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A perfect smile is the ultimate dream of many dental clinic patients. Of course, people go to many different actions in pursuit of their ideals. Someone spends huge amounts of money on expensive procedures, someone refuses their favourite food, and someone follows modern trends. “Turkey Teeth” has recently gained popularity among these trends. People from different countries, especially from the UK, travel to Turkey to get Turkey Teeth.

The term “Turkey Teeth” is most commonly used in a sarcastic sense to refer to a bad experience with dental treatment in Turkey. This trend has been actively spread due to the impact of social media on a wide audience of people who dream of a perfect smile made very quickly and at a low price.

However, Dentatur does not use this concept in its practice in a negative or derisive sense, but, on the contrary, provides quality services at competitive prices.

In this article, we will uncover the phenomenon of Turkey Teeth and explain why it has spread so widely on social media. We will inform you in detail about how to make a safe and informed choice, and what to beware of. As a result, dental treatment will become a pleasant and, most importantly, useful experience for you, not a horror story.

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Treatments that clinics in Turkey offer

What are Turkey Teeth?

“Turkey Teeth” meaning is new and is most often used in a sarcastic sense. Thus, the artificiality of the acquired teeth is emphasized, for which patients sacrificed their healthy and natural teeth. Turkey Teeth have gained popularity due to the spread of this trend on TikTok and YouTube.

Turkey Teeth is a dental procedure in which a dentist files a completely healthy tooth to install dental  crowns or dental veneers. As a result, the patient receives perfectly square and dazzling white teeth. However, this refers to a procedure that did not go according to plan: excessive and improper grinding of healthy teeth entails consequences in the form of complications, side effects, increased sensitivity, and prolonged pain. All of this can happen due to the incompetence of the dentist.

But Dentatur does not disappoint our clients and provides only quality services. Thanks to our experienced and qualified professionals and the latest technology, the Turkey Teeth trend loses its negative meaning and gives people only a pleasant and effective dental treatment experience.

Why is This Technology Attractive to Clients?

Several factors make the Turkish teeth procedure quite tempting:

teeth turkey

How is the Procedure Going?

The installation of dental veneers and dental crowns, in any case, involves grinding teeth but within the permissible limits. In a bad version, the Turkey Teeth procedure looks like this:

  1. The dentist examines the patient and determines the condition of the oral cavity.
  2. The specialist informs the patient about the treatment and recommends using the Turkey Teeth procedure.
  3. The dentist grinds down the patient’s natural healthy tooth to the state of “stumps”.
  4. Then the dentist puts a crown on the worn tooth and fixes it with special glue.
  5. At the end, the specialist cauterizes the gums with a laser for quick healing and disinfection.

What are the Disadvantages of the Procedure?

However, all of the above actions entail consequences and even complications:

Patients are suffering from dental pain

Turkey Teeth: Why is It a Trend?

Turkey Teeth: what is it, and why is it a trend – these questions concern many clients. The Turkish Teeth trend has grown in popularity due to the influence of social media such as YouTube and TikTok. People liked the idea that it was possible to transform their smile quickly and at a low cost. Many succeed in this, thanks to which people gain self-confidence after many years of suffering from bad teeth. They want as many people as possible to know about their success, creating an image of dazzling Turkey Teeth in the audience.

However, not everyone had such a good experience. Unfortunately, some patients have suffered from poor quality dental care and negligence by the dentists, which has led to disappointment and regret. And this is the flip side of the coin that people also want to highlight on social media.

Summing up, we can distinguish the following reasons for the trend of Turkey Teeth:

turkey teeth veneers

Celebs Choose Turkey for Making Their Turkey Teeth Done

Many influencers got their new teeth in Turkey. Tiktokers are interested in having a perfect smile at Dentatur, so they are very rich in experience in cosmetic dentistry. Such people as Jack Reed, Jack Fincham, Katie Price, Laura Ivanova, and others are known among them.

Followers of such celebrities actively discuss Turkey Teeth, which is why the trend continues to live and spread. When you search for the Turkey Teeth tag, you can find many different and conflicting stories of people from all over the world on TikTok.

Is a Cut-Price Reality for Turkey Teeth?

There are some discussions about how is a cut-price reality for Turkish Teeth. Actually, it is true. The cost of Turkish cosmetic dentistry is much lower and can be around 1/5 of the cost of dental procedures in the UK.

