared some advice to help prevent implant failure. Well, let us tell you the most interesting facts about implant surgery.



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How does implant surgery perform?

The structure of the dental implant

The implant placement procedure is more difficult than veneer or crown treatment. This type of operation involves several steps. Moreover, to get an implant tooth you should visit our clinic several times. Well, let us tell you more about every step of implant treatment. Your first visit will include a check of your oral health and a consultation with the dentist about treatment steps. If you have any sick teeth that should be removed, the dentist will do it first of all. If all your teeth are healthy, you can skip this step. To place the implant tooth, the doctor will make a small incision into your jawbone. After putting the titanium screw into the hole, the dentist will stitch. The next phase is the healing process, which can take from 1 to 5 months. The placed crews should take a root with your jawbone during this period. If your bone is poor and weak, the placed implant tooth can fall out over time. After the healing process, the dentist will cover the screw with the crown. 

Can a dental implant fall out?

A smile with a missing tooth

Dental implants are firmly attached to the bone. Thus, the opportunity for their failure is very small. However, an implant tooth can fall out during the healing process. It can indicate that screws have not taken a root with your jawbone. The reason for implant failure can be the poor bone that can not support the screw. That is why it is necessary to check your oral health before the surgery. If the dentist has noticed that your jawbone is weak, they will advise you to get a dental bone grafting operation. This dental procedure will allow the doctor to strengthen your bone. It will prevent the failure of dental implants. 

What should you do if the implant tooth fails?

Well, if the failure of your implant has happened, you should keep calm and don’t stress. Also, you need to call your dentist immediately after the incident. They will inform you about the next steps, which you should follow. Remember that stress can affect your actions. Thus, it is better to take some time to calm down. Then, you should take a deep breath and do the next steps:

How to take care of your dental implants to prevent their failure

Patient follow daily dental care

The main reasons for implant failure are bad habits. Thus, if you want to increase the lifetime of your implants, it is better to quit smoking. Moreover, it is important to avoid pressure on your implant during jawing. Your implant tooth can begin moving into the bone. As a result, it can fall out. Thus, it is better to avoid eating hard food. Moreover, it is better to follow a soft diet during the healing process. Furthermore, if you want to increase the duration of the implant tooth last, you should maintain proper oral hygiene. Brush your teeth twice a day. Remember about using floss and mouthwash. Furthermore, visit your dentist every six months. 

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