wisdom tooth extraction in turkey

Wisdom teeth (third molars) occupy the eighth position in the tooth row, starting from its middle. Such dental units can appear in adolescence, during teenage years, or at a more mature age, while 8 percent of people never develop wisdom teeth. There are several differences between the third molars and other teeth:

  • absence of an adjacent dental unit from one side;
  • no baby predecessor which precedes the development of the corresponding permanent tooth;
  • the eruption takes place within the mature bone tissue.

This is why wisdom teeth are associated with numerous dental problems which make patients undergo wisdom tooth extraction in one of DentaTur clinics located in Antalya, Marmaris, Fethiye, and Istanbul.

Is wisdom tooth extraction obligatory?

Sometimes wisdom teeth do not affect the adjacent dental units, erupt correctly, and fully perform their chewing function. In such cases, it is not necessary to remove such teeth. The indications for wisdom tooth extraction are as follows:

  • Lack of space in the tooth row. In such a situation a growing wisdom tooth makes the adjacent teeth shift towards the middle of the jaw, which ultimately causes their deformity and provokes occlusion problems. Besides, if the patient is planning to wear braces, space which appears after the wisdom tooth extraction will accelerate the teeth’s return in the right position. 
  • Formation of cavities. Due to their awkward position, wisdom teeth are rather difficult to be cleaned, and sometimes their enamel gets damaged as early as in the process of the eruption of such dental units. Carious lesions may soon affect the adjacent teeth, so in such cases it is not recommended to postpone the dental intervention. 
  • The abnormal anatomical position of the wisdom teeth in the tooth row. Sometimes a growing wisdom tooth may be inclined towards the throat, the tongue, or a cheek. This brings considerable discomfort and causes ceaseless traumatizing of the oral cavity. Small persisting sores can lead to bad wounds and chronic trauma of the cheek’s mucosa. 
  • The necessity to install dental implants to restore the teeth in the chewing zone where the bone got atrophied. It can happen so that the sixth or the seventh tooth is destroyed while the corresponding wisdom tooth has remained unaffected due to its “idleness” or insufficient load. The decision about extracting wisdom teeth that do not disturb the patient should be taken together with his or her dentist.

The complexity of the operation

The surgical intervention technique depends on the position of the wisdom tooth:

  • Surgery on the upper jaw in terms of its complexity is equal to the extraction of an ordinary grinding tooth, since the roots have normal configuration, and the bone tissue is not very dense.
  • The extraction of a wisdom tooth on the lower jaw is a more complex surgical intervention. The roots of such teeth are heavily irregular while the bone tissue is rather dense. The root extraction often requires introducing cuts and making stitches after the wisdom tooth is removed.

Patients need not worry about the extraction technique since in both cases the wisdom tooth removal is performed in the presence of anaesthesia and with as much psychological comfort as possible.

What does atypical wisdom tooth extraction mean?

Atypical wisdom tooth extraction is the complicated removal of wisdom teeth in case of their ectopic position and morphology. 

The complicating factors include the proximity of the root to the mandibular nerve or the maxillary sinus and molar disorders in childhood.

Such diseases can affect, for instance, impacted (or non-erupted) molars. The pathological process takes place beneath the bone tissue, so to access such a tooth it is necessary to cut both the gum and the bone.

Besides, atypical wisdom tooth extraction can be associated with abnormal growth of the dental unit due to which the tooth is positioned horizontally while its chewing surface faces the cheek, the tongue, or the adjacent tooth.

We offer justified prices for the best diagnostic system with 3D visualization, as well as for sensitive and efficient treatment techniques that involve the use of microscopes and specialized optics.

Impacted wisdom tooth extraction

An impacted wisdom tooth is a partially erupted third molar that has not occupied the right position in the tooth row. An inclined or aberrant position hinders the tooth cleaning which may lead to the formation of cavities on the adjacent dental unit. Other possible consequences include:

  • bad breath;
  • gum swelling;
  • encapsulation formation;
  • resorption of the adjacent tooth’s root.

An impacted wisdom tooth needs to be extracted since it is the source of persisting oral cavity problems. Due to the ectopic position of the tooth, the operation presents a rather complex procedure, especially if the wisdom tooth is located on the lower jaw. The socket aches for several days after the tooth is extracted, so the patient is prescribed with painkillers. We suggest that our patients should visit their dentist the next day after the intervention so that the doctor could keep the situation under control.

Cost of the wisdom tooth extraction in Turkey in DentaTur clinics

The price of the wisdom tooth extraction in Turkey may vary depending on the dental centre. Yet, it is DentaTur chain that offers a high quality of services as well as thorough preparation and conduct of the operation, which make the money invested in your dental health absolutely justified.

The cost of the wisdom tooth extraction depends both on the type of dental pathology and the complexity of the treatment required.

Thanks to outstanding experience, international professional training, and the cutting-edge equipment, our team can perform the tooth extraction of any degree of complexity. The price of such services comprises the cost of the necessary diagnostic procedures and the selected treatment option.

The final price of the wisdom tooth extraction gets determined individually for each patient based on the detailed analysis of the condition of the tooth and the jaw, and the calculation of the necessary amount of treatment procedures and materials.

It should be also noted that DentaTur enables you to undergo reasonable, safe, and painless wisdom tooth extraction in Turkey with the use of innovative equipment and in strict compliance with the latest international standards.

Professional approach to wisdom tooth extraction in DentaTur

The operation takes place in case the necessary indications are determined and is performed in several stages:

  • surgical diagnostics;
  • oral cavity sanitation;
  • use of antiseptics;
  • anaesthesia;
  • tooth extraction.

To stop the bleeding, the surgeon fills the socket with a mouth pack that needs to be removed later in accordance with the doctor’s recommendations. In case the cuts have been made, the surgeon fixes the extraction area with stitches.

In DentaTur chain of clinics in Turkey, the wisdom tooth extraction is performed with the minimal complications rate. This is feasible thanks to:

  • considerable experience and high qualification of the surgeons;
  • availability of contemporary diagnostics equipment and cutting-edge medical tools.

We use efficient anaesthetic and sedating medications which ensure that our patients feel no pain whatsoever. In complex cases the dentists assess the individual possibility of performing wisdom tooth extraction in the presence of general anaesthesia.

A timely visit to the dentist allows solving the problem in a considerably more efficient and less costly way. 

DentaTur clinics offer wisdom tooth extraction in such Turkish cities as Antalya, Marmaris, Fethiye, and Istanbul. Our patients’ reviews confirm the least possible degree of post-operation discomfort and maximum treatment quality.

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