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In this article, you will find the answer to the famous question “How much are veneers in Turkey?”. We will tell you why this country is the best place for getting dental treatment. You will read about the most prevalent types of porcelain veneers. Also, we have prepared tips that will help you to reduce the cost of dental veneers in Turkey.  



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Cost of dental veneers in Turkey

E-max veneers £200 per tooth

Empress veneers £200 per tooth

Lumineer veneers £245 per tooth

Let us tell you about the costs of dental veneers in Turkey. This country offers the best price for cosmetic dentistry. That is why it is an excellent place where you can get perfect teeth. Turkey provides high-quality dental veneers that will serve you for 30 years. You will get quick dental help in our Dentatur clinic. Your dental veneers will be ready in just 5 days. We provide not only a low cost but also perfect results. That is why a reasonable price is not a reason to doubt the quality of cosmetic dentistry in Turkey. Our dentist will help you to get long-lasting results. Also, you will get a guarantee for dental veneer treatment in our clinic in Turkey. 


Before and after dental veneers

What affects the cost of dental veneers in Turkey?

Well, how much are veneers in Turkey? The approximate price of dental veneers in our clinic is £200£245 per tooth. The cost of this type of cosmetic dentistry procedure can vary according to the country. That is why, if you want to get affordable dental help, visit our clinic in Turkey. We cooperate with the company that helps with searching for accommodation at a reasonable price. Also, we will help you to get the most suitable method of smile correction for you. Another factor that affects the cost is the number of teeth that you want to treat. However, we provide offers for patients who need to correct a full jaw of teeth. In addition, the price can change according to the materials that you will choose. We offer a huge selection of dental veneers. You can read about them below. If you can not choose the materials of veneers by yourself, our dentist will help you to select the most suitable option for you. If you want to reduce your spending on getting dental veneers in Turkey, you can follow our tips that you can find below. 

Veneer packages

Our clinic cares about foreign patients and provides special offers for you. We try to make your treatment experience more comfortable and cheaper at the same time. That is why we advise you of our veneers packages. This offer will allow you to get free services that are necessary parts of this dental cosmetic procedure. These are teeth examination, consultation with the dentist, temporary veneers. In addition, you will get such free services as meeting in airport, transfer to the clinic and back, room in a hotel. Also, the package includes 6, 8, 12, 16  veneers. It is an excellent opportunity to correct several teeth at once and get a Hollywood smile in Turkey. You can find more information about our veneer packages here.

Types of dental veneers that we provide

Our clinic provides a selection of porcelain veneers in Turkey. Each of them has its own features. For that reason, they are suitable for different patients. It is better to read about their advantages and disadvantages before the treatment. It will help you to choose the right type for you. Also, our dentist will help you with this task. In addition, they will check your oral health to find out which materials are suitable for you. Porcelain veneers are popular among our patients because of the simple method of their bonding and quick results. Our clinic offers E-max, Empress and Lumineer veneers. They have different features that make them unique. Let us inform you about every type of porcelain veneer that we provide.   

E-max veneers

E-max veneers in Turkey

E-max veneers are the most aesthetic type of porcelain veneer in Turkey. They provide natural-looking results because of their transparency. They transmit the light and surface of natural teeth. As a result, you will get the aesthetic appearance of the smile. E-max veneers are made of lithium disilicate pressed glass-ceramic. This material has features that will make your smile shy and snow white. Also, your new teeth will be durable and long-lasting. You can wear veneers for 15-20 years. In addition, E-max shells are thin and light. These features are important advantages. It is because the dentist does not need to abrase a lot of enamel from teeth. Also, you will get natural feelings after the treatment. 

Empress veneers

Empress veneers in Turkey

Empress veneers are a suitable option if you want to get durable and aesthetic veneers at the same time. This type of veneer is prevalent among patients in Turkey due to these features. Empress veneers are made of two layers. The first of them provides extreme durability. It is made of pressed ceramic. The base is covered with a glass layer that provides an aesthetic appearance for veneers. This type of porcelain shell will serve you for 10-15 years. Also, you will be able to choose the shade of colour that will suit your smile. Empress veneers will be the same as your natural teeth, thanks to it. That is why, if you want to get a long-lasting and natural-looking result, choose Empress veneers.     

Lumineer veneers

Lumineer veneers in Turkey

Another famous type of dental veneer that we provide in Turkey is Lumineer veneers. They are suitable for patients who want to correct their smiles quickly. Lumineer veneers do not provide a lot of tooth preparation. It is because Lumineers are lighter and thinner than other types of porcelain shells. That is why this cosmetic dentistry procedure will not take much time. You will get your new teeth in just 4-5 days. Lumineer veneers can serve you for 5-7 years. They also will provide you with an aesthetic view. The dentist will choose the suitable shade for you. As a result, you will get an excellent option to correct your teeth for a long time.

Advantages of porcelain veneers

How to reduce the cost of dental veneers in Turkey?

If you want to reduce your spending on getting dental veneers, it is better to visit Turkey. You will find the best services here. We provide reasonable prices for cosmetic dentistry. Also, you will get high-quality dentist’s work. If you want to reduce the cost of veneer treatment in Turkey, you can follow some advice that we have prepared for you. Well, let us inform you how you can affect the price of veneer treatment. 

  • Get cheaper flight tickets

    If you want to reduce the cost of your dental trip to Turkey, you can find cheaper flight tickets. It will help you to save your budget because the cost of a ticket will be a big part of your spending. You can see the price list of flights to Turkey and book your treatment at the time when the price will suit you. Ask the client's coordinator of your dental clinic in Turkey if it works with the companies that can help you with that.

  • Get special veneer packages

    Find out if your dental clinic provides any special offers for foreign patients. It can help you to get your cosmetic dentistry procedure at a lower price in Turkey. Our clinic offers special treatment packages. They include free services. As a result, you can save your spending on accommodation, transfer and first consultation with the dentist. Also, it is an excellent opportunity to treat several teeth at once. Our veneer packages include 6, 8, 12 or 16 dental veneers. You can choose the option with materials that you need and the number of teeth that you want to correct. You can see all the veneer packages and choose a more suitable one.

  • Find out who can fund your veneer treatment

    If you want to reduce the cost of dental veneers in Turkey, you can find out who can fund your treatment. You can use two methods to make spending on this cosmetic dentistry procedure affordable for you. If you have an insurance plan, it will allow you to save your budget for getting dental porcelain veneers in Turkey. You can find an insurance company that works with clients abroad in the US or UK. They will cover the part or full cost of dental veneers in Turkey. It is better to find out all the details before your dental treatment. Also, here is another way to fund your trip to get this dental cosmetic procedure. You can use a dental loan. It is an opportunity to get dental veneers now but pay for them by part. It is a perfect opportunity for patients who do not have enough money to pay the full price for teeth treatment immediately. That is why if the high cost of cosmetic dentistry is the reason why you can not correct your teeth, this dental loan is an excellent option for you.

Why does Turkey provide a reasonable price for dental veneers?

Getting dental veneers in Turkey

Well, why do patients from other countries fly to Turkey to get teeth veneers? The main reason we already discussed. These are low costs. However, we did not tell you a reason for such reasonable prices. Porcelain veneers are cheaper in Turkey than in other countries because of the low cost of living in the country. For that reason, you will get high-quality teeth veneers at a reasonable price. Our dentist will help you to get the smile of your dream. Visit us and get perfect teeth veneers in a short time and with a guarantee of a long-lasting result.

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