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Smile Makeover

A smile makeover is exactly as it sounds.  It is the makeover of your smile and all that is involved within a smile!  The overall look of your smile will be transformed employing one or more aesthetic dentistry techniques like one of the following:

Veneers and Crowns – to cover dulled, chipped or miss-shaped teeth

Invisalign – to realign crooked or misaligned teeth

Gum Augmentation Surgeries – for fixing Gummy Smiles (where too much gum is showing)

Teeth Whitening System –  for brightening and whitening teeth which are discoloured due to age or diet

When examining your overall appearance to determine the best treatments for your smile upgrade, many conditions will be taken into account including your own exclusive facial characteristics.  Measurements of your face with regards to its wideness, length and shape are important factors, as is your tone of skin and even your hair colour when evaluating the enhancement of your smile.

Our dentists’ advised treatment will be especially determined based on your own unique characteristics and expressions.

Tooth gaps and crooked teeth are aesthetically displeasing. They can be corrected with the help of Invisalign or other dental techniques including veneers and crowns. You can read more about dental crowns here.

A more youthful appearance with plumper lips and cheeks can be achieved with veneers or crowns. By filling out teeth with this treatment, which were smaller and worn down due to age,  Your smile and overall face will be rejuvenated with the help of our team of experienced aesthetic experts.

Gums can be surgically modified to improve the look of your teeth when you smile, in turn perfecting your smile.

Dental Health

Discoloured and dull teeth show an ageing smile and our experienced Aesthetics Dentist is unparalleled with her attention to detail. She takes into consideration many aspects when comprehending the perfect colour of teeth to suit individual patients according to their tone of skin, the colour of their hair and even which profession they are in. She will take into consideration your tooth proportions to ensure your smile is perfectly symmetrical. Our creative aesthetic dentist can even distinguish your treatments to portray a more ladylike or a more manly image according to your wishes.  So, a smile makeover really is just that!

We must assess your Dental Health first from our photos and x-rays and then by examination in your free consultation.  Our dentist will analyse everything from your teeth, gingiva, mouth cavity, hard and soft palate and bite (occlusion).  After the analysis of your dental health, our dentist will then decide on which treatments are best for your makeover. However, any dental health problems will be dealt with first before continuing with your smile makeover to ensure the longevity of your treatments.

Full Mouth Restoration VS a Smile Makeover?

A Full Mouth Restoration is normally advised in cases where there are many missing teeth or too much tooth damage and is usually more for the oral function rather than the oral aesthetic of your teeth and smile.

A Smile makeover is normally advised where there are tooth abnormalities, misaligned teeth or discoloured teeth and is usually for cosmetic/aesthetic reasons rather than oral function.

Deep Cleaning

When bacteria attacks under your gums, we advise a deep dental cleaning (also known as gum therapy, periodontal cleaning and root planing) to bring your gums back to good health.

Periodontal cleaning manages gum disease and encourages faster healing.  It is a well-known fact that infection prevention within your body, inclusive of your gums, is paramount for good heart health and promotes life longevity.

So! What is a dental deep cleaning?

This type of dental cleaning concentrates on the external face of the roots and under the gums.  When bacteria are present, pouch formations arise in the gums that have drawn away from the tooth, which initiates loss of supporting tissue. In turn, the jawbone starts to destruct and bone dissolution results in the loss of teeth.

Your dentist may employ the ultrasonic method, which involves using a tool with a vibrating tip and water shower to flush away the tartar.  Normally though your dentist utilizes a hand scaler to eradicate the plaque from above and under the gums. The root planing treatment involves stroking away the irregular flaws on the tooth roots which allow bacteria to stick and cause gum disease. This treatment stimulates your newly flourishing gums to adhere to your newly uncontaminated teeth!

Do I need Periodontal Deep Cleaning?

Symptoms of infection, which requires Periodontal Deep Cleaning or Gum Therapy. Your gums:

  • look red and swollen
  • feel sore
  • bleed when routine brushing and cleaning

Our dentist will diagnose any sign of infection or gum disease with a special test that evaluates any pockets that have developed using a special tool.  To measure bone loss, x-rays may also be taken by our dentist. Deep Cleaning may be essential to eradicate any signs of infection and ensure no further future spreading of the gum disease.

Tartar build-up and bacteria entering under your gums can be hereditary. Unfortunately so, no matter how good your oral health habits are, you will need a deep cleaning treatment that concentrates on the well-being of gums and below the gums. You can also be susceptible due to pregnancy and changes in your hormones. Smoking can cause tartar to buildup as can diabetes.  Stress is also the main benefactor to the build-up of plaque which then enables the bacteria to sneak in under your gums.

Does this treatment hurt?

You will receive a local anaesthetic injection due to a little discomfort being caused by this treatment.  After the treatment is complete, you will feel a little sore. When you clean your teeth for a couple of days after there may be a bit of bleeding but nothing to worry about! It will subside within a few days.  You may also be conscious of some sensitivity following the treatment, which, again will disappear within a week or two of treatment.  Our dentist can prescribe medications to alleviate your discomfort slightly.

How many hours does it take for a Deep Cleaning Treatment?

