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Turkey has become one of the leading destinations that offer high-quality dental services at the best price for patients from all over the world. People searching for “no-prep veneers cost Turkey” on the net are in the right place that guarantee the most satisfying outcomes with a transparent pricing policy.

Without the requirement for a tooth enamel reduction, no prep veneers offer fast and long-lasting solutions to your aesthetically unpleasant needs.

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What does "No Prep Veneers" Mean?

After a thorough consultation with a dentist, the first stage in getting veneers is tooth preparation to make space for fitting the veneers. Unlike porcelain veneer treatment, there is no need to prepare the teeth or shave the teeth surface.

Your dentist can develop and install your veneers on the same day by using a digital impression of your teeth.

There will be no need for local anaesthesia or sedation, as you will skip the stage of enamel reduction.

Advantages of Non Prep Veneers Turkey

Are you thinking of getting no-preparation veneers Turkey treatment and need to clarify your mind to see the pros and cons of the procedure?

Non-prep veneers Turkey procedure offers many advantages such as:

Is Getting Dental Work Done in Turkey Less Expensive?

The answer to that query is “yes” for several reasons. You will get high-quality treatments in the hands of experienced and gifted specialists at state-of-the-art clinics that have been performing procedures with a great success rate. Factors such as:

You can typically save up to 70% or more on dental work. Even accommodation, travel, and potential tourist charges are included in this.

Learn more about our dental plans and get more precise no prep veneers Turkey price information by scheduling a free consultation.

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Types of No Prep Veneers

The no prep veneer can be chosen from a variety of options. Ask your dentist to go over the various veneer varieties with you and recommend the one that would work best for your unique needs.



Lumineers are incredibly thin shells that cover the front of the teeth to conceal flaws. They offer long-lasting solutions to your aesthetic concerns that mimic the natural look of your natural teeth.

The lumineers treatment is reversible and easy to install, and it is about 25% cheaper than the porcelain veneer procedure.

DURAthin Veneers


Compared to regular veneers, DURAthin treatments are thinner, as understood from their name. They are strong and, with good care, can last for around ten years. No enamel will need to be removed to insert these 0.3-mm-thick shells.


Dental Veneers in Turkey

Vivaneers are ultra-thin materials that offer opaque or translucent shading for a beautiful smile. They blend in with your natural teeth and are durable options that do not require complicated maintenance.

Placing No Prep Veneers Step by Step

Getting no preparation veneers Turkey treatment is a simple and fast procedure that can be completed on the same day. The procedures that are followed throughout your no-prep treatment are as follows:

Placing No Prep Veneers Step by Step


Is it safe to get dental treatment in Turkey?

Yes, thanks to the strict health regulations and internationally accredited clinics with great GCR scores, you do not need to worry about the results and duration of your dental journey.

How long does the no-prep veneers procedure last?

With proper maintenance, you can use them for up to 15 years.

Can no-prep veneers cover the severe imperfections?

No, patients with more serious dental issues can benefit from more extensive treatment, such as implants or crowns.

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