What Is Turkey Teeth Trend

As dental treatments in Turkey become more popular, more people ask the question: ‘What is Turkey teeth trend?’  The term ‘Turkey teeth’ has appeared on various social media sites and has been used to describe different things.

In this article, we will examine the most common uses of this term and see if it applies to Turkish dentistry as a whole.

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What does Turkey teeth mean?

Many patients ask: ‘What is Turkey teeth trend?’. While the term ‘Turkey teeth’ is regularly used to denote any dental treatment done in Turkey, it has taken on a new meaning on popular video streaming services, such as TikTok. On these services, ‘Turkey teeth’ is often used to describe poorly done, unnatural and blocky cosmetic dental procedures or teeth prepared for dental crown installation when they look like thin fangs or stubs. 

Either way, the implication regularly made by such content is that whatever they show in these videos is indicative of the quality of dental treatment in Turkey.

This conclusion is misleading. Turkey, like any other country, has dental clinics of differing quality. Turkish dentistry is so popular among tourists because they can fix their teeth for a much lower cost in Turkey, but it does not mean that the patient should approach their treatment in Turkey carelessly.


What are Turkey teeth trends?

While the term ‘Turkey teeth’ refers to dental procedures in Turkey, high engagement with materials describing ‘Turkey teeth’ on TikTok and other social media has driven many creators to make misleading content to get more views. The most common type of such content involves describing correctly performed, though uncommon, dental procedures in progress as final results. This is most common for patients who get full-mouth veneers or crowns.

Before we explain how such content obscures the actual stage of the procedure shown, it is important to remember that full mouth veneers or crowns are unusual procedures and unsuitable for most cases, and are not performed unless necessary. These procedures are performed on patients with severely misshapen or damaged teeth, with most being more suitable for less radical cosmetic procedures.

Dental crown-related Turkey teeth, what is it?

The most common feature in viral Turkey teeth videos is thin, needle or stub-like teeth that look like something from a horror film. In reality, it is teeth prepared for dental crowns. The only uncommon aspect of the procedure is that the patients regularly have all of their front teeth prepared for crown installation, whereas most patients usually install crowns on a single or just several teeth. Crowns replace all the enamel of the treated teeth. They are installed if the teeth are damaged or can’t be treated with more conservative methods.

before and after veneers installation

Since the crowns replace the enamel, the dentist needs to remove it before crown installation. Teeth prepared for crowns have up to forty per cent of their material removed, making them look like thin stubs.

Most dentists won’t perform an all-mouth crown installation as a cosmetic treatment. Crowns are generally more suitable for functional tooth restoration when the patient wants to not only change the shape of their teeth but also restore their dental function. Crown installation as a cosmetic procedure is only possible for already damaged dentition.

Veneer installation

Some Turkey teeth videos may show teeth prepared for veneer installation. Dentists in Turkey frequently offer dental veneers as cosmetic procedures for crooked or slightly damaged teeth. Veneers are more suitable for purely cosmetic procedures as they are not as invasive to install as crowns. Veneers, just like crowns, replace a part of the patient’s dental enamel. Unlike crowns, veneers cover only the anterior part of the teeth, so dentists need to remove only a thin layer of enamel to install veneers, usually less than a millimetre thick.

before and after dental veneers

Usually, the dentists will install a temporary cover on the teeth if the patient needs to wait for more than several hours before their veneers are made, but they can be removed by hand. Veneers are rarely mentioned in Turkey teeth videos since they do not look that extreme. The amount of enamel removed for preparing teeth for veneers is small, so the teeth do not look as strange as those prepared for crown installation.

Choosing a dental clinic in Turkey

Another Turkey teeth meaning is that of unnatural-looking dental restorations. Patients show their restored teeth that look too large, unnaturally white or too blocky. This phenomenon is not unique to Turkish clinics. It is important to choose a quality clinic to get the most natural-looking and correctly shaped tooth restoration.

Dental treatment in Turkey is more affordable than in the UK and other Western European countries, whether you choose a clinic with experienced dentists or one of lesser quality. For this reason, it is essential to compare prices locally, for example, between clinics in a single Turkish city. Prices can be a sign of poor quality if they are much lower than the competition.

Why is dentistry in Turkey less expensive

Pay attention to patient reviews. Most clinics in Turkey have reviews posted on their websites. There are also specialised platforms for reviewing clinics. Good-quality clinics will have plenty of positive reviews.

Why is dentistry in Turkey less expensive?

Seeing dental procedures offered in Turkey at a price more than four times lower than in the UK can lead some people to form an opinion of poor quality based on this fact alone. In fact, Turkish clinics can offer their services for such low prices due to factors that have nothing to do with quality.

Patients in Turkey can get many types of procedures in affordable package deals. These include such procedures as dental veneers, crowns and others. The packages offer the procedures along with additional services, allowing the clinics to give discounts on procedures.

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Turkey also attracts many medical tourists, so the clinics can lower their prices since they can expect a steady patient number. If Turkey wasn’t as popular among tourists, the prices would have been higher since the clinic operating costs would have been divided among fewer people. This is why prices in high-quality Turkish clinics, such as Dentatur, are much lower.

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How to avoid unsuitable procedures

To choose the best procedure, do not be afraid to ask your dentist relevant questions about it. Dentists should be able to answer all your questions and explain the risks and results of any procedure.

How to avoid low-quality dental treatment

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