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Dental implants are an effective but expensive method of restoring lost teeth. If the patient wants to restore many teeth at once in a full mouth restoration procedure, the treatment’s final price can be very high.

This is why many choose to fly to Turkey for dental implant treatments. In Turkey, their cost is much lower, while the quality is comparable to the UK.

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What Is the Procedure for Installing Full Mouth Implants?

The procedure for dental implant installation in Turkey is the same for any type of implant. The first step that must be performed before the patient can get their implants is the consultation and check-up. During the first visit to the clinic, the doctors will make three-dimensional scans of the patient’s jaws. The scans will be needed for precise implant installation and manufacturing crowns or bridges. As the implants are installed into the jaw, the angle at which they are installed is very important to ensure their stability. The jaw scans will help dentists to choose the optimal location for the implant installation.


dental implant

During the next visit, the doctors will install the dental implants. If the patient needs to have some of their teeth removed before installation, or their bone density is inadequate to support the implants, the patient will need an extra visit to perform a tooth extraction or bone graft.

The newly installed implants can’t support permanent teeth replacements, as they are not securely connected to the bone. After it is installed, the material of the surrounding bone will slowly fuse with the implant, forming a strong bond. In the meantime, the patient will wear temporary low-pressure crowns or bridges on their implants. When the fusing process, also called osseointegration, will finish, the patient will need to visit the clinic again to have their temporary teeth replaced with permanent full-pressure ones. After this, the dental implant installation procedure is completed.

What Is the Cost for a Full Set of Dental Implants in Turkey?

all on 4 dental implantations

The cost of a full set of dental implants in Turkey will depend on what type of installation procedure the patient gets and on the implant material. Some treatments use as few as four implants per fixed bridge, while others use more. Nevertheless, dental treatment in Turkey won’t cost a fortune and will always be cheaper than in the UK if all the other criteria are the same.

The low healthcare costs are the result of low living costs in Turkey. Clinics in Turkey have lower operating costs and can afford to charge less to attract more patients. As Turkey is a major health tourist destination, there is no shortage of patients, making competitive pricing very important for clinics in Turkey. The quality of the treatment is equivalent to the UK, as Turkish doctors are trained at medical schools that meet international education standards, and the state helps clinics to cover expenses on foreign-made medical supplies.

All-on-4£1,600 £7,950 73%
All-on-6£2,400 £10,750 70%
All-on-8 £3,200£12,75066%
Zirconium Implants£1,000£8,75066%
Ceramic Implants£3,000£8,75066%
Full Mouth
Single Implants£400£1,75075%

Package Deals for Full Mouth Dental Implants in Turkey

Full mouth dental implant treatments at Dentatur are provided in package deals. The deals include services that will help to make the patient’s stay more comfortable. For example, our clinic will arrange the patient’s accommodation and transport in Turkey for them. These services will be more affordable in a package deal compared to if they were purchased separately, helping the patient save money. They will make the process of getting a full mouth dental implant treatment in Turkey much more comfortable and worry-free. The package includes the cost of anaesthesia and other essential medications used during the dental implant installation treatment.

Options for Installing Full Mouth Implants

A patient can choose among many dental implant options for full mouth restorations at clinics in Turkey. Dental implants can be made of metal or ceramic, with ceramic implants being a more expensive option. Ceramic dental implants aren’t typically used in popular full mouth treatments, as their material prevents manufacturing fixed bridges that can fit them. They are more often used as support for separate dental crowns. Their main advantage is their white colour, which does not show through the patient’s gums if they become thin as they age. The ceramic is also hypoallergenic. While metal allergies are hard to come by, there have been reports of patients experiencing mild adverse reactions to titanium — the most popular metal for dental implants.

dental implants installation

Titanium is non-toxic, and if the patient does not suffer from titanium hypersensitivity, it is a perfect choice for full mouth dental implant treatment, as titanium veneers are used in All-on-4 and All-on-6 procedures, allowing the patient to replace all the missing teeth using a few implants.

What Are All-on-4 Dental Implants?

All-on-4 Dental Implantation

The All-on-4 dental implant treatment involves installing a fixed bridge that replaces all the teeth of a single jaw on just four implants. If the patients want to use this type of implant for a full mouth treatment, they will only need to install eight implants, four per bridge.

What Are All-on-6 Implants?

All-on-6 Dental Implantation

The full mouth All-on-6 treatment is very similar to the All-on-4 one, but a single bridge uses six dental implants. This makes it more stable and durable and reduces pressure on the implants by distributing it more evenly.

What Is Full Arch Restoration?

A full arch restoration is a term which refers to any dental treatment that aims to restore all the patient’s teeth in a single arch or jaw. The implants can support separate bridges or be the All-on-4 or All-on-6 procedures limited to a single arch. As the treatment only concerns a single dental arch, it is less invasive than full mouth restoration and can be used if the patient’s teeth in the other arch are relatively healthy.

Dental Implant Brands Used at Our Clinic

Our clinic uses proven and high-quality dental implant brands for full mouth treatments. They are certified by the EU and FDA. These include such brands as Neodent, Straumann, Astra Tech and others. By using high-quality imported implants, we can offer the patients a success rate of more than 98%, as these implants readily osseointegrate even in the most difficult circumstances. Dental implants have a warranty, so you can be sure of their quality.

What Are the Advantages of Dental Implants in Our Clinic?

When you get a full mouth dental implant teeth restoration at our clinic, you are getting the most advanced and comfortable alternative to natural teeth. Dental implants can fully restore your dental function, as they do not reduce the bite force and stop the bone density loss caused by missing teeth. As a result, you can be sure that the implants will last a long time – bone density loss is a major cause of dental issues which follow teeth loss, as bone shrinkage causes teeth crowding and can lead to further teeth loss.

Our implants are manufactured by well-known European and American companies, which can guarantee high rates of successful osseointegration and recovery. Our package deals will also help you to get your treatment fast and without extra hassles.

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