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Teeth done in Turkey prices attract many international patients from the UK and other countries with their availability.

However, despite such a low cost of dental treatments, only highly qualified dentists work at Dentatur in Turkey, cutting-edge technologies are used, and the results are of high quality.

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Why Are Dental Treatments in Turkey So Cheap?

It is known that the price of Turkish dental services is lower compared to the UK and other countries. Several reasons may explain this.

In general, the cost of dental services depends on the procedure’s complexity, the doctor’s qualifications, the materials used, and additional services. Therefore, it is always recommended to do research, get advice from a specialist and compare different offers before deciding on dental treatment abroad.

Economic Factors

The price of dental services in different countries varies due to economic differences. The cost of medical equipment, renting of premises, and salaries of medical personnel in Turkey may be lower than in some other countries. This may contribute to more affordable prices for patients.


There is high competition between Turkish dental clinics, especially in popular tourist cities such as Istanbul and Antalya. Competition can encourage dental clinics to offer better prices and promotions to attract more patients.

Exchange Rate

Differences in exchange rates can also affect the price of dental services in different countries. If the exchange rate of the Turkish lira against a foreign currency such as the dollar or the euro is less favourable, this can make dental services in Turkey more accessible to foreign patients.

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The Cost of Digital Smile Makeover

Digital Smile Design (DSD) is a modern approach in cosmetic dentistry that uses digital technology to plan and create the ideal smile design for a patient. It allows the dentist and patient to visualise and pre-evaluate the results before starting treatment.The digital smile design process uses computer simulations and special software to show the patient what their smile will look like after various cosmetic treatments such as veneers, crowns, laser whitening, and others.

The cost of digital smile design in Turkey ranges from £100 to £250.

Veneers Price in Turkey

Veneer in Turkey

Dental veneers are thin shells bonded to the front tooth surface. They are used to make a smile look like a million dollars, correct its shape, colour, and even out irregularities.

The cost of dental veneers in Turkey varies from £200 to £275, depending on the dentist’s qualifications, veneer materials, the number of installed veneers, and the location and other characteristics of the clinic.

How Much are E-max Laminate Veneers in Turkey?

E-max laminated veneers are high-quality dental veneers made from E-max (lithium disilicate glass) material. They are one of the most popular and durable veneer options with high aesthetic appeal and durability.

E-max veneers are fabricated in a dental laboratory with the help of CAD/CAM design and milling. It allows dentists to achieve high precision in the veneer manufacture and is an ideal match to the shape and colour of the patient’s smile.

The E-max laminated veneers cost in Turkey varies from £200 to £270.

What are the Prices of Zirconium Crowns in Turkey?

Zirconium crowns are dental prostheses made of zirconium, a durable and aesthetically pleasing material. Biocompatible zirconium does not cause allergic reactions and is accepted by the body. Zirconium crowns have high strength and durability and can be translucent, making them look natural.

The cost of zirconium crowns in Turkey varies from £160 to £200, depending on the number of crowns to be placed, the complexity of the procedure, the advanced technology used, and the dentist’s qualifications.

Dental Implants Cost in Turkey

dental implant in Turkey

Dental implantation is a procedure for replacing a missing tooth by placing an artificial implant into the jawbone. Implants are metal roots, usually made of titanium, that function as a tooth and serve as a support for prosthetics.The cost of dental implantation in Turkey varies from £250 to £1500, depending on the number and brand of implants, type of implantation, materials used, and the dentist’s experience.

All-on-4 Dental Implants Cost in Turkey

All-on-4 Dental Implantation

All-on-4 implantation is an innovative dental implant procedure that allows you to replace all dentition with four implants. This technique is designed for patients with partial or complete adentia.

The All-on-4 implantation cost in Turkey varies from £1600 to £2000.

All-on-6 Dental Implants Cost in Turkey

All-on-6 Dental Implants Cost in Turkey

All-on-6 implantation involves the placement of six implants into the jaw and restoring all the dentition. This method is called All-on-6 because it uses six implants to support the prosthesis.

The All-on-6 implantation cost in Turkey varies from £2,400 to £3,600.

Cosmetic Dentistry Cost in Turkey

Cosmetic dentistry aims on improving the aesthetics of a patient’s smile. It includes various dental treatments aimed at eliminating aesthetic problems.

Dental treatments that may be part of cosmetic dentistry include veneers, ceramic crowns, laser whitening, composite restorations, orthodontic treatment, and many others.

The cosmetic dentistry cost in Turkey varies from £150 to £850, depending on the procedure chosen.

Hollywood Smile Cost in Turkey

Hollywood Smile Cost in Turkey

A Hollywood smile means a charming smile, like that of Hollywood celebrities. It is characterised by snow-white and even dentition, a symmetrical shape, and a harmonious combination of the colour of the smile with the face.Various cosmetic dental treatments can be used to achieve a Hollywood smile, such as orthodontic treatment, laser whitening, dental crowns or veneers, and others.

 The goal is to create a natural and attractive smile.

The Hollywood smile cost in Turkey varies from £200 to £275.

What Is the Price of Laser Teeth Whitening in Turkey?

Price of Laser Teeth Whitening in Turkey

Laser teeth whitening is a procedure in which a special gel is applied to the teeth and then activated by a laser to enhance the whitening process. It is one of the most effective whitening methods and can significantly improve their appearance.

The laser teeth whitening cost in Turkey varies from £115 to £150.

Dental Bridge Cost in Turkey

Dental Bridge Cost in Turkey

Dental bridges are dentures that are used to replace several missing teeth. They consist of artificial teeth (called buckles) bonded to adjacent teeth (called abutments) to create a bridge over missing teeth.

The dental bridges cost in Turkey varies from £500 to £1,500.

What Is the Cost of Root Canal Treatment in Turkey?

Cost of Root Canal Treatment in Turkey

Root canal (endodontic) treatment is a procedure that is performed to save a tooth when a nerve inside the tooth becomes inflamed or infected. The dentist removes the damaged or diseased nerve and cleans the canals inside the tooth. The canals are filled with dental material to prevent re-infection.The root canal treatment cost in Turkey varies from £80 to £150.

What Is the Price of Dental Filling in Turkey?

Price of Dental Filling in Turkey

A dental filling is a treatment that involves the use of a special material to restore a tooth damaged by caries. A filling helps to restore the tooth shape and function after carious tissue removal or other damage.

The dental filling cost in Turkey varies from £60 to £140.

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