What To Know About Gum Graft Surgery

Things You Should Know About Gum Graft Surgery

Smiling is definitely one of the best beauty remedies. It would be such a great misery losing it and depriving the world of your smile. Before it is too late, learn which way the wind is blowing. Do you have sensitivity while drinking hot or cold beverages? If the answer is yes, let’s pass through further questions. Has the visible surface of your teeth been extended more than before? If the answer is positive again, shall we make an appointment for you? 

Receding gum is a serious occasion for future results like teeth decay and bone loss. The best thing to do is to take precautions and start recovery before your gum and teeth burn bridges. 

The surgery proceeds by grafting tissue taking from the palate. By changing the place of obtrusive tissues, it makes them visible for the rest of their existence and never recedes again, it will just contribute to your perfect smile. You can get more information about the procedure here.

But a small amount of pain is still on the carpet. For minimizing the pain, avoid floss and keep your brush away from the recovered area. Make sure that ice is the only cold thing interacting with your mouth and the touch is from the outer surface. Meaning that you should avoid cold and hot foods or drinks for a short time. Also, apply ice therapy, prevent swelling and reduce pain. Better to diet with liquids or prefer soft foods but do not worry, just in the blink of an eye. Do not forget to use meds your dentist advised. Consider those days like holiday and do not go hard on yourself with exercising, just take your time. After those couple of days, you will smile more than ever before.

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