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Why do I need Post Core Build Up?

When there is not enough tooth structure to support a permanent restoration such as a crown or a bridge, your dentist may recommend one of two treatments: Either a Post and Core or simply a Core Build up. The two procedures are very similar and they are used to literally build up the structure of the tooth.

Post and Core is usually done after Root Canal and Core Build up is usually don’t when a tooth does not need a Post. 

A Post and Core is a dental restoration that is used when there is inadequate tooth structure remaining to support a traditional restoration. A small rod, usually metal, is inserted into the root space (root canal) of the tooth and protrudes from the root a couple of millimetres. This rod is referred to as a post. The post is then used to hold a filling, or core, in place. Without this post, there would not have been enough tooth structure remaining to hold the filling required. Most often, this procedure is used after a tooth has had a root canal and is in need of a crown.

A Core build up is used when a fracture or decay causes a portion of a tooth to break off, and in some cases, there’s simply not enough tooth left to place a crown. A Core build up will replace the missing portion and save the tooth by building it up with Core build up Resin materials. Once the tooth is built up, we can place a crown to preserve the tooth for years to come. Sometimes a Core build up is necessary after Root Canal Treatment has been done on a tooth. Once again, this procedure is required to build up the material of the tooth so that a crown can be placed.

Both of these procedures have the same end result. They are both used to ‘Build-Up” a tooth structure so that your Dentist can utilize your remaining tooth to fabricate a more permanent solution such as a crown or a bridge. Once the procedure is complete and a crown is cemented over the tooth structure, you will not be able to see the post nor the core build up material used. The material that is used by the Dentist for this procedure is carefully designed to match up in colour to your own tooth structure, it will not even be seen through the crown.

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