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How long do you need to have a perfect smile?

There are several things that can influence how beautiful a smile is. Some dental problems, such as having a bad bite or gaps, can last a person their entire adult life. Dentists’ intricate work has made it possible for practically anyone to have a stunning, picture-perfect smile. The doctor will choose the technologies for each patient based on the specifics of his clinical scenario.


Getting new teeth in Turkey

Turkey’s medical system is currently quite good. Turkey successfully competes with the nations of Western Europe in terms of the calibre of medical care, including dental care. Reputable JCI certificates are held by top clinics in Turkey. Dental clinics are said to strictly adhere to international quality standards if a certificate is present. Table of…

gum contouring

Gum contouring surgery

We frequently encounter cases when the client has straight teeth with nice color and shape, but the gums on one or two teeth appear to have moved or fallen. In these situations, we advise you to create a plastic gum contour to restore the gums to their natural level. It is carried out for therapeutic…


What to expect during a tooth extraction?

The extraction of wisdom teeth is common among teenagers and adults to avoid potential difficulties that could result from their eruption. There are, however, additional general reasons for teeth extraction in addition to the reasons for removing wisdom teeth. Tooth extractions may be required by the surgeon due to severe decay, an infection in the…