This treatment normally takes no longer than a couple of hours and will be completed in one visit to the clinic.  However, this depends on the scale of infection and will be decided upon complete examination and diagnosis by our dentist and hygienist. You will be given complete instructions on homecare by our dentist and hygienist once your treatment is complete. The aftercare details will be tailored to suit your individual situation.  If the homecare instructions are adhered to, you will experience fast improvements. Your outcome will be a welcome one with healthy and hearty pink coloured gums, no irritation and more importantly, no infection.

Teeth Whitening

Cosmetic and Aesthetic Dentistry

Expert dental staff is approved to work with much greater concentrations of bleaching agents than we are typically allowed to buy and use at home.  Due to this fact, far superior results are achieved in the clinic than is achieved at home.  Hydrogen and carbamide peroxides have been manipulated for decades with satisfying results. They are the agents commonly used by dentists to erase discolouration and give brighter and whiter smiles to the world of dentistry.

Aesthetic whitening is accomplished by administering the agents onto the exterior of the tooth surface. The tough outer coat of enamel is see-through. It is the layer beneath the enamel, called the Dentine that gives the tooth its colour, which is normally a yellow colour.  The tooth is made to look brighter and whiter due to the agents immersing through the enamel and lightening up the Dentine layer.

We use the laser whitening procedure in our clinic to activate the product and hasten the procedure to speed up the whitening development. This is the closest whitening treatment you can get to instantiations results.  Due to the strength of laser whitening, there is a higher possibility of experiencing some sensitivity which can be irritating for some patients but can be painful for others although this passes quickly.  Having this treatment at the clinic gives the added advantage of having the Dentist to advise any medication should you need.

There are many other advantages of having Whitening Treatment done in a dental clinic.

Teeth whitening is safer in a dental clinic with professionals rather than at home due to a barrier covering your gums to safeguard them from the bleach.

The expert dentist is on hand to advise whether the whitening treatment is suitable for your teeth.  The dentist can ensure you do not have any underlying oral problems.  Without this professional examination, teeth whitening treatments could harm or damage your teeth or gums.  Our expert dentist would advise a more suitable treatment in this case.

In our dental clinic, the mouth trays used for teeth whitening are customised to securely fit over your teeth for an equal covering of the product for a more precise result.

Our dentist will manage the treatment concerning the strength and length of time to guarantee the desired outcome.

How much time will the Whitening Treatment take?

Depending on the health and type of teeth you have, it is possible to see results within an hour of treatment.  However, every individual has a different reaction to the treatment so the time needed for the individual desired result varies from patient to patient. We also have the option of taking home professional whitening kits

Everyone wants to know how long the results last.

As with the amount of time needed before seeing the Whitening results, the results lasting time also varies with each individual.  The factors that determine the length of time are the original shade of your dentine, your aftercare and your diet.

Smile Design

Smile makeover in Turkey

What really is a smile? We express our feelings and ourselves through our smiles.  People show affection and empathy through smiles.  We express our sympathies and even remorse through our smiles.  So it is only natural that we would want our “sentiment interpreter” to be designed perfect aesthetically and in top working order as it is our ‘ticket’ to being either accepted or rejected within today’s beauty-thirsty society.

A smile can portray an array of affections with the formation and operation of the teeth, mouth and face muscles.  The desire for a beautifully designed smile is an age-old fascination and can be traced as far back in history to 800BC where animal tusks were found to have been meticulously sculpted to resemble natural teeth.

Here we design your smile uniquely to suit many factors tailored only to you and your wishes.  A smile design is the combination of many different dental procedures to skilfully construct successive symmetrical straight teeth vertically and horizontally and in direct proportion with your mouth and facial structure.

The core of any smile design and the point at which we begin to proceed with your design is the midline of the face. This is a hypothetical line vertically drawn down the middle of the two front teeth.  For Aesthetical excellence, this line should be directly down the centre of the face.

We determine the location of this midline by portraying a line between the two distinguished facial features, we mark between the top lip and the middle of the eyebrows.  This ensures the most accurate as it ensures no confusion if your eyes are at moderately dissimilar positions or your nose is slightly askew from the centre of your face, which can be off-putting should you not measure this line precisely.

Smile Design Features

We take into consideration Facial muscles which are very different in each and this is planned by analysing optically and visually by studying your face and pictures. This includes how your lips structure your teeth and smile when you are speaking, smiling and laughing. 

The presentation of your gums plays an important part when designing your smile. Too many gums and irregular outline and shape of gums are usual complaints from patients.  We correct all malocclusions (improper bites) within our smile designs. Problems with your Bite may be the consequence of tooth inconsistency or disordered positioning, unequal jaw connection which will be corrected within our smile design to a perfect bite.

We use the most modern state of the art technologies to restore a brighter and more exquisite smile aesthetically while fully re-establishing the well-being and constitution of your oral and dental health no matter what the original current state is of your teeth.  Our clinic involves the use of digital Smile Design technology to actively involve our patients in designing their own idea of the perfect smile for them.  We all know that a picture tells a thousand words, so building and demonstrating your realistic forecast is easy with our Smile Design software. When you see a picture of your designed smile before starting your dental treatment, you feel more secure in the knowledge that you have contributed to your desired result and your perfect new smile!

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