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Patients who want get an aesthetic veneer treatment should know that zirconium veneers price in Turkey is among the most affordable in the world. The treatment uses high-quality dental porcelain to provide you with durable and stain-resistant veneers.

Zirconium veneers are non-toxic and hypoallergenic and are suitable for any patient who wants to transform his smile.

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What are dental veneers?

Dental veneers  are used to change the look of the patient’s smile. These are thin sheets of porcelain or another material which cover the front of the teeth. Since the anterior part is the only one visible when the patient is speaking or smiling, they have the effect of completely transforming the patient’s appearance without requiring to alter the entire tooth surface.

What are zirconia veneers Turkey?

Zirconia veneers are made from zirconium-containing porcelain. They are among the most durable porcelain veneers and can be made to order in different shapes and shades. Zirconia is non-reactive and does not cause allergic reactions, unlike metal-containing dental materials. In a chemical sense, zirconia does contain zirconium, but it is fully oxidised as zirconium oxide and does not have the properties of metals. Zirconia is opaque, which makes the patient’s smile shine brilliantly. 

Some full-mouth zirconia procedures are called Hollywood smile treatments, as they make patients’ smiles like those of Hollywood stars.

Zirconium veneers cost in Turkey

You can get zirconium veneers at Dentatur in Turkey for as low as £125. This cost includes additional services. Turkish dentistry is so affordable because clinics in Turkey do not need to spend as much on running costs. For example, rent and quality medical education are much more affordable in Turkey. As a result, clinics can offer their services without increasing prices to cover high expenses.

The government of Turkey offers clinics aid and subsidies, which allows them to purchase supplies from global brands without significant cost increases. All these factors make Turkey the best place for quality dentistry, as you can get procedures equivalent to those in the UK at prices up to 70% less.

Zirconium veneer package deals

Getting zirconium veneers Turkey at Dentatur allows the patient to save more as they are offered in package deals.  A veneer package includes many services that will make it easier to travel to Turkey. Services in the package include:

zirconium veneers

How is veneer installation performed?

Installing zirconium veneers takes about a week. Zirconium veneers are made to fit the patient’s teeth, so they can’t be installed in one day. They will also require adjustments, so the patient will need to visit the clinic several times.

Preparing the teeth

Installation dental veneers

First, the dentist will shave some of the teeth to remove enamel from the front. The enamel will be replaced by the veneers. Then, he will measure the patient’s teeth to make a model that will be used for manufacturing veneers. After shaving the teeth, the dentist will install temporary covers on them. 

The patient can return to the hotel to wait until the veneers are made. They are made by computer-controlled equipment based on the model obtained from measuring the patient’s teeth.

Installing the veneers

Installing the veneers

After the veneers are made, the patient should return to have them installed. The dentist won’t cement them at first. Instead, they will be fitted and checked for any issues. If they do not fit with the patient’s dentition, the dentist will send them for adjusting. It can repeat several types. When the veneers fit properly, the dentist will install them permanently, completing the procedure.

Best place for zirconium veneer procedure

Getting a zirconium veneer procedure at our clinic will allow you to get the best-quality dental restoration at an affordable price. Our dentists use cutting-edge materials and procedures, making the success rates very high. Contact us for a free consultation and book your treatment.

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