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Turkey has recently emerged as a popular dental tourism destination for patients from Great Britain. With state-of-the-art facilities, high-quality treatment options, and affordable prices, it’s no wonder why many are flocking to Turkey for their needs.

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The Most Popular Dental Treatments to Get in Turkey?

There is a wide range of procedures available in Turkey, used to treat various dental issues. Some of the most popular dental procedures sought by patients include:

  • Dental Implants

With the development of modern implantology, patients with severe teeth loss are more and more often turning to dental implants in Turkey. Turkish dental clinics, like ours, offer various dental implant options, catering to individual needs and budgets.


Before and after getting Hollywood smile in Turkey
  • Dental Veneers

Porcelain veneers are highly sought after for patients who desire a perfect and natural-looking smile. Veneers can fix such dental imperfections as gaps, discolouration and chips. Dental clinics in Turkey carry a selection of veneer types, giving patients multiple options tailored to their needs.

  • Teeth Cleaning

Regular teeth cleaning helps maintain good oral health, preventing future dental issues. Many dental tourists opt to have their teeth cleaned in Turkey, as it’s a cost-effective way to maintain dental hygiene while on vacation.

  • Teeth Whitening

For a brighter and whiter smile, patients from Great Britain are turning to Turkish clinics for teeth whitening procedures. Turkey offers a variety of whitening options at competitive prices, making it an attractive option for those looking to enhance their smile.

What Is the Price For the Most Popular Dental Treatments in Turkey?

teeth X-Ray and consultation

The cost of procedures in Turkey varies depending on the type of procedure you need. Implant costs in Turkey can range from £ 250 to £ 3.200, while veneers can cost between £ 100 to £ 245 per tooth. The teeth whitening procedure can cost between £ 115 to £ 125 depending on the procedure used.

However, the average cost for all the popular procedures in Turkey won’t cost you a fortune. Compared to the UK, dental procedures in Turkey are 50 to 70% cheaper due to lower labour, rent and materials fees. In the Dentatur dental clinic in Turkey, you can get acquainted with our prices for all the procedures provided by our highly professional doctors in the “Price” section.

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Why are Dental Treatments in Turkey Cheaper Than in Great Britain?

Several factors contribute to the lower cost of treatments in Turkey compared to Great Britain:

  1. Lower operational costs: The overheads, such as rent and utility bills, are significantly lower in Turkey than in Great Britain. This makes it possible for clinics to keep their treatment prices low without affecting quality.
  2. Competitive currency exchange rates: The Turkish Lira has a lower value compared to the British Pound, meaning that patients from Great Britain can afford more treatment options when they convert their currency.
  3. Affordable labour costs: The cost of living in Turkey is lower compared to Great Britain. This is one of the main reasons that affect the price difference between these two countries. This allows dentists to offer their services at a more affordable rate without reducing quality.

Government incentives: The Turkish government provides incentives, such as reduced taxes and support to attract more medical tourists. This boosts Turkey’s economy and allows clinics to offer competitive prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our clinic consultants are always available to answer any questions you may have. Below we will answer some of our customers’ most common questions.

Best Locations to Get Your Teeth Done in Turkey

Turkey has many cities that offer top-quality dental care, such as Istanbul, Antalya, and Marmaris. Istanbul is known for its modern clinics and experienced dentists, while Antalya offers a relaxing environment and beautiful scenery.

Known for its beautiful beaches, Antalya is also home to several top-notch clinics that serve every tourist’s needs. Many of these clinics offer dental treatment packages  that include accommodation and transfers, making it a convenient destination for treatment.

Marmaris is another popular destination for patients seeking affordable treatments without sacrificing quality. This town is known for its rich and beautiful nature, which you will be able to enjoy during your treatment.

How to Choose a Dentist in Turkey?

Choosing the right dentist in Turkey is vital to ensuring a successful dental procedure. Look for dentists who are experienced and have good feedback from previous patients.  Many Turkish dentists have studied abroad or received international training, which can be a good indicator of their professionalism. Also, check the dental clinic’s accreditation and certifications to ensure that they follow international health and safety standards. Moreover, it’s essential to communicate with the dentist in advance and ask about their procedures and aftercare support.


Furthermore, make sure the dentist and staff are proficient in English, so you can communicate your concerns effectively and receive the necessary information regarding your treatment. Check the clinic’s accepted payment options and whether they offer any financing plans or discounts for dental tourists. Last but not least, assess the clinic’s support system for their international patients, such as airport transfers, lodging assistance, and aftercare arrangements.

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