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You have a great opportunity to fix your teeth in Turkey and forget about dental problems forever!

In addition to practical advantages, we also offer you economic benefits: you can save more than 75% of your budget here without sacrificing the quality of treatment.

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Getting Dental Treatment Benefits in Turkey

Getting your teeth fixed in Turkey is a very profitable and affordable solution for many patients.

  1. Many Turkish doctors undergo training and internships abroad to learn the latest methods and technologies in dentistry.
  2. The cost of Turkish dental services is lower than in the UK. It is due to the perfect value for money as well as lower administrative costs.
  3. Turkish clinics use modern equipment and advanced technologies in their work.
  4. In addition to getting quality dental care, this country offers beautiful beaches, rich history, culture and architecture. You can combine treatment with rest and excursions.
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Getting Teeth Fixed Cost in Turkey

The cost of getting teeth fixed in Turkey depends primarily on the procedure required by the patient.

The most common Turkish dental treatments have approximately the following prices:

How to Fix Your Teeth Through Dentatur?

If you have chosen our clinic to fix teeth in Turkey, you can follow the following steps:

  1. contact us via our telephone, email or website, explain your needs and ask any questions you may have;
  2. discuss with us the duration and price of the procedure;
  3. organise your Turkish trip and make sure you have your visa (if required), travel plan and accommodation reservation (if you want to save time, we are pleased to offer you All-inclusive packages);
  4. you will be met by our representatives upon arrival and taken to the clinic.

Dental Procedures You Can Get in Turkey

You can find a description of the most popular procedures to get teeth fixed Turkey below.

Dental Veneers or Crowns

dental veneers in turkey

Dental veneers and crowns are effective methods for restoring and improving smile aesthetics. Veneers are thin shells, usually made of ceramic, worn over the front tooth’s surface to change its shape, colour, and alignment. Crown, on the other hand, completely covers the tooth’s surface and is used to restore damaged tooth. Turkish clinics usually use quality materials, such as high-strength ceramics, which provide durability and a natural appearance.



Lumineers are thin ceramic shells worn on the front tooth’s surfaces. They are distinguished by their aesthetic advantages and reliability.

High-strength ceramics provide durability and the beautiful appearance of Lumineers. This material absorbs light well, thanks to which it creates a natural shine and shade of a smile.

Turkish dentists take into account the shape of the face, the tooth’s structure and other factors to create unique Lumineers that are just right for you.

Dental Implantation

dental implants turkey

Implants are artificial titanium roots inserted into the jawbone or maxillofacial region to place a prosthesis.

Turkish clinics use computerised implant planning using CAD/CAM systems, 3D scanning and printing of prostheses, and the use of precision navigation systems for more accurate implant placement. Turkish dentists also use modern methods of anaesthesia and strive to make the procedure as comfortable as possible for the patient.

Teeth Whitening

teeth whitening

Tooth whitening is a popular procedure that allows you to achieve a whiter smile.

Turkish clinics use safe and proven methods of whitening. Doctors use high-quality whitening gels or procedures using special solutions that provide effective tooth whitening without damaging the enamel. Whitening can lead to quick and noticeable results, resulting in a bright and eye-catching smile.

Root Canal Treatment

Cost of Root Canal Treatment in Turkey

Root canal, or endodontic treatment is needed for inflammation or infection affecting the soft tissues inside the tooth. Turkish clinics use a microscope for more accurate diagnosis of root canals and use high-quality endodontic instruments and equipment. Dentists use modern methods of anaesthesia and carefully control pain during the operation. This procedure allows patients to save the tooth and prevent its extraction.

Tooth Filling

teeth fillings in Turkey

A dental filling is a restoration procedure performed to treat caries or damage to tooth enamel. It involves removing diseased tissue and filling the cavity with a special material to restore the tooth’s shape, function and aesthetic appearance.

Turkish clinics use high-quality filling materials that provide reliable and durable filling of the cavity.

The cost of Turkish tooth fillings is usually more affordable compared to the UK.


What Are Dentures

Dentures are artificial replacements for missing dentitions that help restore chewing function and the aesthetic appearance of a smile.

Dentists conduct a detailed consultation and assessment to understand the patient’s needs concerning dentures. They develop an individual treatment plan, considering the patient’s anatomical features, aesthetic preferences and functional requirements.

Turkish doctors offer a wide range of denture solutions, including removable dentures, fixed bridges, prosthetic implants and other options.


Metal Braces

Braces are an orthodontic device used to correct misaligned bites and straighten dentition. Turkish dentists offer various braces, such as metal, ceramic and clear. Braces can be trendy and stylish. Modern braces are becoming more aesthetically pleasing, and the patient will be offered a choice of different colours and designs of orthodontic archwires to express the patient’s uniqueness.

Book Your Dental Procedure at Dentatur in Turkey

We are glad to offer you the opportunity to receive high-quality dental care in a beautiful country known for its professionalism and hospitality – Turkey!

We have solution options for all your desires and needs – from prosthetics to orthodontic treatments and whitening.

When treatment is combined with a pleasant experience, why not combine a visit to the dentist with a holiday? You will be able to enjoy Turkish beauties: magnificent beaches, rich culture, delicious local cuisine and breathtaking sights.

Contact us for assistance in choosing a suitable procedure and more detailed information. We will be pleased to assist you in organising an unforgettable trip and a joyful smile!

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