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Patients travel to get teeth fixed in Turkey because it is more affordable there than in many UK cities while still offering high-quality dental care. Turkish dentists receive their education at renowned universities and complete internships in dental practices all over the world. Modern technology is used throughout the entirety of the diagnostic and therapeutic processes. Turkish dentistry offers all required treatment processes in full, with each patient receiving a customized treatment plan.

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How much time is needed to fix your teeth in Turkey?

People might consider getting a new smile in Turkey because it has many advantages.  Because of modern dental treatments it takes several days to fix teeth in Turkey. Recently, as the field of cosmetic dentistry has expanded, so has an interest in dental care. For dental and aesthetic treatments, Turkey is a fantastic destination. Many different treatment plans are included in a stunning and dynamic smile design in Dentatur. You may need several treatments to get the new smile you dream of. Furthermore, root canal fillings take months to complete in the United Kingdom. Turkey simply needs to host one meeting for this.

Each of these dental therapies can take a different amount of time. While some procedures just need a single day, others may necessitate a wait of, on average, seven days. Your dentist will explain to you what treatments you need and when they should be done. The degree of treatment complexity or simplicity directly affects how long it takes.

Types of dental treatments that we offer

Dental crowns or veneers in Turkey

Veneers or crowns to fix teeth in Turkey are utilized to:

Contraindications for dental veneers installation

Unfortunately, not all patients are candidates for getting teeth fixed in Turkey with veneers. This is not just a cosmetic operation, it is largely a medical one with risks and adverse effects. 

Caries and gum disease are not treatable with veneers. Before proceeding with the dental operations, you must first resolve these issues. 

A tooth that has been damaged more than halfway cannot have veneers applied (in this case, a dental crown is used to preserve and strengthen it)

Depending on the material used to create the dental veneer, different lab procedures are required in Dentatur. The entire production process for zirconium crowns takes three to five days. Laboratory processes for dental crowns with a porcelain metal substrate can take 7 to 10 days. Dental veneer fabrication can be finished in the lab in three to five days if materials like Emax are employed.


Lumineers have an advantage over dental veneers in that less contouring and reduction are needed to be done in your mouth prior to treatment in Turkey. This implies that anaesthesia is sometimes used very sparingly or not at all, but some teeth may need extensive shaping during the treatment, and you may be asked to consider your preferences if you feel the need for a plan or even a diagnostic model before the treatment starts. 

The closest substitute for composite filling (bonded application) is dental lumineers. Smoking, tea, and coffee stand well against colouration, but composite veneers are far better and more resistant in your mouth. Lumineers installation typically lasts for two to three sessions in Turkey. The first session is for the examination and diagnosis, and the second is for applying the technique. This treatment may differ depending on the individual and the tooth’s structure, and it might also call for extra cleaning sessions.

With traditional methods, the tooth’s enamel should be removed during the second session for at least 0.3 to 0.5 mm, but with the help of materials with novel lithium disilicate content like those sold under the names Emax, Suprinity, or Celtra Duo, the quantity of etching might be decreased to 0.2 to 0.3 mm. Local anaesthesia can be needed for this dental treatment.

The dental laboratory receives the mould of your tooth once the dentist delivers it there. Your teeth are prepared for lumineers. Usually, this treatment takes 4-5 days in Turkey. Transients may be employed at this time. Your dentist will initially use a temporary inspection to determine the colour and fit of the porcelain lumineers in your mouth. It may be changed again if the colour or position is unsuitable. After ensuring your satisfaction, the dentist will polish your teeth and carefully glue the lumineers to them.

Dental implants in Turkey

Implant therapy involves placing an artificial tooth root in the jawbone. Implants treatment, which uses titanium implants put in the jawbone, takes different amounts of time for different people to complete in Dentatur. The length of the dental implants construction process is influenced by the state of the bone, the number of implants to be used, the number of missing teeth, etc. The condition of the titanium used in the dental implants and the length of time it will take for the patient’s jawbone to heal are related. It takes this alignment between two and four months to be finished. 


Before and after smile makeover

Dental implants justifications.

