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Turkey is one of the best countries for dental treatments, chosen by celebrities and dental tourists alike. For example, Katie Price’s Turkey teeth are the reason why the famous model has her recognisable million-dollar smile.

Turkey’s cosmetic dental treatments, such as veneers, are especially popular and can give the best results.

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What dental treatments did Katie Price have in Turkey?

Katie Price has had permanent dental restorations since she was ten. Katie damaged her teeth after falling from a skateboard. Katie has had a variety of dental restorations since then, including dental crowns and veneers. Katie Price’s teeth garnered a lot of attention in 2020 when Katie filmed a vlog of her getting a new full-mouth dental treatment. At that time, her prepared teeth looked like thin stubs. Teeth look like that when they are prepared for full-mouth dental crown installation, where every tooth has a dental crown installed on it. Full-mouth dental veneers are more common as a cosmetic treatment.

What dental treatments did Katie Price have in Turkey

We can conclude that the state of Katie Price Turkey teeth in 2020 is due to her having very damaged teeth from her history of having invasive dental restorations since Katie was ten.

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Are Katie Price’s teeth typical for dental restorations in Turkey?

Katie Price’s dental procedure is uncommon since most dentists recommend dental veneers if the patient wants to change the appearance of their teeth. Dental crowns like Katie’s are more frequently used to restore damaged teeth since they are a functional dental procedure, unlike veneers.

Dental veneers require the dentist to remove only a layer of enamel from the teeth. Katie Price may have needed dental crowns due to dental damage sustained in her childhood. The reasons why Katie had crowns installed may never be known, but the procedure that Katie Price has had is recommended only as a method of restoring very damaged teeth. Understanding the difference between dental veneers and dental crowns will help patients avoid potentially irreversible and excessive changes to their teeth.

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What are dental veneers?

Dental veneers are used to change the visible shape of patients’ teeth without reducing them to pegs, such as those of Katie Price. Unlike Katie Price’s teeth, the dentist will only remove a thin layer of material from the teeth to install veneers in Turkey. Since the front of the teeth is the only part visible to others, installing veneers can help the patients get the same visual effect as Katie Price’s completed teeth without shaving them down to pegs. Katie Price had crowns put on her teeth, which some dentists in Turkey might call ‘full veneers’.

If a dentist refers to crowns as full veneers, they are likely to refer to restorations commonly known as veneers as ‘laminate veneers’.


How much does Turkey teeth cost?

Many patients who want to restore their teeth wonder how much is Turkey teeth. The cost of Turkey teeth depends on the type of procedure used, but if a patient wants to get teeth which look like Katie Price’s without shaving them down to pegs, they should have a full set of veneers Turkey. At Dentatur, this procedure costs £1720. Cosmetic dentistry Turkey prices are much lower than in the UK due to several factors.

Why is dentistry in Turkey less expensive

Our clinic uses only the best veneers and crowns made by international dental supplies manufacturers, so you can be sure of the quality and long service life of our dental restorations.

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How do you get teeth that look like Katie Price's without removing too much enamel?

Stub-like teeth like Katie Price’s, with restorations removed, are prepared like so for dental crowns. If you have generally healthy teeth, then the best way to avoid them looking like that is to use dental veneers instead of crowns to change their shape. Veneers are preferred to crowns in cosmetic treatments because they are less invasive.

Installing natural-looking and non-invasive veneers in Turkey requires you choosing a quality clinic. To get quality veneers, check the clinic’s reviews and use other methods to evaluate if the clinic’s treatments are high-quality, like the presence of insurance on their permanent dental restorations. This will help you get teeth that look like Katie Price’s post-restoration while avoiding removing too much healthy teeth material in the process.

Always choose the least-invasive teeth procedures, such as veneers, if you can. One issue with Katie Price’s teeth is that future teeth procedures will require her to remove even more material from her teeth since each repeat of a crown installation procedure can only be performed by removing more teeth material. This could have been avoided if Katie Price opted for veneers or other less invasive procedures in the past, which Katie might have been not eligible for.

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