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Getting a teeth whitening procedure in Turkey is a quick and affordable way of improving your smile during a holiday. How much is teeth whitening in Turkeyg a holiday. ?

Turkish dental procedures are well known for their affordable prices and high quality. Teeth whitening at Dentatur is a safe and effective solution for discoloured teeth.

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What is Turkey teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening is a dental procedure used to chemically bleach the patient’s teeth to remove mineralised plaque and whiten the tooth enamel. Tooth whitening uses special chemical solutions to remove stains that can’t be cleaned by a toothbrush.

There are many reasons why a patient’s teeth may get permanently discoloured, such as drinking tea, coffee and other staining beverages or smoking. These substances can stain the enamel by reaching into the pores and microcracks, which is why their effect can’t be reversed by regular teeth cleaning.

How much does teeth whitening cost in Turkey?

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic dental procedure, which can make it expensive to get in most countries of Western Europe.  But teeth whitening in Turkey prices are affordable to any patient. At Dentatur, tooth whitening’s price is £200.

Dental procedures at our clinic are so affordable because Turkey has low living costs and the government offers dentists many types of financial aid. This makes teeth whitening Turkey cost much less than in the UK and other countries, but Turkish treatments are of equivalent quality.

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How is a teeth whitening procedure performed?

Teeth whitening in Turkey

Before the patient can have their teeth bleaching Turkey treatment, they must get through a dental check-up. The doctors will ensure that the patient is eligible for the procedure and will explain how it is performed. Then, if the patient is eligible, they will perform a professional cleaning procedure to remove mineralised plaque and tartar.

Then, the doctor will place a dental shield over the patient’s gums. This shield will protect the gums from aggressive cleaning agents.

After this, the doctor will apply a teeth-whitening chemical to the patient’s teeth. The doctor will leave the bleaching agent for some time. The bleaching agent will get deep into the tooth enamel and oxidise the stains, causing them to lighten. After some time, usually no more than an hour and a half, the doctor will remove the excess bleaching agent and take off the gum guards.

How long does teeth whitening last?

teeth whitening

The teeth whitening procedure has a permanent effect on the patient’s teeth, but it can’t prevent them from getting stained again. Because of this, the effect will become less nautical after about six months. If the patient has good oral hygiene, this time may be longer, but it rarely exceeds one year. The patient may get a repeat treatment if they want to restore their tooth colour.

Is teeth whitening uncomfortable?

Most patients do not report any negative sensations during or after the procedure, but if you have sensitive teeth you may feel some minor pain. The agents used for professional teeth whitening have powerful oxidising properties, which can irritate the tissues. Patients with sensitive teeth may be advised to use special toothpaste to decrease negative sensations after the procedure.

Who is suitable for a teeth whitening procedure?

To be suitable for a teeth whitening treatment, the patient should have healthy teeth with no dental restorations. The patient’s gums should not have any untreated issues, such as inflammation or infection. The patient must be older than sixteen and should not have any allergic reactions to peroxides or other teeth-whitening agents.

Why get treatment at our clinic?

Teeth whitening in Turkey

Getting teeth whitening at our clinic will allow you to have the most effective, modern and safe dental procedure. We use the best whitening agents to perform our treatments. The effects of our teeth whitening procedures can be seen on our teeth whitening Turkey before and after page. To get treatment at our clinic, contact us and have a free online consultation.

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