This can be explained by several reasons. Turkey has a lower rent and maintenance cost, which reduces the overall cost. Also, cosmetic dentistry costs are reduced due to low insurance premiums and taxes. Wages and low living expenses allow people to combine business with pleasure: tourist Turkish holidays and cosmetic dentistry.

Veneers spesificationsTeeth application Implant applicationSubstance andLight permeability and NaturalnessLife timeAllergy or strange filling Computer designHand madeBaseAdded porcelainWithout porcelain or anatomicalDENTATUR PRICEUK PRICE
E max laminate veneer✓✓✓✓✓✓✓✓E-max200₤750₤
Empress laminate veneer✓✓✓✓✓✓✓✓Empress200₤750₤

What Does “Turkey Teeth” Performed: Crowns or Veneers?

Sometimes people face the fact that dentists during the teeth Turkey treatment installing crowns instead of dental veneers and vice versa. What is the difference between crowns and veneers? The dentist needs to grind off only a small surface layer of enamel to install the veneer. The veneer is then placed on the front surface of the tooth. Crowns cover the entire tooth. The need to put on a crown arises when the tooth no longer fulfils its function and has lost its former health. Veneers correct small chips, cracks, or gaps between teeth.

Beware of incompetent dentists who grind teeth too hard regardless of the required treatment. Thus, the nerves of the teeth remain open and susceptible to infection. If the nerve is infected, a more expensive root canal treatment has to be applied. In addition, patients experience prolonged pain.

Causes of Poor-Quality Crown Installation

Dental Veneers
  1. The rush of the dentist to complete the treatment as soon as possible results in a poor fitting of the crown to the patient’s tooth. This leads to increased tooth sensitivity and gum problems.
  2. The patient needed more information about the requirements for crown treatment and needed to know about the irreversibility of the procedure and its invasiveness.
  3. The dentist had to provide the necessary information or do his job properly. This can happen in any clinic in the world.

Causes of Poor-Quality Dental Veneers Installation

veneers in turkey
  1. The patient needed to be informed or learned about the irreversibility and permanence of the veneer.
  2. The patient needed to take better care of the veneers after installing them.
  3. The dentist did not provide the necessary information or did his job incompetently.

Why are Teeth Cheaper in Turkey?

The issue of the low cost of teeth in Turkey is of concern to many people who plan to use cosmetic dentistry in Turkey.

As already indicated above, the prices for dentistry in Turkey have a completely logical explanation. Among the reasons are cheaper medical expenses, low cost of living, favourable currency exchange for the pound or dollar, and Turkish government incentives for dental clinics that specialize in working with foreign clients.

However, it is important to note that low cost does not reduce service quality.

What Does Dentatur Do to Avoid “Turkey Teeth”?

Dentatur provides only quality procedures at reasonable prices and does everything possible to avoid unpleasant situations, poorly performed treatments, or Turkish Teeth.

Dentatur has been highly trusted by patients for 22 years and provides a wide range of quality dental services despite Turkey Teeth’s negative publicity on social media. You can use the following service:

Our clinic carefully trains a team of specialists responsible for customer service. This team can answer any questions you may have. Recommendations are also provided for all possible treatments that, so that clients know all the details in advance.

Dentists at Dentatur are dedicated and highly professional. Our specialised doctors will not waste your time suggesting invasive procedures if you really do not need them. They will also review the possible pros and cons of each treatment.

Our clinic welcomes conservatism whenever possible. Otherwise, Dentatur is always willing to compromise and guide the patient toward the best solution.

We do not engage in excessive or careless grinding of the patient’s teeth and use only high-quality materials in our work. Dentatur will not force patients into treatment they don’t need, even if it means losing a client.

Turkey Teeth: Bargain Smiles or Big Mistake

Your smile is your choice. We recommend that you always check the reputation of a dental clinic before choosing one. Dentists, materials, and technologies must meet your expectations and requirements.

Never be afraid to ask questions that concern you. This will help you avoid unsuccessful dental treatments that may discourage you from visiting dentists in the future.

Pay special attention to the personality of your doctor. Feel free to learn more about his professional achievements, approaches, and work principles.

Be patient, and don’t demand too many results in a very short period. All these tips will help you in the future to avoid “Turkey Teeth” and make your smile the way you imagine it.

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