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Turkey is now a leading country in dentistry and for good reason. Thousands and hundreds of thousands of satisfied patients, state-of-the-art equipment, and a qualified dentist in a new teeth clinic  are all reasons for dental tourism to Turkey. A separate significant point is dental veneers , which are hugely popular and in great demand. This treatment by a dentist in Turkey will give you a Hollywood smile for years to come and you can forget all about the complexities around your teeth.

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Cosmetic Dentistry in Turkey: What is Turkey Teeth Makeover?

Many people need dental treatment and, of course, they only want to go to a good dentist. For this, an appointment with a dentist at the Dentatur dental clinic in Turkey is the ideal solution. The new teeth clinic provides the latest effective treatment methods at an affordable price. Turkish teeth meaning getting the perfect white teeth.

Turkey is the most popular country for visiting a dentist. You can relax here on a beautiful beach with a wonderful sea view. And at the same time, get your teeth treated by the best dentist in the new teeth clinic in Turkey. This way you get all at once.

Dental treatment is the opportunity to restore a tooth to its near-normal appearance and function using various dental materials.


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Teeth with a chipped tooth corner or a part of the cutting edge can potentially be restored in Turkey. Teeth with congenital discolouration or irregularities in shape or partially decayed teeth can also be restored.

The advantages of restoration at the new teeth clinic in Turkey are obvious – it makes it possible to put a decayed tooth back into working order relatively quickly and affordably.

Turkey Teeth What is It: Dental Veneers and Composite Restorations

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Turkey teeth  meaning an aesthetic transformation of the teeth. Veneers and composite restorations are the most popular dental treatment methods, which are often rated by patients as identical services. In reality, however, there are a few similarities in the techniques: both belong to the field of aesthetic dentistry and are designed to create attractive teeth. Techniques, materials, and even the duration of the treatment differ. Before comparing whether veneers or dental restorations are better, it is important to know about each option in sequence.

An experienced dentist in Turkey at the new teeth clinic will always recommend treatment for the following conditions:

  • Darkening or streaking of tooth enamel – caused by taking tetracycline group medications or after using resorcinol-formalin for fillings.
  • Discolouration of fillings in the front teeth – the incisors become unaesthetic and difficult to see when speaking or smiling.
  • Chips, cracks, disproportionate size of incisors, canines of the teeth – any distorted shape requires aesthetic treatment.
  • Enlarged interdental gaps between teeth – diastemas, fractures.
  • Various congenital abnormalities – wedge-shaped defects or other anomalies.
  • Abrasion of tooth enamel – due to lack of calcium in the body or due to various diseases.
  • Tooth enamel abnormalities or malformations – fluorosis, hyperplasia, erosion and necrosis.

The indications are the first thing a good dentist in Turkey pays attention to. It is the condition of the oral cavity and individual units, the number and presence of aesthetic defects that determine the choice of the treatment regimen. But it is better to explore the benefits of different types on your own, as your wishes also influence the choice of aesthetic treatment.

Treatments that clinics in Turkey offer

Dental Veneers

Porcelain veneers

Veneers are used by a dentist in Turkey to restore the front line of visible teeth. The basis of smile makeover  is created in a dental laboratory by a dentist, where thin veneers are made according to impressions of the patient’s jaw. The plates are fixed on the vestibular surfaces of the incisors and canines, after the preliminary preparation of the enamelled skin. The plates reliably cover the defective surface, creating a perfect line of white teeth.

Veneers are commonly divided by material and thickness:

  • Ceramic onlays in Turkey are made on a special machine of medical ceramics or opaque porcelain. The thickness of the product is 0.3-0.5 mm.
  • Zirconia – dental veneers made from zirconia are biocompatible with human tissues, do not cause allergic reactions, and are perfect for imitating the colour and texture of tooth enamel. Zirconia veneers are more expensive than ceramic veneers but outperform porcelain in terms of strength and other characteristics.
  • Ultra-simple dental micro prostheses are a separate category of products that do not require the extraction by a dentist of the tooth during insertion. Such veneers are made of vitrified or innovative compositions. The thinnest onlays are called lumineers or ultra-thin veneers. The thickness of the dental veneers is extremely small – 0.2 mm.

When comparing dental veneers and ceramic restorations, it is important for the patient to understand the benefits of each method. Choosing zirconia or ceramic onlays in the frontal area at the Dentatur clinic guarantees the following:

    • Naturalnessceramic crowns are indistinguishable from the patient’s own teeth, as they reproduce all the anatomical features of the enamel during their fabrication.
    • Stability and strength – porcelain veneers withstand serious chewing stresses without damage, and they are resistant to temperature changes.
    • Chemical inertness – materials used for veneering do not stain with food dyes and are not damaged by pickled and spicy foods.
    • Gentle treatment – modern methods of enamel grinding allow the dentist to work with the highest precision, so the removed tooth layer rarely exceeds 0.3 mm.
    • Durability – indirect restorations are made with very strong compounds, so the lifespan of veneers is long.
    • It solves many orthodontic problems – an experienced dentist easily corrects external bite problems and corrects the shape and even the position of individual teeth.

Composite Restorations

Composite veneers from a dentist in Turkey are a second name for aesthetic dental restorations performed with the help of modern micro fillers. The dentist applies a filling material to the damaged or defective tooth and creates a perfect anatomical shape of the unit immediately in the patient’s mouth. After polishing, the restored tooth is indistinguishable from the adjacent incisors and canines.

Since real-time treatment of the tooth requires the high professionalism and experience of the dentist, it is necessary to look for a dentist with extensive experience in composite restorations. The best choice is the Dentatur dental clinic in Turkey.

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The indications for treatment with restorative materials are based on the properties of the compounds used – their strength and durability characteristics. The aesthetics of the tooth can easily be restored in cases of slight changes in the shape, shade, or position of the anterior units:

In other cases, classic indirect veneering or ceramic crowns are indicated.

Benefits of Getting Your Teeth Done by a Dentist in Turkey

Turkey is the best place in the world today for dental treatment. Of course, it is not the only country with good quality dental treatment. But in other countries, the same teeth treatment will cost much more. This is due to many factors. For example, renting a luxurious and comfortable space to set up a medical centre in Turkey is much cheaper than in the USA or Germany. As a consequence, the procedures are also less expensive.

In addition, a new teeth clinic in Turkey has established itself among patients. The Dentatur dental clinic has received an overwhelmingly positive response and shows excellent work.

During diagnosis, the dentist in Turkey will use the best and latest equipment to obtain detailed data on the patient’s health and features. You will then be offered a variety of different materials to choose from during your dental treatment at the new teeth clinic and you will be able to choose the right materials for your needs in terms of cost and characteristics. The dentist will also offer you the use of anaesthesia, which will allow you to carry out all the necessary procedures without feeling pain or discomfort. A visit to the Dentatur dental clinic in Turkey will give you a chance to relax, get your teeth done, and look like a million dollars afterwards.

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