A single dentition deficiency is one of the grounds for implants, provided the neighbouring teeth are healthy. However, the teeth used for bridge-like prostheses, crowns, and other constructions are not overly sharpened. 

A restricted dentition deficiency, or missing two or three consecutive teeth, is another reason for getting your teeth fixed in Turkey with dental implants. There are numerous recovery options in this instance.

The total lack of teeth is an evident indication for both implants and detachable prostheses, particularly when the height of the alveolar processes is decreased. An alternate form of treatment is dental implantation since some people are not mentally prepared to remove their dentures at night. 

Individual resistance to detachable prostheses is another characteristic, brought on by enhanced sensitivity to the prostheses components and the potential for a strong gag response.


The braces system is a reliable and well-liked device for fixing different occlusion problems in Turkey. Braces-based orthodontic therapy includes both cosmetic and restorative dental treatments. It is now typical to see adult patients 25, 35, and even 50 years old with braces in their mouth, although before adults would only come to the clinic with such a request to correct the bite of youngsters. The advancement of dentistry in Turkey,the increasing efficiency and adaptability of orthodontic systems, and lastly, the growing demands of patients themselves, for whom it is crucial to look good and feel secure with beautiful, even teeth, are the primary reasons for this dental trend.

braces turkey

When and why should braces be put on?

The existence of teeth growing problems is the primary justification for consulting a specialist for dental correction in Dentatur:

Why are braces necessary? The patient benefits from orthodontic dental treatment by:

However, it is not just about looks. Braces are used to treat functional issues, as well as to relieve pain and improve appearance.

How long will it take to have braces installed?

Depending on the patient’s dental health during the initial appointment, the brace operation can take anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours. 

The teeth usually shift back to their original locations after the wires are taken out. They are held in place by either stationary or mobile reinforcing dental equipment in your mouth. They may degrade once more if these appliances are not worn for the appropriate durations, so you must follow your dentist’s advice.


If a person has a healthy dental structure and tooth loss in the absence of decay, they should be aware of the condition of their teeth. Because of tooth decay or tooth loss, a number of dental treatments have been created to let you smile and eat without restriction. Prosthetics are the most well-known of these. The most fundamental quality of the majority of prosthetics is their mobility, which allows them to be taken off after usage and allows you to effortlessly satisfy all of your demands throughout the day.

It only takes a few months after your initial session before you feel entirely at ease using your new dental prostheses. Depending on the individual, you might need to attend four or five appointments over the course of three to six weeks. 

dentures turkey

After your dental prostheses is placed, routine dental appointments will help you keep both your oral health overall and the state of your dental prostheses in good shape.

Fitting your dental prostheses has several advantages for you, and it’s not as difficult as you might think. Your ability to completely enjoy life will also increase once you have grown accustomed to your dental prostheses.

Teeth Whitening

Two different whitening dental techniques are currently used in Turkey. The first approach is one that the patient can use on their own, while the second is bleaching carried out by the doctor in the clinic. The optimal treatment depends on the degree of colouration, how quickly the treatment is desired to end, and your dentist’s judgment. Both methods are effective.

Office whitening

Your dentist will recommend a whitening gel that is activated by heat or light. The outward colouration of the tooth surfaces and the existence of periodontal techniques to remove teeth stones come first. The outside of the teeth is polished. The first dental shot is taken, and the colour scale is used to identify the tooth’s tone. The patient wears safety eyewear and a barrier gel to keep the whitening gel from touching their gums. The teeth are treated with the whitening chemical, which is activated for 60–90 minutes.

Whitening at home

You can perform the bleaching process at home while wearing the plaques made with your dimensions for a few hours each day. Plaque is placed in your mouth and on the front of your teeth using the amount of bleaching gel that your doctor advises. You will get the smile you want after using the product for a week or two. The dark colour of canine teeth treated with a root canal cannot be whitened with a home approach, in particular. Or the outcomes for what we refer to as tetracycline stains might not be achieved. Because only a small amount of bleaching gel is used at a time to prevent harm to your gums.

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