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If you are planning to have dental treatment in Turkey, you may be wondering: ‘Are Turkey teeth worth it?’ Lately, social media has been awash with sensational claims about bad ‘Turkey teeth’.

Are the rumours true? The short answer is that Turkey, like other countries, has both high- and low-quality dental clinics. Nevertheless, videos and articles about ‘Turkey teeth’ might not reveal the true nature of the treatments shown in them.

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Why do people in ‘Turkey teeth’ videos have fang-like teeth?

The worst Turkey teeth videos show patients with mouths full of thin, fang-like teeth that look like something out of a horror film rather than a result of a conventional dental procedure.  And while the scale of the procedure may be a little unconventional, the shape of the teeth is not at all strange – these are teeth being prepared for dental crowns. Crowns are installed to solve functional issues caused by damage or decay. They achieve their effect by replacing almost all enamel, which is the outer layer of a tooth. To replace enamel, the dentist needs to remove it first. 

The ‘fangs’ in the viral videos are just that: teeth with most enamel removed in preparation for installing dental crowns. Crown manufacturing can take up to several days. The dentists usually install temporary tooth covers to protect the prepared teeth, but they are easily removable by hand. While the treatment itself and the appearance of the patient’s smile in ‘Turkey teeth’ videos are not surprising, it is important to state that full-mouth crown installation is not a conventional procedure. If the patient wants to have a cosmetic smile restoration that targets most of their teeth, they are recommended to look into dental veneers or other, less invasive procedures. Crowns are used primarily for functional restorations and should not be used on healthy teeth.


What are Turkey teeth?

If you are asking yourself: ‘Are Turkey teeth worth it?’ you likely doubt whether to have a cosmetic dental treatment in Turkey after seeing a video of patients with narrow, needle-like teeth. These videos are popular on social media such as TikTok and present a picture of apparent malpractice. The truth might be a bit more complex. While most of the videos show quite atypical teeth treatments, like full-mouth crown installation in patients who might have benefited from a less invasive solution to their teeth issues, teeth that look like needles or fangs are not necessarily a sign of a procedure gone wrong. Often, it may be an attempt to make a viral video by showing the strange, stub-like teeth.

What is the difference between veneers and crowns?

Dental veneers and crowns are similar in that they both require removing some enamel from the patient’s teeth and replacing it with an artificial cover. The difference between crowns and veneers is in the intended use. Crowns are primarily a functional solution to teeth issues. Veneers are a cosmetic treatment for improving the patient’s smile. 

What is the difference between veneers and crowns

Veneers require the doctor to shave off some of the enamel from the front of the teeth. Since other people only ever see the front of your teeth, replacing some enamel in the area with veneers can completely transform your smile. This is why veneers are preferable to crowns for cosmetic smile restorations. While veneers are less invasive than crowns, installing them is harder and requires more experience from the dentist. This is why you should pay attention to choosing the best-quality Turkish clinics for your veneers and other cosmetic procedures, such as Dentatur. Low-quality clinics or doctors who want to cut corners may offer dental crowns as a cosmetic smile restoration, but they are not suitable for treating healthy teeth. Always seek the least invasive solution possible. It is important to note that dental crowns can sometimes be called ‘full veneers’. ‘Laminate’ or ‘partial veneers’ are the other names for regular, cosmetic dental veneers. There might be some confusion if the clinic insists that their crowns are veneers. Getting treatment at a high-quality clinic will allow you to avoid such situations, as their doctors are usually more fluent in English.

Why do people travel to Turkey for dental procedures?

Most people travel to Turkey to have cosmetic dental procedures. These procedures are not covered by medical insurance and are not included in national healthcare programs, so they are more expensive than functional restorations.

Since Turkish dentistry is much more affordable, getting cosmetic smile restoration procedures in a Turkish clinic is often several times cheaper, even after including the travel costs. Many clinics, such as Dentatur, also offer package deals to make it easier and less expensive for patients to travel to Turkey to get their teeth treated. Most people go to Turkey to have teeth veneers or smile restoration procedures. 

