Gum graft surgery

Today we will tell you what to know about gum graft surgery if you plan to correct your smile with this option. This article will inform you about the cosmetic procedure that will affect your life. You will get a perfect smile that will be attractive and improve your self-esteem.  



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Who needs gum tissue graft surgery?

Gum graft procedure

Everyone can get a Hollywood smile with gum tissue graft surgery. For that reason, this procedure is super popular today. This dental surgery does not take a lot of time. Our dentists will provide an excellent smile in just 1 day for you. If you want to forget about the gum tissue that pulls away from your teeth, use gum graft surgery. This problem affects the smile and is harmful to teeth. As a result, people can be ashamed of the appearance of their teeth and try not to show their smiles. The surgery will allow you to change your life. Our dentist will care about your oral health. They will provide a smile that will make you happy every day.   

The steps of the operation

  • Checking

    If you want to be sure of the suitability of gum tissue graft surgery for your organism, you should check your oral and general health. The dentist will tell you which type of test you will need to do before the operation. Moreover, they will ask you to do an X-ray or even tomography, to check your oral health better.

  • Using anaesthesia

    The doctor will give local anaesthesia at the first step of the procedure. It allows them to perform the treatment without pain and discomfort. Of course, the dentist can use other types of sedation. However, most often the doctors use local anaesthesia for this type of cosmetic surgery.

  • Graft gum tissue

    The next step involves making an incision. The doctor will use a special dental tool to make a small cut and remove excess gum tissue. This option is suitable for patients who have a lot of gum tissue near their teeth. However, gum graft surgery also helps people who need to cover the tooth root and make their smile more attractive. This type of gum graft procedure involves using the tissue from the roof of the mouth or from the top layer of flesh and attaching it to the gum area. The periodontist will check your mouth and decide which technique is more suitable for you.

  • Stitch

    The final step involves stitching gums. The periodontist uses the stitches that fall out after some time. Thus, you will not need to visit the doctor to remove them.

Advantages of gum tissue graft surgery

Perfect gum contouring

The recovery period after gum graft surgery

You can go home on the same day as the gum tissue graft procedure. However, it is better to please someone to help you to do it. The doctor will give you a list of recommendations that you will need to follow after the gum tissue graft surgery. The roles involve the right brushing of teeth with a toothbrush and do not harm the surgery area. Furthermore, the dentist will tell you how to rinse your mouth to speed up the healing process. Moreover, you will need to follow a special diet that includes soft food. It will allow the patient not to harm the gum while eating. Addedly, the doctor can recommend you get antibiotics. They will positively affect the healing process and prevent the appearance of the infection.  

The amount of pain after surgery depends on the type of technique that the periodontist will use. If you need to cover tooth roots with mouth tissue, you can suffer from discomfort the first time after the procedure. However, the doctor will prescribe you painkillers that will allow you to reduce the pain and feel comfortable after gum graft surgery. 

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