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Turkey teeth

Turkey teeth are an opportunity to get a new smile at a reasonable price. Our clinic  Dentatur offers different types of dental procedures, which will make your teeth perfect. That is why if you want to correct the smile and be sure of the final result, contact us. In this article, we will tell you about the advantages of Turkish dental clinics.









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Cost of Turkey teeth

Teeth whitening£125

Dental crowns/veneers £160 – £245 per tooth

Dental implants£300 – £750 per tooth

Root canal treatments £50 per root

Inlay/Onlay (ceramic or porcelain) £200 per tooth


The cost of getting Turkey teeth is lower by 80 % than in the UK. That is why it is an excellent opportunity to correct the full smile. Our clinic provides different types of treatments. The price for every dental procedure depends on your oral health, the number of teeth and the material. However, the low cost does not affect the quality of products that we use. We also offer special packages for our patients. It includes getting free services.  

Before and after Turkey teeth


Teeth whitening

 If you suffer from yellow teeth, this procedure is for you. You will forget about shame when you smile due to it. Whitening will take only 1-3 hours. You will get a shiny smile as a result. The effect will hold from 6 months to 2 years.

Dental crowns/veneers

These two dental methods provide covering teeth defects. Crowns are a suitable variant for deep and significant diseases. That is why they cover and protect the tooth on all sides. Veneers are thin shells, which cover little tooth defects like minor damages or yellow shade.

Dental implants

It is the best solution for both one missed tooth and full edentulous. Getting implants provides placing a titanium screw into your jawbone and covering it with a crown. You will get a new smile with a lifetime guarantee as a result.

Root canal treatments

The dentist needs to remove the root from the tooth because of big damages. It is better to do it before the spread of infection in the mouth. It can cause an abscess. That is why contact our dentist or endodontist to deal with sick canal roots.   

Inlay and Onlay restoration (ceramic or porcelain)

It is a method that helps to treat cracked or damaged teeth. It provides cleaning and polishing of the tooth. Then the dentist covers the prepared place with porcelain or ceramic. Inlay and Onlay restoration is a quick method that provides a long-term result.

Composite bonding

It is the method of tooth restoration, which involves using composite resin. This material allows getting natural and durable results. It takes less than 1 hour to restore one tooth.

What are Turkey teeth?

Dental treatment is expensive. That is why it is better to get it abroad. The term Turkey teeth means getting dental treatments in Turkey. It allows correcting full up and low jaws at once. That is why you will be able to go back home with a totally new smile. 

Visiting a dental clinic in Turkey is an opportunity to correct different imperfections in your mouth. You will be able to forget about an impressive smile. We will also help you with full edentulous. That is why if these problems affect your confidence, you can deal with them by one visit to the dentist.   

The mission of our dental centre

Our main mission is to provide perfect dental treatment for foreign patients who came to our clinic from different countries. We care about your comfort and improving the quality of the procedure in our clinic. We consider the individuality of every patient. That is why we provide detailed checking of oral health first of all. You will also get a free X-ray to see the condition of your jawbone.  

We have modern equipment to make the procedures more comfortable. Also, our dentists know how to use new dental technologies. It provides better results and makes the process of treatment painless. We care about your oral health because we think that it affects your life every day. We help our patients to be confident due to their perfect smiles.

Turkey teeth provide different types of treatment. Let us tell you about the more popular ones.

Answers for frequently asked questions

Clinics in Turkey provide quick and quality dental procedures. It is a comfortable location for tourists. Additionally, you will get the opportunity to visit beautiful places in the country. We also have experienced dentists. They will care about your comfort and search for solutions for all your diseases.

You can contact us. We will help you with planning your dental trip. Our coordinator will inform you about the details and will answer all your questions. We also will help you with booking tickets and accommodation.

Our company provides getting such free services as:

  • Local anaesthesia
  • First consultation
  • Single and panoramic X-Ray
  • Plastic temporary denture or crown


The cost of Turkey teeth is lower compared with other countries like the UK or Germany. You will be able to save for 60-80%.

Our whole staff is English-speaking. That is why you do not need to worry about communication after arriving at our clinic.   

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