Why do people travel to Turkey for dental procedures_

Dental implants are also very popular. All these procedures require the dentist to have a considerable amount of experience to perform correctly, so it is very important to choose a high-quality clinic to treat your teeth. It is also possible to have a procedure in Turkey while on holiday. Turkey is a very popular country among tourists, known both for its natural and architectural landmarks and for its sunny beaches. Many types of procedures performed in Turkey take at least several visits to the clinic, so a patient has ample time to enjoy their holiday and have a dental procedure.

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Is it safe to have dental procedures in Turkey?

before & after zirconium veneers

It is safe to have cosmetic dental treatment in Turkey if you know how to choose a high-quality clinic. You should approach getting dental procedures in Turkey in the same way as if you were getting treatment in your country, accounting for possible differences in quality between clinics. Some clinics in Turkey offer subpar services. Some match the most prestigious clinics in the world in quality and variety of procedures performed. It is usually not difficult to discern if the clinic might have low service quality. 

The main criteria for evaluating clinics are the same regardless of the country. You just need to account for regional price differences. For various reasons, dental procedures in Turkey are less expensive than in most Western European countries. This means that price comparisons to determine possible quality can’t be made using UK prices. Instead, compare the prices between several Turkish clinics located in the same area.

Avoid clinics that try to pressure you into getting treatment or refuse to offer relevant information or answer your questions. High-quality clinics should always begin the treatment with a dental check-up, during which the doctor will determine the best procedures for you and explain why they are a suitable solution for your dental issues. You should not accept a dental procedure that you feel like you know too little about.

How to avoid low-quality clinics?

The first step in determining the quality of the clinic is to check the patient’s reviews. Turkey is a popular dental tourism destination, so most clinics are likely to have English reviews. The reviews may be found on the clinic’s site, social media pages or review aggregators. Check if the clinic responds to criticisms.

How to avoid low-quality dental treatment

You can also try writing to the clinic directly, for example via e-mail or chat. The clinic’s customer service should be able to answer your questions fully and provide all the relevant details you need. Don’t be afraid to ask about the qualifications, experience and other relevant information. If the answers seem suspicious, it may be a sign of a lower-quality clinic.

Ensure that the clinic’s doctors are fluent in English. Miscommunication can lead to unforeseen consequences, such as getting your teeth prepared for installing crowns instead of veneers due to differences in terminology. Learn as much as possible about the treatment you want to get in Turkey. No treatment is completely without risk, and you should take extra care if you are having an irreversible procedure. Ensure that you know how to care for the treated teeth and how to increase the chances of getting a good result. You may also check if the clinic is registered with the TDA (Turkish Dental Association). Every legal clinic should be registered, as TDA is the primary regulator of dental healthcare in Turkey.

Why are Turkish dental procedures less expensive than in other countries?

Most people already know that clinics in Turkey can offer their services for less. One of the primary reasons is that Turkey is popular with medical tourists. Clinics can expect a constant flow of patients, so they can distribute their operating costs among more people. If a clinic had only a few patients, they would have to pay more to offset the clinic’s expenses on rent, medicine, supplies and other necessary equipment. 

Why are Turkish dental procedures less expensive than in other countries_

Clinics in Turkey also collaborate with other industries to offer their patients affordable treatment packages that include many services useful to foreign visitors. Often, when purchasing treatment in a Turkish clinic, you can get free accommodation and transportation services within the country. All these services and the procedures themselves cost less in a package deal than when purchased separately. This allows the patients to save more and have a more comfortable stay in Turkey.

How long do quality Turkish veneers last?

If you get dental veneers at a high-quality clinic, such as Dentatur, you can expect your veneers to last at least fifteen years. They will require proper care to last long, and a dentist should give you detailed recommendations on veneer care after the procedure is completed.

Even the best quality veneers won’t last their average service life if you don’t follow the dentist’s recommendations. The quality of the clinic cannot take into account your oral care routine, so it’s important to be aware of what type of procedure you want to have in Turkey and what is required to maintain the results for a long time.

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