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A beautiful smile and snow-white teeth are one of the most significant factors in the perception and presentation of a person, his or her wealth, and health. Not all people are lucky enough to have straight, white and healthy teeth. Then they start wondering, “How much to get teeth done in Turkey?”. Fortunately, the teeth done in Turkey cost the best for everyone.

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Treatments that clinics in Turkey offer

For teeth done in Turkey, price depends on what?

When seeking treatment at the dental clinic Dentatur, it is important to remember that dental treatment prices are individual for each patient. For teeth done in Turkey, the cost will depend on the overall condition of the oral cavity and other equally important factors. Complete information can only be known after consultation with a dental specialist, who will assess the actual situation and draw up a dental treatment plan. During the examination, the doctor will roughly estimate the price. Nevertheless, there is a price range for aesthetic dental treatment in Turkey, within which the amount is calculated, depending, among other things, on the reputation of the clinic and its staff.


Implants in Turkey Before and After

What do the teeth done in Turkey cost consist of?

The price is made up of many components:

The price of dental services in Turkey is made up of all of the above factors. The services of a professional working in a good dental clinic cannot be too cheap. This is why you should not take up offers from firms that promise to treat all your teeth “at a giveaway price” – you will either be cheated or receive unqualified treatment, after which your health may only deteriorate. It is, however, possible to save money on treatments – paradoxically, this requires regular visits to the doctor.

It is also worth noting that the price of dental treatments in Turkey is regulated by the government. Because of the lower price of rent, materials, and equipment, you will spend much less money on dental services in Turkey than in other European countries or America.

Price of aesthetic dental treatments in Turkey

Tooth restoration is a procedure aimed at restoring the correct structure and anatomical shape, obtaining the desired colour, and reconstructing damaged areas of the tooth. As a result of exposure to pathogenic microflora, the enamel surface deteriorates and loses its aesthetics. Stains, cracks, and chips appear. The tooth changes its length and configuration and eventually it cannot function properly. In this case, artistic restorations can help.

Restorations can be direct or indirect. With direct restorations, the procedure is performed directly in the oral cavity. The lost piece of tissue is restored or interdental gaps (diastemata) are filled using photopolymers. Several teeth can be restored in one office visit.

The indirect method is more qualitative and expensive. The thin ceramic plates (veneers, lumineers, and composite veneers) are made from an impression of the defective tooth and are manufactured in the laboratory. In addition to ceramic plates, the dentist can also use a composite designed for the production of fillings.

aesthetic teeth


The cost of dental veneers

Veneers are the thinnest of overlays on the front surface of the teeth. Veneers are the fastest and easiest way for the patient to have a perfectly aligned and beautiful smile. An alternative to implants, crowns, and braces, this is why dental veneers are so popular among the patients of the Dentatur clinic in Turkey.

The price of veneers depends on the type of micro-prosthetics and the method of fixation. Composites and ceramics are used for veneers. Composite veneers are photopolymer veneers, similar in composition and price to dental fillings. The lifespan of these plates is 3-5 years.

Ceramic fillings are the most aesthetic, similar in appearance and structure to enamel. They last much longer than veneers – 20 years and more. The price of medical porcelain veneers, however, is also higher.

The number of teeth to be restored with the aesthetic onlay also determines the final cost of veneers.

How to make indirect veneers restoration: Steps and Price?

Ceramic veneers are made in a dental laboratory in Turkey – this is the classical way of application, which is called the indirect method. The treatments are made in several stages:

The indirect application of veneers requires 3-4 visits at the Dentatur clinic. The production technology is more complex; in addition, ceramics are more expensive than photopolymers and are therefore more expensive.

The cost of veneers:

The cost of dental implants

Implants are sometimes distrusted by patients, not only because of myths associated with the fear of rejection and the painful procedure but also often due to the higher price of treatments. Let’s find out what the cost of dental implants in Turkey and prosthetics is, and whether such treatments are a better and more advantageous method of prosthetics.


What does the price of implants consist of?

Dental implants is a complex and multi-stage treatments:

The type of implants in Turkey is selected individually for each patient and costs from £250. All on four per jaw, All-on-6 per jaw, All-on8 per jaw, and 3 on 6 dental implants per jaw are quite popular and advantageous procedures. These are comprehensive procedures for the placement of several implants at once. The cost of these implants starts at £1600.

Where is the best place to get my teeth done?

The dentists at the Dentatur clinic in Turkey use the best equipment and quality materials. A wide range of treatment modalities and methods will help to select the best cost-effective procedures for each patient. Now everyone can have a healthy and beautiful smile!

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