zygomatic implants in turkey

All the questions they were curious-minded individuals to take the zygomatic implant in Turkey we will answer in this article.

So, what is zygomatic implant treatment and what awaits you during this clinical treatment process? 

Cheekbone, zygomatic implants are a technique we recommend to our patients who have melted in the upper jaw bone that cannot be implanted. Cheekbones are bones of sufficient strength and thickness for implant application. 4. 5-5 cm. We are able to make fixed teeth to our patients with this technique, which is made using specially made implants in length.

Zygoma cheekbone implant is a technique that requires more knowledge and skill than normal implant applications. Another situation where this technique is used to support patients who lost their upper jaw due to an accident or a jaw tumor, maxillectomy for prosthesis construction.

Who Are Used To Use Zygomatic Implants?

For those who wonder who needs implant treatments;

The zygomatic implant should generally be put on and removed for many years, that is, it is used in people who have used a total prosthesis.

Since these patients are toothless for a long time, the bone will have reached the point of complete melting. 

They are in a state that cannot be done, they are so melted that we cannot implant with bone grafts.

In such cases, it is applied to these patients when they use the removable prosthesis difficult.

It is also used in patients who have lost their teeth due to illnesses. 

Zygomatic implants can be applied to any patient whose jaw is said to be unsuitable.

How Are Zygomatic Implants Performed?

Volumetric dental tomographs are taken when the patient first arrives. The jawbone structure is determined. 

The distance of the bone to the upper jaw is determined. Implant adjustments are made accordingly. 

Later, the prosthesis is prepared to show the patient how his teeth will be after the zygomatic implant surgery.

When our patient likes this tooth view, these teeth are transferred to the computer environment in 3D.

In the next procedure, our patient is taken to the operation by making the necessary tests with general anesthesia.

A zygomatic implant is placed in the upper jaw with an operation that takes hours.

Zygomatic implants are applied similar to normal dental implant application. 

Generally, zygomatic implants applications are preferred to be performed under general anesthesia or sedation in order to make the procedure easier and the patient’s comfort. However, there are situations where it can also be performed under local anesthesia.

The structural quality of the zygoma (cheek bone) increases the success rate of the zygoma implant application. Zygoma implant loss rates are very low. The success rate achieved in zygoma implants is at least as high as the success rate achieved in dental implants.

Of course, if there is any atrophic structure or invasive infection in the mouth, then the steps of the process can be performed differently.

Different and sensitive care should be applied to the care we apply to our normal teeth. Personalized toothbrush we recommend.

They are required to come with the controls once in 6 months or a year.

Advantages Of Zygoma Implant Treatment

Zygoma implant Nobel Biocare is like proof that this is an amazing treatment way uses in dentistry.

Applied to patients with advanced bone resorption; Implantation can be performed with much shorter treatment time and higher treatment success rate, without the need for a long process and a relatively low success rate of bone grafting.

It can be applied to patients who have undergone extensive resections in the maxilla due to reasons such as accident or cancer.

A healthy structure of the maxilla is seriously important for this procedure.

So, if there is any maxillary problem, it may be necessary for rehabilitation first. The technique required for rehabilitation is determined by the dentist in accordance with the anatomical structure of the patient.

Patients with zygoma implant surgery can have their prostheses in a much shorter time compared to conventional dental implant therapies.

What Is Done Before The Zygomatic Implant Application?

After starting zygomatic implant placement; Before tooth extraction operations, the patient’s films are evaluated and an idea is obtained about the quality of the jawbone. Then the type of implant to be used by the dentist is decided. 

This stage is very important because implants are produced in shapes and sizes according to different situations. 

Again at this stage; Since the person is informed about all the transactions to be made and the image after the completion of the transactions will be shown, the possibility of encountering any negative results is very low.

After the tooth extraction is complete, the implants will be inserted. Hygiene of the mouth should be provided before implants are placed. 

Because; The insertion of implants is a complete surgical operation and the sterilization to be provided in this operation is of great importance.

After the necessary hygiene is provided; The gums in the area where the implants will be placed are opened by your dentist with a surgical operation.

 After the jawbone is seen, the implant opens enough space to the part where the implant will be inserted, without overloading the bone, and the implants are screwed. 

These implants are covered with closure screws and the opened gums are stitched again. Following this operation; There is a waiting period of 1 to 3 months and this waiting period may vary according to implant brands.

What Should Be Done After Zygoma Implant?

After the zygoma (cheek bone) implantation, the conditions to be considered after the normal implant application are applied exactly. 

Patients should use medicines regularly and not eat hot food for a few days. Under no circumstances should patients with zygoma implants eat hard foods during temporary prosthetic periods. Patients should definitely be fed a soft diet. 

This is because the load on dental implants is reduced. After three months, they can start normal food consumption with permanent prostheses. 

Another important point is to go to the dentist in case of a fracture in temporary prostheses. Otherwise, broken prostheses may cause implant loss.

Repeat 3 to 5-minute ice applications at 10-minute intervals after your implants are placed!

It is normal to see swelling in the relevant areas after the implants are placed. Ice application, which is kept outside the mouth (cheek) for 3 to 5 minutes in the area where the implants are, should be repeated at 10-minute intervals. 

This application will alleviate the swelling to a certain extent.

Do not consume hard foods!

Since the gums opened by the surgical operation are closed by sewing; The stitches should never be hit during the healing process. 

Until the stitches are removed, care should be taken not to consume hard foods and not to apply pressure to the stitched area.

Why You Should Take The Zygomatic Implant Treatment In Turkey?

Having zygomatic implants abroad is a way not only having better and healthier teeth, but also an economic culture holiday chance.

So, taking this procedure in Turkey is pretty economical and ergonomic. 

We will receive glad to make this treatment technique in Turkey and are confident that you are satisfied with the process of returning to your country you spent here.

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