Dental tooth filling treatment in Turkey

What is a tooth filling? It is a dental procedure that allows you to restore your teeth, which suffer from decay. The main benefits of this treatment are quick results and a simple process. If you want to get more useful information about tooth filling, read this article.



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Cost of a tooth filling in Turkey

White Filling£35 

Inlay / Onlay (Ceramic or Porcelain)£200 

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Who needs a tooth filling?

Price of Dental Filling in Turkey

Well, what is a tooth filling? This dental procedure is the best solution for teeth with decay. This method will allow the dentist to restore the tooth material. You can get the filling in just 1-2 hours. The treatment involves following several important steps. Let us tell you about each of them. The doctor will treat your teeth with local anaesthesia. They begin to prepare teeth using a dental drill. This device allows them to remove decay. Then the doctor can use a special liner to protect your tooth’s pulps. It is necessary if the decay is very close to the canals. Moreover, the doctor uses acid gel. When the tooth is ready, the dentist will begin to fill it with a bonding material. So, tooth filling is suitable for patients who suffer from the surface and deep decay. 

Types of filling materials

The dentist can use different types of filling material. We want to tell you more about each of them. It will help you to decide which one is the best option for you. We have prepared information about the features of each material. Well, let us inform you about the pros and cons of gold, silver, tooth-colored and ceramic fillings.

Gold fillings

Gold dental filling in Turkey

Gold fillings are long-lasting and will serve you for 10-15 years. Patients who choose this material want to add a pleasant appearance to their teeth. However, the gold filling is more expensive than other options.

Silver fillings

Silver tooth filling in Turkey

You can wear silver fillings for 10-15 years. Moreover, this type of filling is super affordable. However, if you want to get a silver filling, the doctor will need to remove more tooth material. It is necessary in order to place a silver filling. It can increase the risk of tooth cracking.  

Tooth-colored fillings

Tooth-colored fillings in Turkey

This type is the most prevalent type of filling today. The main advantage of this material is its natural-looking appearance. The dentist can choose the shade of colour that will be the same as the enamel of your teeth. Thus, the filling will be invisible. However, the duration of tooth-coloured fillings lasting is 5-7 years. Moreover, it can chip off teeth. It depends on the filling location.

Ceramic fillings

Ceramic tooth fillings in Turkey

It is the most suitable option to correct teeth belonging to the gum line. Furthermore,  ceramic fillings release fluoride that protects teeth from the accommodation of new decay. They are weaker than other types. You will be able to wear them for 5 years or less. 

Indirect type of fillings

There are occasions when teeth have deep decay and do not have enough natural material but are not so damaged and do not need to be covered with crowns. In such a situation, the doctor can recommend indirect fillings. They are made in the clinic’s laboratory. The dentist will take measures of the patient’s prepared teeth to get fillings of suitable shape. There are two types of indirect fillings. Let us tell you more about each of them.  

Inlay fillings

Inlay ceramic filling in Turkey

Inlay filling helps to correct teeth from the inside. The dentist will prepare your teeth removing all decay from their structure. Then they will check the fit of the filling. If the filling is suitable for your tooth, the doctor will put it into the prepared hole. 

Onlay fillings

Onlay ceramic filling in Turkey

This type of indirect filling is more expensive than the inlay option. Thus, fillings look like part of the crowns. It is because Onlay helps to restore teeth from the outside. You will be able to restore your teeth with this method super quick. Moreover, your smile will look natural after the treatment.

How to take care of teeth with fillings?

If you want to increase the duration of tooth fillings, you should care about your oral health every day. Oral hygiene includes several simple rules: 

Well, these simple steps will help you increase the fillings’ last. Moreover, it will help you to maintain your oral health. Additionally, we have prepared a list of signs that indicate that you should call the doctor. It will help you to visit your dentist in time. So, you need to visit the dentist if: 

  • You suffer from tooth sensitive
  • The filling is chipped or missed  
  • You feel a sharp edge that is harmful to your tongue. 

Do you need to remove the tooth nerves to get a tooth filling?

Example of deep tooth filling

If your dentist informs you that your teeth have decay, you should check on your oral health. The dentist can ask you to do an X-ray that will allow them to decide the steps of the treatment. If your tooth has small damage, the dentist will just treat it with a filling. However, if the X-ray shows that the tooth suffers from deep decay, they will need to remove the nerves. Then the dentist will decide if you can get a filling or not. If the dentist will remove a lot of tooth material, the filling will not be a suitable solution for you. It can chip over time because of a small amount of tooth structure. In such a way, the dentist will recommend you get crowns. 

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