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Laminate veneers in Turkey cost are a separate method of dental restoration. These are thin porcelain plates that cover the outer surface of the tooth. They are comparable in thickness to a contact lens. They were first used in Hollywood, so when it comes to laminate veneers they are often referred to as Hollywood veneers. The specialists at the Dentatur dental clinic in Turkey use a special type of porcelain to fabricate aesthetic restorations. The distinctive feature of these veneers is the absence of preparation of the hard tissue of the teeth (edging).

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How Much are Laminate Veneers in Turkey Cost?

Laminated veneers cost an order of magnitude more than ordinary veneers. This is justified by their quality and benefits. But, laminate veneers Turkey price is optimal compared to other countries.

Although both are used to solve the same problems, there are some key differences between dental veneers and laminates. It is worth mentioning that laminated veneers are thinner than conventional porcelain onlays. Laminate veneers at the Dentatur dental clinic in Turkey are half as thin as porcelain veneers, which are 0.5 mm thick. To some, this fact may not seem important, but it is actually a significant difference. Because of the thickness of porcelain veneers, the teeth have to be grinded to match the size of the natural teeth along with the onlays fitted.


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Natural teeth are edged, so you will always need a porcelain veneer for these teeth. Thus, the coatings are irreversible. On the other hand, dentists in Turkey do not have to grind patients’ teeth in order to place laminate veneers due to their low thickness. This makes it possible to remove the laminate veneers whenever you want and continue to live without them. Laminated onlays in Turkey are “reversible” as the dental material is not removed.

Types of dental veneers

Why Do People Prefer the Laminate Veneer Treatment Turkey?

Many patients prefer laminate onlays because they are smaller in size and appear more natural. For them, laminate veneers price is completely reasonable and advantageous. Because the thin ceramic used in laminate veneers is more transparent than the porcelain used in traditional dental veneers, it reflects light more than your natural tooth. And this extra subtlety has another benefit. You will not need anaesthesia during the fitting because your dentist at the Dentatur dental clinic in Turkey won’t have to remove the contents of your tooth. To prevent pain and sensitivity, the doctor usually anaesthetises the tooth before scraping the dental material for porcelain veneers.

As you have already noticed, laminate onlays in Turkey offer a number of advantages:

Such a considerable list of advantages ensures that laminated veneers get the full attention of dentists in Turkey and patients who want to achieve a beautiful smile without braces or whitening as soon as possible. So if you want to keep your teeth in one piece and having them grinded is not your cup of tea, laminate veneers are the ideal option.

How is Treatment With Laminate Veneers Done in Turkey?

Patients can visit a specialist at the Dentatur dental clinic in Turkey to have ultra-thin porcelain onlays placed on their teeth under any circumstances. In the modern world, everyone can have their appearance transformed for no particular reason. However, doctors identify the main indications for the use of veneers, and these are as follows:

laminate veneers in turkey cost

How Many Laminate Veneers Do I Need for a Beautiful Smile?

The number of porcelain onlays needed depends on the number of teeth visible during the smile and the purpose the patient decides to have dental restorations made. You may only want to correct one tooth, in which case there is no point in spending money on several dental restorations. Ultrasimple porcelain veneers can perfectly imitate natural tooth enamel and one plate will not stand out. Most thin onlays are made on the upper front teeth – the lower dentition is given a shine with professional cleanings and bleaching procedures. If desired, veneers are also placed on the lower teeth. The dentist at the Dentatur dental clinic in Turkey can help the patient decide on the final restoration using computer technology. A computer program simulates and displays the results of the restoration, which is very helpful for patients who are unsure about the necessity or effectiveness of the treatment.

Stages of Installation of Laminate Veneers

The dental procedure in Turkey consists of the following stages:

The Lifespan of Laminate Veneers in Turkey

Manufacturers of ultra-thin veneers claim that they are designed to last for twenty years or more. Dentists offer a five-year warranty on the plates. 

The longevity of the linings largely depends on proper oral care after the restoration. Hygiene must be regular and thorough, using pastes with a minimum of abrasives. In addition to brushing your teeth twice a day after meals, it is important to floss gently and a dental irrigator could be helpful. If possible, the oral cavity should be cleaned every time after a meal (at least rinse with ordinary water). The foodstuffs that are too hard (crackers, breadcrumbs, etc) and non-food items should disappear from the nutrition. 



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Every six months you should visit your dentist at the Dentatur dental clinic in Turkey to have your plates and the general condition of your oral cavity checked. This will help you prolong the life of your laminate veneers for years to come and have a gorgeous smile. There is no need to turn a blind eye to your discomfort, modern treatment in Turkey will allow you to get perfect teeth in a short time.

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