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Many patients go to Turkey for dental treatments. “How much to get your teeth done in Turkey?” is often asked by patients who want to have cosmetic or functional treatment in Turkey.

Clinics in Turkey can perform all modern types of dental treatments for an affordable cost. The cost of treatments such as dental veneers, crowns and implants often includes additional services to make travel to Turkey easier.

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Why travel to Turkey for dental treatments?

Before answering “How much to get your teeth done in Turkey?” we should examine the benefits of having dental treatment in Turkey. Cosmetic dental procedures are often among the most expensive. But in Turkey, a patient may get a cosmetic treatment, such as dental veneers, for a much lower price.

Smile treatments in Turkey have quality comparable to clinics in the UK, even though they offer them for lower prices. Clinics in Turkey also use the same types of dental prostheses and supplies for their treatments, guaranteeing high quality and compatibility with the patient’s existing dental restorations.

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How much is it to get teeth done in Turkey?

Patients who ask: “How much to have your teeth done in Turkey?” may want any of the many smile treatments offered in Turkey. Treatments have their own prices based on the cost of supplies, work and experience required to perform them. Most treatments will be about five times cheaper at Dentatur than in the UK for the same quality.

The low prices of dental smile treatments in Turkey are due to lower living costs and financial aid from the government. Medical education is also much more affordable, so it does not influence the treatment costs as much. Because of these factors, getting teeth done in Turkey price is affordable for all.

Dental treatments in Turkey

Most patients who ask: “How much to get my teeth done in Turkey?” want to undergo cosmetic treatments in Turkey, because the differences between prices for cosmetic procedures are the greatest between Turkey and Western European countries.

Cosmetic procedures such as dental veneers are used to improve the patient’s smile.

dental treatment

They and other smile restorations typically aren’t used to provide improvements to the patient’s dental function, although some of them may bring functional benefits, such as correcting the patient’s bite or closing gaps.

Dental veneers

Dental veneers are the most popular type of cosmetic treatment at Turkish clinics. They are used to change the appearance of the patient’s smile by replacing some of the enamel on the front of his teeth. Modern dental veneers are manufactured using advanced CAD/CAM techniques, which allow dental veneers to be automatically carved from prepared blocks of material. 

dental veneers treatments

This allows them to more closely match the shape of the patient’s dentition, giving them an improved smile.

There are many types of dental veneers. They have different prices and physical properties determined by their material. Dental veneers can be divided into porcelain and composite dental veneers. Smile restorations using composite dental veneers tend to be more affordable, while porcelain dental veneers offer improved durability and aesthetics.

Composite dental veneers

Composite dental veneers are made of polymer resin cured under UV. They can be applied and shaped directly on the patient’s tooth, making them the quickest type of dental veneer to install. Alternatively, the dentist can make composite dental veneers in a lab, based on scans or impressions of the patient’s teeth. Making composite veneers in a lab increases their cost but makes them slightly more durable.

composite bonding in turkey

Composite veneer smile restorations are perfect for patients who want to have a temporary cover for their teeth before getting more natural-looking veneers. In some cases, composite veneers may be installed without preparing the patient’s teeth beforehand. The price of composite veneers at our clinic is £150.

Porcelain dental veneers

There are several types of porcelain veneers. Generally speaking, teeth done in Turkey cost increases the more natural-looking a restoration is, and this is also true for porcelain veneers. Smile restorations using conventional porcelain are the least expensive of porcelain veneers, while more natural-looking veneers, such as E-max, cost more.

Conventional porcelain veneers

Conventional porcelain veneers

Conventional porcelain veneers are made from any of the established dental ceramics. They are more durable than polymer, and look more similar to natural enamel. Porcelain veneers are custom-made in the lab, and can only be installed on teeth that have been prepared by shaving a layer of enamel.

The veneer replaces the removed enamel, improving the patient’s smile.
Conventional porcelain veneers
can serve up to fifteen years. The price of conventional veneers at Dentatur is £160.



Lumineers are a type of porcelain veneer used for reversible smile restorations. They are much thinner than regular veneers, allowing the doctor to install them without preparing the teeth.

Lumineers are used to change the patient’s tooth shape and are not suitable for patients with significant dental decay. 

Since Lumineers are so thin, any damage under the veneer can be visible, so they are typically used for patients with healthy teeth who want to make their smile more balanced. Lumineers cost £245 at Dentatur.

Zirconia veneers

zirconium veneers

Zirconia veneers are made from zirconium-containing porcelain. They are the most durable type of veneers. Zirconia is more opaque than other types of dental porcelain. It is often used for Hollywood smile treatments, which aim to make the patient’s smile similar to that of Hollywood stars. Zirconia veneers can be coloured to match the tone of the patient’s untreated teeth before installation. The price of zirconia veneer installation at our clinic is £160.

E-max veneers

E-max teeth veneers

E-max veneers are made from highly translucent dental ceramics. Their translucency allows the natural colour of the patient’s dentition to show through. This type of smile restoration is regarded as the most natural looking. An E-max veneer is typically thinner than other types, though not as thin as a Lumineer. Their use cases are similar, but E-max smile restorations require preparing the patient’s teeth before installation. The cost of E-max veneers at our clinic is £200.

Prices for other dental procedures

Many patients may want to have other types of dental restorations, particularly functional ones. Most patients choose to have dental implants or crowns for functional restorations.

Dental implants

Implants allow the patients to restore missing teeth by replacing their roots with synthetic screws that support a visible dental prosthesis for smile restoration. There are two main categories of dental implants. They are zirconia and titanium. Their prices at our clinic are much lower than in the UK.

Dental implants in Turkey

The prices for titanium implants are lower than for zirconia. Titanium implants are recommended for most patients, except for those who have adverse reactions to prolonged contact with metals.

Zirconia implants are hypoallergenic, so they are suitable for any patient. They may also have higher aesthetic value since they are white and look similar to natural roots. While dental implants are not normally visible, receded gums may expose a part of the implant, making zirconia implants a better choice for patients with a history of gum disease.

Dental crowns

Prices for dental crowns depend on their material. Crowns are installed to replace severely damaged tooth enamel. They cover the entire surface of a tooth. Most patients choose to install crowns with metal cores. These crowns are covered with a layer of dental porcelain to mimic the appearance of natural tooth enamel.

Dental crowns in Turkey

Alternative types of crowns include all-metal and all-ceramic crowns. Most patients avoid all-metal crowns, even though their prices is usually the most affordable. This is because they don’t look like natural teeth.

All-ceramic crowns are chosen by patients who have allergic reactions to metals. Their prices tend to be more expensive.

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