Root Canal Treatment in Turkey: Cost, Procedure

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Root canal treatment is the main activity in endodontia – a branch of dentistry which engages in preventing, detecting, and curing diseases of the tooth pulp (a soft tissue located within the tooth).

The methods of root canal treatment in DentaTur chain in Turkey help save even the most damaged and infected teeth, and prevent complications which lead to tooth loss and serious diseases of soft and bone tissues.

Stages of root canal treatment in Turkey

  • Disinfection and washing of the oral cavity.
  • Local anaesthesia. Teeth can be cured without anaesthesia but in this case, it is not always possible to deliver high-quality treatment. That is why we always offer local anaesthesia.
  • Root canals of the tooth undergo thorough mechanical cleaning (internal necrotic tissues get removed, as well as residuals of the nerves and blood vessels).
  • Using a twist drill, the dentist drills the surface of the tooth trying to preserve as much of it as possible.
  • The tooth cavity gets disinfected with the use of contemporary and safe techniques.
  • Root canals of the tooth get filled with special medical substances.

During this stage the dentist removes the inflamed and non-vital tooth pulp – a soft tissue within the tooth which is located under hard layers of the enamel and the dentin.

Removal of the bad pulp is a step towards saving the tooth!

Root canals of the tooth get cleaned, widened, and shaped in order to facilitate future filling. Medical substances can be put into the cleaned pulp cavity and root canals to eliminate bacteria and prevent infection. For the time of their action period the hole in the tooth crown can be covered with a temporary filling.

In case of severe pulp infection the dentist may leave the tooth cavity open for several days in order to ensure drain. Besides, antibiotics and other medications can be prescribed to help the body fight against the infection which spreads beyond the treated tooth.

During the next stage of the root canal treatment, the temporary filling gets removed. The pulp cavity and root canals get filled with special materials which prevent repetitive penetration of bacteria into the canal. In order to reinforce the support structure of the filling, a metal pin can be inserted into the root canal.

At the last stage of the root canal treatment the structure, functions, and appearance of the tooth may get restored with the help of a crown which is placed on the tooth. The type of the material used for producing the crown depends on the localization of the tooth in the oral cavity, its colour, the remaining natural tissues of the tooth, and other factors. For instance, a front tooth would most likely require placing a porcelain crown or a crown made of porcelain and metal.

In case of major infection of one of the rear teeth, metal or golden crown can be installed.


Why is it necessary to remove the pulp?

Root canal treatment helps save the tooth with infected or destroyed pulp and prevent the spread of the inflammation to the periodontal ligament which connects the tooth and the jaw and further on to the bone tissue of the jaw.

Why is it not recommended to just remove the tooth?

Tooth extraction without replacing the tooth with an artificial construction can lead to the shift of the teeth on both sides of the empty space. Such a shift causes overcrowding, twist, and other defects of the adjacent teeth, which reduce the efficiency of biting and chewing, hinder the tooth cleaning and make the teeth more prone to cavities. As a result, the adjoining teeth can also be lost with time.

The replacement of the removed tooth with the help of an implant or a bridge is normally a more costly procedure than endodontic treatment.

How much does root canal treatment in Turkey cost?

DentaTur chain of clinics in Turkey (Antalya, Marmaris, Fethiye, Istanbul) offers a full spectrum of endodontic services. The treatment is delivered at the following price: 

Root canal treatment of a single tooth – £50

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