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Dental tourism is definitely one of the most popular reasons why people go to Turkey. Many tourists from different countries choose Turkey for dental treatments.

There are certainly a number of reasons why this country is so attractive for people who have dental problems. In this article, we tell you why our clients choose Turkey and the Dentatur dental clinic in Turkey.

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What are the Most Popular Dental Treatments in Turkey?

Dentistry and plastic surgery are some of the most popular directions for treatment in Turkey. You can get high-quality dental procedures at our clinic. Some of the most popular dental treatments are:

All of these procedures must be performed by dentists with extensive experience and according to a specific dental treatment protocol. All accredited clinics are required to follow these standards in order to meet licencing requirements. The state takes great care to ensure that this field has all the opportunities for development, as well as for development in accordance with certain international criteria. Therefore, you, as a client can be assured that all dental treatments in Turkey will be carried out with cheap and cheerful quality.


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Why Do Foreigners Prefer Turkey for Teeth Surgery?

First and foremost, what is worth mentioning when it comes to dental procedures in Turkey is, of course, the price. Turkey is really famous for cheaper prices for all dental treatments for many of our tourists. If you compare the price policy in Great Britain, USA and Turkey, you will see a price difference of three to four times.

Why is it so? Simply because the state takes a more careful approach to developing this business in the country. Dental fees are lower here than in other countries, it’s easier to obtain a dental licence, but it is also easy to lose it. Therefore, it is unprofitable for dental clinics to violate the requirements for being officially accredited, because the patients’ trust in the clinic is in the first place.

It is also worth noting the lower standard of living in this country, which also affects pricing. However, this is outweighed by the strong educational background of all dentists here and the opportunity to undertake practical training not only in the country but also abroad. Therefore, the professionalism of dentists and the quality of clinics and services provided by them always remain at a high level, despite the lower prices than in other countries.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Dental Tourism in Turkey

Turkey is not in vain famous for dental tourism. Patients come to us for treatment from all over the world. This is not surprising, because Turkey has several advantages when it comes to dental treatments. Here are a few of them:

  • prices;
  • quality of teeth treatment;
  • the professionalism of dentists;
  • the convenient location of the country;
  • English-speaking staff;
  • beautiful tourism locations;
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The quality of dental treatment

Despite the low prices, the quality of the teeth procedures is excellent. You can see that in the numerous comments and feedback given by patients. Of course, cons can be found everywhere, however, they are mostly related to patients choosing unlicensed clinics in pursuit of even lower-priced clinics.
Our clinic is officially accredited by the state and authorised to provide treatments. This guarantees the quality of all the treatments we provide, and thus the trust of our patients. Therefore, you do not regret choosing us.

Professionalism of Dentists

All dentists in Turkey go through a long process of education and practice before getting into a dental office. The quality of education for dentists in Turkey is noted by many exchange students.
Moreover, all doctors who are trained in this country, including dentists, can undergo various exchange programs and practice in different countries around the world. Therefore, in this country, you can get treatments from a dentist who might have been trained even in your country but at a lower cost. It really is the perfect option for many.

Convenient location of the country

Turkey is a few hours flight from many European countries. Thus, to get from Great Britain to Turkey you would only have to spend 3-4 hours on the plane. The time, of course, may vary depending on which city you are flying from and to which city. However, Turkey really is one of the ideal places to get dental treatments in this regard.

English-speaking staff

Clinics in Turkey focus on patients from foreign markets. Therefore, knowledge of English among the dentists and the entire team of the clinic can be a crucial advantage for many clinics. The entire dental market here works only for your comfort.

Beautiful tourist locations


Beautiful tourist locations

Many of our patients tell us that they always try to combine dental procedures with a vacation in Turkey. The climate in this country is quite hot. Therefore, if you are planning to combine a vacation here with your dental therapy, the end of summer and the beginning of autumn may be the best time.
Autumn in these places is warm, and sometimes even hot. The sea is still warm at this time, while there are fewer tourists. You can get not only quality teeth procedures but also be over the moon from the beautiful nature, historical sites and warm weather.

Are there any drawbacks to treatments in Turkey?

Yes, every coin has a reverse side. However, there are far fewer drawbacks than the advantages. Among them:

  • you won’t have the opportunity to be under constant personal medical supervision once you return to your country;
  • the country’s climate may be too hot for you in certain months of the year;
  • there may be some cultural barriers between dentists and patients;
  • time of flight and stay in Turkey.

After teeth therapy in Turkey, it will be much more difficult for you to contact your dentist for additional advice when you return home. Patients will have to go back to the country for personal consultation with their dentist. However, clinics have long learnt to work around this disadvantage. And many dentists are able to consult their patients online, and the quality of such a consultation will not be any different from an offline consultation. If the dentist identifies a dental problem, then patients start to plan treatment together with their dentist.

To avoid problems with the climate in Turkey, you simply have to choose the right months for your trip. In autumn, the climate in Turkey is most suitable for many of our patients. And the warm weather will help you to have a good time while you wait for your dental veneers, dental implants, or dental crowns  to be made. Yes, getting dental treatment in Turkey is not the same as going to the nearest clinic in your country. However, all the benefits of treatment in this country are really worth coming here.

Why Should You Choose the Dentatur Clinic for Your Teeth Procedures?

Our clinic has much to be proud of. All dentists, orthodontists, surgeons, and the rest of the team who work with us are professionals. They all have many years of experience and practice. This allows our entire team, including dentists, to gather a huge amount of positive feedback from our patients after they see the treatment results.
Another advantage of choosing our clinic is that all of our dentists and the entire team speak and understand English. So you do not have to worry about the language or cultural barriers. It just will not show up.
It is worth noting that our clinic is officially accredited by the government. This allows us to maintain our reputation and the trust of our patients over the years.

You Are the Priority for the Dentatur Clinic

Dentatur clinic

You Are the Priority for the Dentatur Clinic

Our main priority is our patients and their trust. Dentists and all other doctors of our clinic in Turkey work hard to ensure that patients’ treatments are as comfortable as possible. We use state-of-the-art technology to accelerate all stages of therapy and automate all processes as much as possible, thereby reducing the human factor. This in turn increases the quality of the whole procedure.

We provide free transfer from the airport and hotel to our clinic, and many other free services such as:

  • free first consultation;
  • free temporary crowns, if necessary;
  • free additional examinations during therapy;

All of these are included in our dental packages, which are specially designed to make treatments with us even more beneficial for patients.

Detailed Consultation

We invite you to start transforming your teeth and your smile today and not put it off until tomorrow. Dental care should not be postponed for too long. The longer you put it off, the more difficult the whole teeth treatment will be later on. We recommend you take time for your health and write to our consultants for more detailed information on all the treatment of your teeth. Contact us  via online chat or fill in the online form to start planning your dental treatment today.

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