Wisdom Teeth Removal

People have four wisdom teeth sunk in the back of the jaw and waiting for the appropriate time to come out, generally between age 17-21. This process can be painful but do not worry because you do not have to put up with it. Evolutionary, wisdom teeth are not very functional and required extremely. That is why wisdom teeth removal is so common. 

A few reasons exist to conduce you for wisdom teeth removal such as: 

  • No room enough for new molars to come about in your mouth without squeeze the other teeth. 
  • Or your molars might be impacted in your jawbone which is more aching and needs to be removed. 
  • Another case is if your molars are at a wrong angle which may constrict your other teeth and can be pressed for orthodontic treatment.

While your wisdom teeth been removed you will be put under anaesthesia. So you do not need to give a run for one’s money, just take a seat and let our team rescue you from the great pain for good.

That does not mean that aftercare is as smooth as the procedure. You still have to take care of your mouth and molar health by following to recovery musts for approximately a week. Those steps force the pace of your healing process and prevent swelling. Above all, ice packs are your best friends, do not skip ice therapy for at least the first 24 hours.

The keyword is “soft”; eat soft, brush soft, move softly, exercise softly with your chin by slowly open-close movement. Abide by your dentist prescription, take your medicines to alleviate swelling and pain. Bolster up your recovery and avoid drinking through a straw, spitting or smoking. Rinsing with salty water helps your sore be clean but without spitting the water afterwards. Tap the wound with gauze if there is an excessive amount of blood. Preserve your stitches and blood clot from any harm. Even you feel healed and continue your life as pain-free, you still have to keep protecting the wounded section of your mouth and maintain your postoperative habits.

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