Night moithguard in our clinic

Let us tell you what a gum shield or mouthguard is. We will tell you who needs to wear it and how it will help you to protect your teeth. Well, read this article and learn more about mouthguards. 



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The cost of a gum shield in Dentatur

Teeth shield (mouthguard)£40

Our clinic provides night mouthguards. You can get it in a super short term. Our dentists will make the mouthguard that will fit your teeth and be comfortable for you. You can get the mouth protector for upper and lower teeth in our clinic. Moreover, we guarantee you that it will be super durable and will serve you for a long-time. The cost of a teeth shield is £40 in the Dentatur clinic. It is an affordable price for everyone. Thus, patients choose our clinic. 

What is a mouthguard?

Teeth shield in Turkey

The mouthguard is a device that helps people protect their teeth and gums from damage. It is a small cup that covers your smile. You can get a gum shield that will fit you perfectly. The dentist will take a measure of your teeth for it. You can get a teeth protector in our clinic in just a few minutes. There are two types of mouthguards. The first of them you can see in the sportsmen. They use them to protect their teeth from hits. That is why if you love active sports, you need to wear a gum shield. It will protect you from tooth loss and gum damage. We provide night mouthguards that are suitable for patients who suffer from teeth grinding. It can be harmful to the crowns or veneers. Due to this, the dentist can recommend for such patients to use gum shields. It will help patients to increase the last of new teeth. 

Who needs a mouthguard?

What do we offer for patients?

The best night mouthguard in Turkey

We provide the best dental materials. Thus, you will get a teeth protector that will be durable and serve you for the long term. Moreover, we care about your comfort. Due to this, we provide mouthguards with soft sufferings that are safe for your gums. Moreover, we choose a modern design for the device that makes it more comfortable and more effective. 

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