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Dental treatments in the UK and Europe can be expensive, especially cosmetic procedures not covered by insurance or NHS. Fortunately, in Turkey, any patient can get treatments of the same quality at a low cost.

Turkey has many dental clinics that have trained many world-acclaimed experts in various fields of dentistry. Thus, the quality of Turkish dentistry is consistently very high.

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Cost of Getting Teeth Done in Turkey

Turkey is known for its affordable dentistry.  There are Turkish dental clinics that can perform even the most difficult of dental surgeries with utmost care and precision. Even then, the price of their treatments is about half as much as for an equivalent procedure in the UK.

For example, the cost of such a complex procedure as dental implant installation is just £250 at our clinic. These treatments use the best available dental supplies and instruments to offer the patient’s most advanced, safe and minimally invasive solutions to their dental problems. 


dental implants in Turkey before and after
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E max laminate
Empress laminate

What Dental Treatments are Popular in Turkey?

Although there are many reasons why a patient may choose to go to Turkey for dental treatment, most of them choose to do so to get a cosmetic treatment that is not covered by their country’s insurance or affordable healthcare policy. While some of these treatments can also be used to treat functional deficiencies (getting a tooth implant to replace a missing tooth, for example), most patients go to Turkey because they want to use them to treat cosmetic issues. The other reason for getting treatment in Turkey is if the patient’s local clinics use outdated practices that have been superseded by more effective procedures abroad. As Turkish clinics are often one of the first to adopt novel treatment methods, solving dental problems in Turkey is the most cost-effective solution for such patients.

dental treatments

Among foreign visitors to Turkey, the most popular treatments offered by Turkish clinics are:

  • Implants installation;
  • Veneers installation;
  • Tooth whitening.

Most patients do not fly to Turkey just to whiten their teeth. 

This procedure is usually chosen by tourists who came to Turkey for a holiday and have decided to get an inexpensive improvement to their smile while they are in the country. On the other hand, the other two treatments, are in high demand and are the main reason why thousands of medical tourists visit Turkey.

Dental Implants in Turkey

dental implants
dental implants

Dental implants are used to replace teeth and to serve as artificial roots for crowns and fixed bridges. The implant is a permanent prosthesis, as opposed to removable dentures. Their permanent nature allows the implants to perfectly mimic the properties of natural roots, including their ability to slow and reverse jawbone atrophy. 

When a person loses a tooth, the lack of mechanical stimulation transmitted by the root into the jawbone causes it to atrophy, losing density and volume. Jawbone atrophy causes the shrinking of the jawbone, which in turn displaces other teeth or causes jaw deformation. Dentures can’t provide enough mechanical stimulation to stop this process, but dental implants can, as they form a permanent connection with the bone. The process of an implant forming a stable connection with the bone is called osseointegration.

One of the main prerequisites for installing a dental implant is the presence of sufficient bone density to support it. Patients whose bones are too weak to support an implant can get bone grafting surgery. This surgery increases bone density by transplanting slivers of material extracted from the patients’  non-essential bones that are then attached to the jaw using a special binder.  Some patients may also require a sinus lift before receiving a dental implant treatment.

Most dental implant types are shaped like a screw and can be made of metal or metal-containing porcelain.

Most metal implants are made of titanium. This metal is very durable and stable. The only contraindication for getting a titanium implant is metal sensitivity – an adverse reaction to prolonged contact with titanium-containing compounds. This syndrome is manifested only in a few per cent of patients, but many are unaware that they have a “metal allergy”.

The second most popular implant material is zirconia – a ceramic made of zirconium dioxide. A zirconia implant does not cause side effects in people with titanium intolerance, and similar reactions to zirconia have not been observed. Zirconia is white, so it does not show through the gums if they are thin or receding. While more aesthetically pleasing, zirconia is more expensive than titanium, not as durable, and the zirconia implant range is limited in variety.

Dental Veneers in Turkey

Dental Treatments in Turkey
Dental Treatments in Turkey

A dental veneer is installed on the front of the tooth. They are shaped like thin, semicircular shells and have a primarily cosmetic function. Veneers are also called laminates, as the “veneer” can sometimes refer to dental crowns. Dental veneers can cover minor imperfections in the tooth structure and mask discolouration of the tooth enamel.

As veneers cover the front of the tooth, they can also be used to fill the gaps between the patient’s teeth. There are many different materials for veneers, but they can be broadly divided into polymers and ceramics.

The most common polymer veneer type is made of composite resin. It is an inexpensive material that can be shaped and installed on the tooth in a single session. Other veneers usually need to be made to order in a laboratory using the casts or patient’s tooth scans.

Ceramic veneers can be made of many porcelains or proprietary ceramic materials. Some are made of traditional dental porcelain or zirconia, while others use patented ceramics such as Emax or Empress. The properties of each type of ceramic are different and should be examined in detail when choosing the type of veneer the patient wants. Some are cheaper and less natural-looking but can be fitted to any tooth, while others are indistinguishable from natural enamel but are not suitable for installation if the tooth is even slightly damaged.

Some laminates can also be used for procedures such as “Hollywood smile makeover”. These procedures aim to make the patient’s smile pearly white and resistant to staining after the makeover.

Why Getting Teeth Done is Cheaper in Turkey?

dental treatment turkey

Turkish dentistry is so inexpensive because of several factors that make its prices more affordable to citizens of affluent Western countries. First of all, the Turkish currency, lira, is weaker than the British pound or euro. As a result, medical tourists from countries that use these currencies can get more favourable prices due to differences in exchange rates. Secondly, the cost of living is lower in Turkey than in Western Europe. It is cheaper to get an education at a dental school, rent a building for the clinic and do business in Turkey. Accordingly, the prices Turkish dentists charge for their services are lower, as they do not need to reimburse the high operating costs of being a dentist in Western Europe.

Clinics in Turkey can get the best medical supplies with the help of governmental subsidies. As the government shoulders a part of the clinics’ expenses, they can get modern medical supplies. It is a profitable relationship, as in exchange, Turkish clinics become destinations for international medical tourism, which is a significant source of income for the country.

Turkish clinics also cooperate with local hotels and transportation companies to offer their clients package deals with prepaid accommodation and in-country transport at reduced rates.

Why Should You Choose Dentatur?

Dentatur is a well-respected clinic that employs some of the best specialists in cosmetic and restorative dentistry.  We offer many high-quality dental procedures for an affordable price. Our clinic can also arrange all the aspects of the patient’s stay in Turkey, including accommodation. The price of each service in this package deal is lower than if the patient paid for each of them separately. We can perform both cosmetic and functional surgeries, including the prerequisite procedures for installing dental prostheses.

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