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All-on-8 dental implants (Basal Complex) is a type of one-stage implantation with immediate loading. This method is most suitable for cases of complete edentulism (total loss of teeth). One dental arch requires from 8 to 12 – 14 units of dental implants. 

The key feature of this protocol is that it does not involve bone grafting: in 90% of all cases, the placement of implants can be executed without a preliminary change of the volume of the jawbone. Moreover, prostheses are installed immediately, which allows the patient to return to a full-fledged life in just a few days after the procedure. 

A fixed denture is placed in the first two-three days after the installation. This is important because it, first of all, brings back the aesthetics and functionality of natural teeth, boosting a patient’s self-confidence, and then, the prosthesis is necessary for bone tissue and installed implants.

Indications for all on 8 dental implants in Turkey

  • complete or almost complete adentia of the upper or lower jaw;
  • the presence of aching, mobile or rotten teeth that must be removed;
  • significant reduction in jawbone volume;
  • an impossibility to perform bone grafting;
  • rejection of removable dentures;
  • periodontium tissue inflammation – periodontal disease, periodontitis;
  • restoration of teeth in heavy smokers;
  • bone tissue inflammation;
  • a patient’s elderly age;
  • the need to reduce the duration of treatment.

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Key features and advantages of all-on-8

  • the protocol uses 8-14 units of dental implants for one row of teeth;
  • instant prosthetics – system is installed in just a few days after placing the roots; 
  • one-piece all-on-8 system with angled multi-unit abutments;
  • inclined placement of lateral implants;
  • cement-retained or screw-retained fixation of prostheses on implants; 
  • the procedure does not require conducting bone grafting;
  • implantation is possible simultaneously with tooth extraction;
  • the protocol uses 3D modeling of the treatment process for the ultimately perfect result.

Our Best Services Included

Stages of all-on-8 installation

1st visit. This stage involves an examination of the oral cavity, evaluation of the teeth and gums condition, computer tomography, coordination of the treatment plan, selection of the implantation protocol, installation method, model and quantity implants, calculation of the final cost, finalizing the treatment duration, and setting the date of the procedure. 

2nd visit. Executing a procedure(from 40 minutes to 3 hours), taking wax impressions for further fabrication and customization of permanent dentures. During this stage, the patient is also instructed on what medications to take, how to take food, and how to take care of the oral cavity. 

3rd visit. Control examination of the oral cavity tissues state, checking the quality of the implants installation and fixation in the jawbone, carrying out a dental panoramic X-ray or computer tomography, installing a permanent denture, and giving recommendations on nutrition, lifestyle, and rules for maintaining good oral hygiene and teeth health.

Is there any alternative to all-on-8 in Turkey?

All on 8 is used in cases of the total or almost total absence of teeth, jawbone atrophy, and inflammation of periodontal tissues or the skeletal system. Traditional implantation is not suitable because it is first necessary to increase the volume of bone tissue before installing the implants, which is extremely difficult to execute with complete adentia due to a great amount of work to be done and long-term rehabilitation after such a procedure. Therefore, only similar methods of implantation with immediate loading present a decent alternative to all-on-8, and their use is also possible in difficult clinical situations.

Differences of all-on-8 differ from other protocols

  • all-on-4. This is a dental implantation method intended to solve the problems of the complete or almost complete adentia. The removable denture is supported by only 4 dental implants. In cases of jawbone atrophy, it is possible to use long implants, which are fixed in the cheekbone, bypassing problem areas of the bone tissue and the sinus area. A permanent denture is placed in 1-3 days.
  • all-on-6. Unlike all-on-4 implantation, the all-on-6 protocol has an expanded list of indications. Implantation with six implants is used in cases of more serious atrophy and inflammation of the periodontal tissues because, in such situations, an increased number of implants ensures a more even distribution of the mastication load and provides a better fixation of the prosthesis.
  • 3-on-6. This is the latest method of dental implantation that involves the use of 6 bridges (3 at the top and 3 at the bottom). The bridges are attached to the patient’s gum and have an utterly aesthetic appearance fully imitating natural teeth. This system is suitable for patients who do not have a bone breakdown, decreased bone density, or decreased bone height/width. A good state of the jawbone is an essential condition for seamless implantation. 3-on-6 is intended for patients who currently do not have or will soon lose all their teeth and who are looking for an affordable alternative for all-on-8 dental implants.

How long will all-on-8 serve?

Manufacturers of all existing protocols provide a lifetime warranty. The average life duration of implants is 20 years minimum. In most cases, the lifespan of implants depends on the manufacturer, price, and the chosen protocol.

How much do all-on-8 cost in Turkey?

The final price for dental services and materials depends on the number of units to be installed (from 8 to 12). Our team of the best dentists in the DentaTur clinics in Turkey (Antalya, Marmaris, Fethiye, Istanbul) will help you choose an individual protocol to fully suit your case.

Zirconium Implants£3,000£8,75066%
Ceramic Implants£3,000£8,75066%
Full Mouth
Single Implants£450£1,75075%

Special Package Deals

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