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Affordable prices and quality of dental treatments make many patients consider having teeth done in Turkey. Turkish clinics can perform any type of treatment a patient needs, from simple tooth whitening procedures to complex surgeries, such as dental implant installation.

Patients considering Turkey to get teeth done often do so because clinics in Turkey can provide the same quality of service for more affordable prices. This is especially true for cosmetic dental treatments, which are rarely covered by medical insurance.

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Why do patients want to get their teeth done in Turkey?

Turkey is one of the best destinations for medical tourism, including dentistry. Many patients travel to Turkey to get a treatment they think is too expensive in their home country. Clinics in Turkey can perform treatments that match those of the best global clinics for a much lower price.

Turkish clinics often use the latest treatment methods and employ many dental specialists, allowing them to take a comprehensive approach to their patients’ dental issues. Many clinics in Turkey offer advantageous package deals on their treatments.

These deals may include different services. For example, a typical surgery package will contain the procedure, anaesthesia, supplementary medication, accommodation at a hotel and in-country transfer service. Carefully study the treatment’s description on the clinic’s page to find out what additional services are included in the price.

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What is the price of getting teeth done in Turkey?

Due to many factors, such as low living costs, clinics in Turkey can offer their services for much lower prices than in many other countries. A patient can get cosmetic treatment in Turkey for up to five times less than in a country with high living and dentistry costs, such as the UK.

The lower prices are due to lower running costs and the government’s financial aid for dental clinics.

Why are Turkish dental procedures less expensive than in other countries?

They allow quality clinics, such as Dentatur, to use the same brands of dental supplies as used in the best clinics of Western European countries.

The precise cost of a procedure depends on how long it takes to perform, the experience required of the dentist and the cost of supplies used. Quick, simple procedures such as professional teeth whitening cost less than more involved ones, such as crown installation.

Which dental treatments are popular in Turkey?

Patients can get many types of teeth work in Turkey. Most patients travel to Turkey for cosmetic surgery as the prices are much lower in Turkey than in their own countries. This is because cosmetic dentistry is not covered by most types of medical insurance and national health plans. However, patients can also receive affordable, functional restorations such as implants. Popular treatments include dental veneers, crowns, and implants.

Dental veneers in Turkey

Types of Dental Veneers in Turkey

Dental veneer installation is a permanent cosmetic treatment used to fix imperfections in the structure and colour of a tooth. Veneers are installed on the front of teeth after the dentist removes a thin layer of enamel. There are several materials used for veneer manufacturing. Most permanent veneers are made from porcelain. The patient can choose a type of porcelain that will help them get the smile they desire.

Porcelain veneer materials

Porcelain veneers

Conventional dental porcelain is the most common type used for veneers. It looks similar to tooth enamel and is durable enough for most patients. E-max porcelain is used when the patient wants the most natural-looking veneers possible. It is translucent, allowing the natural colour of the patient’s teeth to come through. This property makes E-max the best choice for patients who want their veneers to blend in with their untreated teeth.

Zirconia is another popular ceramic material. It is opaque and very durable. This type of porcelain is often used to give the patient a Hollywood-style smile.

Composite veneers

Veneers can also be made of composite resin. This material is the least expensive and can be applied directly to the tooth without shaving enamel. This makes composite veneers a reversible treatment.

Composite veneers in Turkey

Composite resin is less durable than porcelain and is more prone to staining, so it is often used as a temporary cover. However, the ease of installation and affordability of these veneers make it possible to have them installed as a semi-permanent solution, replacing them when they lose their aesthetic or practical value.

How is veneer installation performed?

Dental Veneers in Turkey

Dental veneer installation is performed under local anaesthesia. Most veneers require the dentist to remove a layer of enamel before installation, so this is the first step of the surgery. The dentist will remove a thin layer of material from the tooth, just enough to make space for a veneer. This is needed so that the veneer lies flush with the rest of the enamel.

After preparing the patient’s dentition, the dentist will take scans or impressions of them. They will be to guide the process of manufacturing veneers. Modern methods of veneer manufacturing use machines which carve out the patient’s veneers out of blocks of porcelain based on the provided parameters. This alleviates the need for many rounds of adjustments, as the resulting veneers are closely based on the previously made measurements.

The dentist will install the patient’s veneers after they are manufactured. If there are any issues with their fit, the dentist will adjust them. The treatment is completed when the veneers fit the patient properly.

When are dental veneers installed?

Dental veneer installation is recommended for patients who have:

The dentist may recommend the best veneer type for the patient after an examination.

Dental crowns in Turkey

Dental crowns are used as a functional restoration for damaged dentition. They are similar to veneers but cover the entire tooth. Crown installation requires the dentist to remove a significant amount of tooth enamel, making crowns a permanent treatment.

