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Many people associate the procedure of tooth extraction with pain. Indeed, dentists confirm that tooth extraction is the treatment their patients are most afraid of.

But modern advances in dental medicine allow conducting this undeniably unpleasant treatment with minimal discomfort during and after the procedure.

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Cost of Tooth Extraction in Turkey

Turkey is a great country for medical tourism due to its low cost of living. This makes prices for medical services in the country very affordable. Tooth extraction in Turkey is significantly less expensive than in most Western countries. Nevertheless, the quality of Turkish healthcare is very high due to significant government support.

The cost of a standard tooth extraction procedure at Dentatur is £ 35.


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What is Tooth Extraction in Turkey?

Tooth extraction is a simple procedure of removal of a tooth for a variety of reasons.  There are several methods of performing it. Dentatur’s dentists will choose what method to use for the extraction after considering the needs of the patient. In most cases, they will use the minimally invasive simple method, but complex cases may require using the surgical method. The surgical method is most often used when the patient’s teeth are damaged in some way.

Reasons to Get Your Teeth Extracted

Tooth removal can be used to treat a variety of medical conditions. The most common conditions that may require the removal of teeth are severe dental cavities, various types of dental infections, periodontal disease and others.

Teeth may also be removed in order to perform some other treatment. Some people have crowded teeth, and dentists may need to remove some of them in order to install dental braces. Teeth that are at risk of infection can be removed prior to any treatment that may lower a person’s immunity, such as chemotherapy.

If you are getting your teeth treated at Dentatur dental clinic in Turkey, the doctors may need to remove teeth as part of a complex treatment.

Tooth Extraction Procedure in Turkey

Dental Treatments in Turkey

Dentists at Dentatur dental clinic in Turkey perform tooth extraction as follows:

  • First, the patient will need to provide their medical history to the dentist. There are many ways in which the patient’s prior and current medical conditions may influence healing after the treatment. Some can increase the likelihood of getting different side effects, which may require the dentist to prescribe a special medicine or perform the removal of the tooth in a certain way.
  • Then the dentist will choose the best method for the procedure and perform the tooth extraction under local anaesthesia.
  • Finally, the dentist will give the patient instructions on aftercare and provide them with medicine that will help reduce the likelihood of side effects, should they require it.

Different Methods of Tooth Extraction in Turkey

Tooth extraction at Dentatur is performed using one of these methods: simple and surgical.

In most cases, a simple method is used. It is less invasive than the surgical method and heals faster. The dentist removes the tooth without making any incisions by loosening it with a special device before grasping it with forceps and moving it around. Eventually, the tooth will come out. This method requires only local anaesthesia.

The surgical method is used when the simple method is impractical or impossible to perform, for example when the tooth is fractured. For this type of tooth extraction, the dentist will make an incision in the gums to help with the removal of the tooth. This method requires local and intravenous anaesthesia.

Risks of Tooth Extraction

As with any other type of medical procedure, there is a possibility of getting a side effect as a consequence of tooth extraction. Pain is a common side effect of the treatment. While the treatment itself is pain-free due to anaesthesia, patients can expect to feel some aches after the effect of anaesthesia wears off.

Bleeding from the operated area is also common, especially if the patient has an underlying blood disorder that prevents the formation of a blood clot.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Tooth Extraction Painful?

Tooth extraction is a pain-free process due to the effects of anaesthesia. But after the treatment, some patients can feel pain concentrated in the operated area or in the general area of the jaw. This can be reduced with over-the-counter analgesics.

The doctors will provide some recommendations that will help the patient to avoid irritating the operated area – which is the main cause of side effects after the treatment.

How to Take Care During the Recovery Phase

Just after the tooth extraction, the patient must avoid eating hard foods. Excessive chewing can irritate the operated area, leading to bleeding and other side effects. For the same reason, the patient should avoid brushing their teeth for a couple of days.

Complete healing may take a couple of weeks. As the operated area heals, the patient can gradually return to regular food and teeth care routine.

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