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There are several things that can influence how beautiful a smile is. Some dental problems, such as having a bad bite or gaps, can last a person their entire adult life. Some of them have developed as a result of lifestyle choices, so even though the teeth have lovely shapes, the darker enamel detracts from the attractiveness. Caries, periodontal disease, and partial adenopathy are three dental disorders that have risk factors connected with them. 

Dentists’ intricate work has made it possible for practically anyone to have a stunning, picture-perfect smile. The doctor will choose the technologies for each patient based on the specifics of his clinical scenario.

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Cost of dental treatments in Turkey

Dental implants £300 – £750 per tooth 

All-on-4 implantation £1.600 per jaw

All-on-6 implantation £2.400 per jaw

Dental veneers £200 £245 per tooth

Dental crowns£100 £245 per tooth

Teeth whitening £125 per full mouth


Before and after dental veneers

What kind of smile is perfect?

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Everybody has a different opinion of what makes a beautiful smile. But this idea has certain limitations in dentistry. When a dentist creates a Hollywood smile, he aims for the following: 

-Geometry. The eyes, lips, incisal edges, and fangs can all be depicted on a person’s face using a variety of conditional lines. The parallelism of these lines to one another is crucial. 

-Appropriate size. Teeth that are ideal are not only varied sizes. The incisors are the biggest teeth. 

– A proper bite. The teeth must come into contact at the proper physiological locations.

The term “Hollywood smile” refers to a smile that satisfies each of these dental requirements. 

Minimally invasive dental procedures for a flawless smile include professional teeth cleaning and whitening.

Dental teeth whitening in Turkey

A whitening process is advised, enabling you to safely lighten your teeth by a number of tones. We would like to remind you that its execution is only possible in the absence of gum and tooth disorders. Additionally, keep in mind that since old fillings and current restorations cannot be bleached, you will need to replace them after bleaching.

Separately, a dental procedure that many people underappreciate at the dentist’s office is expert teeth cleaning. Professional cleaning not only offers dependable caries protection but also enables you to smooth out and cosmetically brighten your teeth. Consequently, it should be done every six months, or more frequently if necessary.

The ideal smile with dental veneers and Lumineers.

dental care with implants and veneers

The following are indications for dental veneer use: 

In order to alter how the dentition appears to the eye and create a beautiful smile, micro prostheses are mounted to the outside of the teeth. The veneer’s colour is selected to complement your teeth. Veneers are hardly noticeable in this situation. When rebuilding severely damaged teeth, they are not appropriate. In certain situations, ceramic crowns are preferable to veneers.

What is the price of a Hollywood smile?

happy patient smiling after dental care

The question of how much it will cost to produce a Hollywood smile cannot be answered clearly. Everything is dependent on the data sources. Therapists, hygienists, orthodontists, orthopedists, and implantologists frequently contribute to the work. The cost of the ideal smile will be lower the better the state of the teeth and oral cavity. In a few rare instances, every dental surgery is completed with expert cleaning and whitening. 

The final price of a stunning smile is influenced by a number of factors, including the following: 

– The type of therapy; 

-Amount of medical interventions; 

-Applied technology; 

-Orthodontic and orthopaedic construction types

Come to our office for a consultation with a dentist to determine the precise cost of your new smile. The doctor will recommend you to a specialist if it is important for them to examine you and speak with you. The costs of all the operations necessary to achieve a Hollywood grin can then be determined.

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