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Do you want to know which are the benefits of porcelain veneers in Turkey? In this article, you will find the answer to the most popular question about veneer treatment. We will tell you when this procedure is recommended and when it is better to prefer crowns. That is why let us inform you about one of the most popular dental treatments in Turkey.




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Price of‌ ‌Porcelain ‌veneers‌ ‌in‌ ‌Turkey ‌

E-max‌ ‌veneers‌ ‌‌£‌ ‌200‌per‌ ‌tooth‌ ‌

Lumineer‌ ‌veneers‌ ‌ ‌£‌ ‌245‌per‌ ‌tooth‌ ‌

Empress‌ ‌veneers‌ ‌£‌ ‌200‌per‌ ‌tooth‌ 

The cost of veneers can vary according to different factors in Turkey. These are the number of teeth or types of porcelain shells. The approximate price is ‌‌£200 £245 ‌per‌ ‌tooth‌. Veneer treatment is a suitable option to correct only 1 tooth and improve a full smile. For this reason, you can get only one porcelain shell or full set of veneers. Our Dentatur clinic provides special offers that also increase the cost of dental treatment. The veneer package can include 3, 8 or 16 porcelain shells. This option allows to correct the entire jaw at once. In addition, you will get free services like transfer, accommodation, X-ray, tomography and consultation with the doctor. You can see our special veneer packages and choose a more suitable one.      


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What is the difference between E-max, Lumineer and Empress veneers? ‌

Empress veneers are famous because they combine two necessary features: aesthetic view and durability. You can wear them for 10-15 years. The reason for their resistance is the method of their creation. The base is made of pressed ceramic and covered with a second layer of glass. It provides an aesthetic and long-lasting result. E-max veneers are fully made from glass-ceramic. That is why they look like natural enamel. The dentist advises using them for front teeth. It is because this type of shell is transparent, shiny and thin. If you want to get the most durable option, choose Zirconium shells. They are also made of two layers. The base is zirconium and covered with porcelain. That is why they can withstand the press and can be used for side teeth. However, Zirconium veneers do not provide as aesthetic appearance as Empress or E-max shells. The last type we will talk about is Lumineer veneers. They are called shells without preparation. It is because the dentist will not abrase a lot of enamel from teeth before the procedure. It prevents the structure of the tooth from being destroyed, thanks to it. However, be ready to feel the discomfort on the first day after the treatment.

Advantages of veneer treatment in Turkey

  • Veneer treatment is the best solution for damaged, cracked or yellow teeth. Porcelain shells will cover these imperfections. 
  • It is one of the quickest methods to correct a/the smile. You will get the result in 5 days.
  • Porcelain shells let you stop worrying about the appearance of stains and decay.
  • You can choose the suitable colour of veneers and get natural-looking results.
  • They do not need special care as dentures.
  • You will be able to replace the veneers with crowns in the future.
  • It is a long-lasting dental treatment method. You can wear porcelain shells for 20 years. 

What is the difference between veneers and crowns?

Both types of treatment provide covering teeth. However, veneer shells cover only the front side of the tooth. That is why they involve less preparation and abrasion of enamel. The crowns look like cups. They cover all sides of the teeth. So, the placing process is the main difference between crowns and veneers. As a result, these two methods are recommended for different patients. For this reason, we will tell you which dental problem every procedure can solve.

When are porcelain veneers recommended?

The shape of the Dental veneers

The dental porcelain veneers in Turkey are the best solution if you suffer from:

  • yellow or discoloured teeth;
  • cracked teeth;
  • aged teeth;
  • misshapen teeth;
  • gaps between teeth.

When are crowns recommended?

Materials for manufacturing crowns

Dental crowns can solve such dental problems as:

  • wick and fragile teeth;
  • badly broken teeth;
  • deep fillings;     
  • the teeth with diseased roots.

Steps of veneer treatment in Turkey

Getting porcelain veneers in Turkey provides three visits to the dental clinic. The first day of dental treatment involves consultation with the dentist. You will design the final appearance of the smile. The second and third visits include the production and placing of veneers. The treatment can take 5 days. Your permanent porcelain shells will be ready after 48 hours. Let us tell you the details of every step of getting porcelain veneers in Turkey. 

  • Checking the oral health

    This step involves doing an X-ray of your jaw. It allows the dentist to check your teeth and jaw bone better. Consultation with the dentist is necessary for planning the final result of veneer treatment. First of all, the doctor should find out if this dental procedure is suitable for you. Then you need to design your porcelain shells. This process involves choosing the shade of colour, size and form of the veneers. 

  • Teeth preparation

    After designing your future smile, the dentist will start the treatment. The second step involves teeth preparation. The dentist will abrase the 0,5 millimetres of the enamel from teeth. This procedure is painless and provides only local anaesthesia. After teeth preparation, the dentist will take measurements. 

  • Getting temporary veneers

    The abrasion of enamel can cause tooth sensitivity. That is why the dentist can recommend temporary shells for you. You can wear them while permanent options are created. Temporary veneers will protect your teeth from unpleasant feelings when you drink hot or cold drinks. However, if you do not feel discomfort after the abrasion of enamel, you can not get them. 

  • Bonding veneers

    The final vision involves placing permanent porcelain veneers. You can get them in 4-5 days after the beginning of dental treatment. The dentist will fit shells and make the right form for them. If the size of veneers is suitable, the doctor will adjust them to the teeth. This procedure is difficult and requires attention. If the shells are placed incorrectly, they can break. First of all, the dentist polishes and etches every tooth. This procedure provides better bonding shells. The doctor uses dental cement for placing porcelain veneers. The latest steps include removing excess glue, correcting the colour of shells and evaluating the bite. 

Benefits of our clinic

Our clinic is the best option for getting porcelain veneers in Turkey. We will create a new smile for you in just 5 days. We offer a reasonable price for dental treatment. For this reason, you can correct your teeth for lower costs in comparison to other countries. Also, our clinic has prepared all-inclusive packages for foreign patients. They include such free services as:

In addition, our dentists have an extensive experience and can make a perfect smile for you. The result of treatment depends on the doctor’s competence. Placing porcelain veneers requires practice and skills. That is why only qualified dentists can perform this procedure. You can see the result of our dentists’ work here

Our clinic is one of the most prevalent places in Turkey among foreign patients. The reason is the quality result that we provide. Your pleasant experience of the dental treatment is the main task for us. For this reason, we offer the best services and care about your comfort. You will get perfect teeth in a short time with a long-lasting guarantee. Visit our clinic and get a Hollywood smile quickly.  

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