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Teeth whitening in Istanbul will help to change your smile in one day. It will affect your confidence because the teeth are an important part of your appearance. This dental procedure is also harmless because it does not involve abrasion enamel. If you want to know more about teeth whitening treatment, read this article.   



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The cost of teeth whitening

Teeth Whitening & Bleaching (Includes Professional Teeth Cleaning) – £125

Teeth Whitening (Take Home Kit) – £115

Let us talk about teeth whitening in Istanbul and the prices for this procedure. Turkey offers quality teeth bleaching treatment at a reasonable price. That is why it is an excellent country to correct the smile. We have prepared a list of factors that affect the cost of this procedure. It will help you to plan your spending. Let us inform you what can increase the price of the treatment. These can be:        

  • the number of teeth
  • infection
  • type of the whitening
  • materials

Dentatur clinic offers additional free services for patients. These are transfers from the airport to the clinic and back, consultation with the dentist, help with booking flight tickets and accommodation. You can get two methods of teeth whitening in our clinic. These are clinic and home bleaching. The approximate price for the clinic option is £125. Also, it includes Professional Teeth Cleaning.  


Teeth whitening provides applying the materials that whiten the enamel in several shades. The dentist also will treat the teeth defects before the treatment. These can be decay or tartar formation. If the high-concentrate agent leaks inside the sick part of the tooth, it will cause problems. Our clinic provides two methods of beaching. Let us talk more about them. 

Teeth Whitening & Bleaching (Includes Professional Teeth Cleaning)

This type provides visiting the dentist for getting a procedure. The dentist will use the laser with UV light. This method is also called clinging bleaching. Laser teeth whitening Istanbul is a painless and safe way to get a perfect smile. It is also a method that provides a quick and long-lasting result. It can take only about 45 – 60 minutes. 

Teeth Whitening (Take Home Kit)

This method provides getting a special dental kit at home. It includes whitening gel and a pen. You can get it in our clinic during the dentist’s consultation. That is why you will be sure that the intensity of the gel is safe for you. You will need to use it according to the dentist’s prescription. This type of dental bleaching takes more time. However, it is also a painless and safe method for correcting teeth color. In addition, you will get an excellent result because of this method. 

Who is the best candidate for this procedure?

Teeth bleaching is the perfect dental procedure for correcting the view of the smile. Also, almost anyone can get this treatment. That is why, if you want to change your appearance, this procedure is suitable for you. However, the dentist should check your mouth first. If you have too high teeth sensitivity, the high-concentrate agent can be dangerous for you. Also, not excellent candidates for this type of treatment are:

  • persons who have not reached the age of 16
  • patients who have gums disorders
  • women during pregnancy.   
teeth whitening

How long does the bleaching effect last?

This dental procedure is long-lasting. The result can stay for three years. However, it depends on the individuality of the organism. That is why every person gets a different duration of the treatment result. Also, clinic bleaching provides a longer-lasting effect than a home option. That is why if you want to be happy with a perfect smile for more time, choose a laser procedure. Additionally, the term of the effect depends on your daily habits. That is why it is better to avoid some products in the first days after getting the dental treatment. These can be:

  • red wine
  • coffee
  • tea
  • caramel
  • dark chocolate
  • tomato
  • cherry
  • beet
  • colored juices.

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