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Almost every person faces oral diseases, toothache, or even the loss of several teeth sooner or later. In such cases, you should bite the bullet and visit a dentist for treatment in a timely manner. To do this, you need to find the best centre. No one wants to pay too much for treatment and get a bad result. That’s why experts have collected valuable advice on choosing a good centre in Turkey.

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Why Come to Turkey for Dental Treatment?

Turkey is the most popular country for dental tourism. The Dentatur dental clinic in Turkey provides quality treatment at an optimal price. This is what attracts a large number of tourists, locals and even celebrities.

People choose Turkey for dental treatment for many reasons:

  • Optimal price. Good clinics will not promise you virtually free treatment. This is simply not possible and indicates poor quality services. But the Dentatur dental centre will offer treatment at a good price compared to the same smile makeover in other countries.
  • Modern dental treatment methods. Dentists in Turkey use the latest materials and treatment techniques. These include ceramic veneers, implants, crowns and more. This allows long-lasting treatment of teeth and a snow-white smile.
  • Painless dental treatment. In Turkey, you can forget about the pain problems that frightened all people a decade ago. Now your dentist will offer you quality and reliable anaesthesia, which will make the procedure completely painless. This is a great advantage for people with a fear of dental treatment, and for children. All procedures are now quick and completely comfortable for patients.
  • Turkey is a great country for holidays. Beautiful cities, inexpensive accommodation or hotel rooms, friendly locals and much more are sure to please. Dental tourism is a great way to get a Hollywood smile and relax with your family at the resort.


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Dental Accreditations in Turkey

Everyone has been a patient at least once in their life. Our peace of mind, our well-being, and sometimes our lives depend on the right choice of dentist and hospital. There is no need to take any risks. Trust a dental clinic that is regularly checked by independent experts, who invest in patient safety and strictly follow diagnostic and treatment protocols and international standards for quality management of medical care. You should only choose a centre accredited by the Turkish Ministry of Health.

What does it give you as a patient? Firstly, the internationally recognised impeccable quality of dental treatment meets the most stringent international standards. In developing the standards, experts from the Ministry of Health in Turkey draw on the experience of leading clinics around the world. Accredited clinics implement standards that ensure the safety of medical care, resulting in a much higher degree of reliability for the patient than a single medical facility without accreditation can provide.

Points to Check When Choosing a Dentist in Turkey

If you have a toothache or want to get the perfect smile, it’s worth getting yourself together and choosing a centre responsibly. The condition of your oral cavity, your comfort during treatment, the cost of the procedures and the outcome all depend directly on this. To choose a dental centre and a dentist in Turkey, consider the following points:

  1. The skill level of the specialist. You can usually get an idea of this by looking at the number of services the centre provides. The best places that offer smile makeovers  to clients should have modern technical equipment that is suitable for comprehensive care.
  2. The type of technology used. When visiting a dental centre in Turkey, it is worth paying attention to the kind of equipment the dentist uses. The centre must have everything you need to perform any type of procedure, even the most complex and time-consuming ones. You should feel comfortable when you visit the dentist at the dental clinic in Turkey.
  3. The condition of the specialist’s workplace. A good dentist always keeps the workplace clean. This is important not only in terms of aesthetics – you can tell from the attitude towards the equipment whether the centre is interested in proper disinfection.
  4. Feedback from clients. It is important to look for these on external websites, where satisfied patients or people who are not satisfied with the services for some reason leave their opinions. You can also look at feedback from friends and acquaintances.
  5. Proper diagnosis. Dentists with a good level of training use modern diagnostic tools before dental treatment begins, providing a complete picture of the patient’s current state of health.
  6. Detailed recommendations are given to the patient on all the interventions and treatments to be used. A good dentist is prepared to answer your questions without fuss and in detail.
  7. Licence to provide professional dental care. This document is a must for the centre you are visiting. Membership in one of the professional associations is another positive factor.

Check these points carefully and you will definitely choose the best dental centre and dentist in Turkey.

Dental Treatments that Clinics in Turkey offer

Extra Services and Hidden Costs in Dental Clinics in Turkey

Treatment at the Dentatur dental clinic in Turkey involves a comprehensive approach. This means that each patient receives an individual restoration plan from a dentist. First, you will be given a thorough diagnosis of your oral cavity, then a diagnosis will be made. The dentist will then give you a detailed report of the condition of your teeth and suggest all possible treatment options. You will be able to choose the best option for you based on your wishes, abilities and the recommendations from the dentist.

The end of procedures is not the end of the process. Your dentist may then prescribe additional medication and will make sure to provide you with any recommendations you may have for the period of your recovery.

Keep in mind that at the Dentatur dental clinic in Turkey, you will have no hidden costs. That is why you should choose carefully, taking into account the above-mentioned points . The administrator will tell you the cost of all procedures and materials straight away. This amount will not change during your treatment. It is a fixed cost. Of course, you may need additional services, but they will not be hidden. The dentist will not prescribe unnecessary procedures. Exclusively the treatment for which you have a medical indication.

Dental treatments spesificationsDENTATUR PRICEUK PRICE
Ceramic Implants3,000₤ 8,750₤
Single Implants400₤ 1,750₤
Zirconia based porcelain veneer160₤550₤
E max laminate veneer200₤750₤
Dental treatment
Ceramic Implants3,000₤ 8,750₤
Single Implants400₤ 1,750₤
Zirconia based
porcelain veneer
E max laminate

Dental Centre's Warranty Terms

The warranty period is the period during which, in the event of a defect in the work performed, the patient has the right, at his or her option, to claim:

A dental clinic in Turkey provides a warranty for the services performed. This allows people to make sure that their health is safe and guarantees the quality of the treatment provided.

For medical services that can be physically verified to be of good quality, the patient receives a receipt or voucher for payment. This document gives a warranty for the following types of dental work:

  • the insertion of a filling;
  • artistic dental restoration;
  • dental crown placement;

The Dentatur dental centre guarantees its patients high-quality services. During the guarantee period, the patient is entitled to a free repair of defects if they are caused by the dentist or orthopaedist.

Location of the Dental Clinic in Turkey

Turkey is the best place for dental tourism. Good clinics are found in large, tourist and resort cities. This makes it possible to combine dental restoration with a holiday.

The Dentatur centre is located in a central part of town close to infrastructure. This makes it possible to have treatment in a comfortable and developed area. Many clinics also help to find accommodation for patients and provide airport transfers. You can be sure that the specialists will help you get settled in another country, have the best holiday of your life and get a Hollywood smile.

In addition, the cost of plane tickets and accommodation is much lower in winter. You can therefore save money and try the winter holidays for yourself.

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