Materials for manufacturing crowns

Materials for manufacturing crowns

There are many types of crowns. They can be monolithic, such as full-metal and full-porcelain crowns, or have multiple layers, such as porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns.

Porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns have a metal core for durability and a porcelain glaze on the surface to mimic the appearance of natural enamel. These crowns are the most common type used.

Full-metal crowns are seldom installed nowadays. They do not look natural, so they are never used to restore front teeth. They may be installed to restore molars, but in modern dentistry, alternative crown types are more widely used for molar restoration.

Full-porcelain crowns are used if the patient has allergic reactions to alloys used for conventional crowns. Most are made from zirconia, one of the strongest types of porcelain.

Crown installation

Dental crowns

Crown installation is performed under local anaesthesia. The dentist will shave off most of the enamel of a treated tooth, making it look like a stub. The crown will replace all the removed material, so there is no reason to worry that the finished tooth will look similar to one in the process of crown installation. The dentist will make a scan of the patient’s dentition for automated crown manufacturing. After making the scans, the dentist will install temporary covers on the patient’s dentition.

The patient will then need to wait until his crowns are made, which can take a day. Most modern crowns are made similarly to veneers, using machines which carve out the crown from a single block of material, which is then fired to solidify it.

After the crowns are manufactured, the dentist will install them without fixing them in place. He will check if the crowns fit properly with the patient’s bite and make any necessary adjustments. The crowns are installed permanently only when they fit with the patient’s dentition.

Dental implants in Turkey

Dental implant installation is used to treat patients who have missing dentition. They may also be used if it is not possible to restore a damaged tooth with other methods.

Dental implant treatment

An implant is a screw-shaped prosthesis which replaces the tooth root. It is used to support other dental restorations. The two main types of implants are titanium and zirconia. Titanium implants are made from titanium alloys. They are durable and cost-effective. Titanium alloys used for these implants are non-toxic, but about one per cent of patients may have allergic reactions to prolonged contact with them, making zirconia implants a better choice for them.

Titanium implants are manufactured in a variety of shapes, including zygomatic and All-on-x implants.

Zirconia implants are ceramic, so they are both non-toxic and non-allergenic. They are regarded as a more aesthetic choice since their white colour does not look out of place if the patient’s gums expose a part of an implant. They are more expensive than alternatives.

Dental implant installation

Dental Implants

Before implant teeth surgery Turkey can begin, the dentist will make scans of the patient’s jaws. They will help determine the density of the patient’s jaws. Implants require the jaws to be dense enough to support them, as they can exert more pressure than natural tooth roots. Patients with low bone density can increase it through bone graft surgery.

The dentist will use local or IV anaesthesia for implant installation. First, the doctor will make an incision on the gum. It is needed to reach the bone, where the dentist will drill a hole for the implant. After placing the implant in the bone and suturing the incision, the dentist will install a low-pressure crown or other type of dental prosthesis.

The patient will then return home and wait until the implants finish a process called osseointegration. The implant will fuse with the patient’s jawbone and be able to support full-pressure prostheses. Osseointegration typically takes half a year.

After osseointegration is completed, the patient will need to return to Turkey. The dentist will evaluate the healing process and install the patient’s permanent prostheses.

Tooth whitening

Teeth whitening

Tooth whitening is a common procedure used to improve the appearance of natural enamel. Tooth whitening can’t be used to restore the colour of dental restorations. The treatment is performed using an acidic solution, which can dissolve plaque and whiten the colour of the patient’s enamel.

There are two methods of tooth whitening available. The first type is performed entirely at the clinic under the dentist’s supervision.

This type of tooth whitening gives instant results and can achieve a more noticeable change in tooth colour. The second type is performed by the patient at home using the provided supplies. It requires more time to have an effect but is much more convenient to perform.



Dentures are removable prostheses which can be used to restore missing dentition. There are several types of dentures available, which differ in adhesion method and how many teeth they restore. Dentures are made to order so they fit properly. While less expensive than alternative tooth restorations, using dentures requires some adjustments, and they do not allow the patient to use his full bite force, limiting what kinds of foods he may eat.

Tooth fillings

Price of Dental Filling in Turkey

Tooth fillings are used to treat cavities and other types of damage by replacing the missing material with a polymer composite. The composite is cured under UV and polished so it looks like enamel.

Tooth fillings are quick to perform and inexpensive, making them an excellent choice for treating small-scale damage.

Getting teeth done at Dentatur

To get your teeth done at Dentatur, contact us using the provided information. You will get a free online consultation, which will help determine the best treatment for you.

We use modern dentistry methods to deliver the best results, as shown by many positive reviews of our past patients. Getting your teeth done at our clinic will allow you to restore your smile without breaking the bank.

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