Dental care in Turkey

We have prepared the guidelines for the aftercare of your mouth. It will help you to take care of your teeth properly. Moreover, we will tell you tips that will help you to reduce the pain after the operation and speed up the healing process.

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How to take care of your teeth every day?

If you want to have a healthy smile, you need to take care of your teeth every day. It is better to adhere to a daily routine that will allow you to maintain the cleanness of your mouth. Let us tell you more about every step of the routine. 

Dental care in Turkey
  • Brush your teeth

    Toothbrushing is the main step of daily routine. You can use a manual or electric toothbrush. It is better to repeat this procedure twice a day. Dentists advise using soft toothbrushes. They will help you to clean your teeth without harming your gums. You can ask your doctor which toothbrush is better.

  • Floss your teeth

    Many people skip this step. However, tooth flossing helps to get rid of the food that gets stuck between your teeth. Thus, it is better to use floss after using the brush. Floss your teeth from all sides but do it super carefully and try to remove the stuck food. Try not to harm your gums. Furthermore, you can use waxed floss that allows you to move between your teeth easily.

  • Rinse your teeth

    The last step of the routine is using mouthwash. It will help you to maintain the cleanness of your mouth and protect your teeth from food sticking. Moreover, it will allow you to have fresh breath for a day. You can use it after flossing your teeth.

Visit your dentist on time

Remember that schedule checking of oral health will help you to avoid dental diseases and maintain an attractive appearance of your smile. It is necessary to visit your dentist every six months to get a checkup of your teeth and gums. However, you should also call the dentist if you feel any discomfort when you chew food or brush your teeth. It can indicate the appearance of decay or other dental diseases. You can visit our Dentatur clinic and get quick and high-quality oral checking. The dentist will ask you to make an X-ray to check your teeth and decide the next steps of the treatment. 

Aftercare for dentures

Dental care for the dentures

To clean the denture you should remove it from your mouth. It is easier to do it by taking a small sip of water. Then you will be able to remove the denture and clean it with a brush. You can use toothpaste or a special cleaner. Use only cool water. It is because the hot water can damage the denture. Addedly, be very careful with the denture when you clean it with a brush. It is better not to press on the thin parts of the device. After the cleaning, you can put the denture back in your mouth. It is better to raise it with cool water before placing it. It will provide a better soak of the denture.

Recovery after dental surgery

The duration of the recovery period depends on the type of oral surgery. The time of the healing process also can vary according to the procedure that you have got. We have prepared tips that will help you relieve the discomfort fillings during the recovery period. 

Treat the pain after the surgery

Dental surgery in Turkey

You can suffer from the pain after the surgery. It is a normal organism reaction to the operation. Especially, patients can feel discomfort in the surgery area after tooth extraction. It is because often it is deeply decayed or impacted. Moreover, the patients who need this operation can suffer from gum diseases. Thus, they can suffer from acute pain. You can use some tips to relieve the discomfort:

The healing process

You can suffer from bleeding and swelling in the first 24 years after the oral surgery. To stop the bleeding you can put on a piece of sterile gauze to the operation area. To recuse the swelling the doctor can advise you to use the 2-3 pillows when sleeping to keep your head properly. Furthermore, it is super important to take prescribed antibiotics. They help to avoid the appearance of infection.

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