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Fake teeth in Turkey are dental procedures used to replace teeth if they are missing or severely damaged. Many patients travel to Turkey for these treatments to install better tooth replacements than are available in their country for lower prices.

Tooth replacements at Dentatur are performed using modern methods to offer the patients the best possible treatment quality.

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Types of fake teeth

Any procedure that uses dental prostheses for tooth restoration can be called a fake teeth treatment. The type of procedure is chosen based on the patient’s oral health. The most common procedure for restoring missing teeth is dental implant installation, but dental crowns and veneers are also used if the patient’s teeth are sufficiently healthy.

Dental veneers

Veneers Turkey

Veneers are used when the patient wants to improve their smile and maintain a healthy dentition. A veneer covers the front of a tooth, making it a mostly cosmetic procedure as it can’t repair significant structural damage. Most veneers are made of porcelain, with alternative materials used for temporary or preparation-free installation.

Dental crowns


Crowns replace the visible surface of the teeth, so they are used for smile restorations as both a cosmetic and a practical solution. A dental crown can be installed if the patient has a healthy tooth root. This makes crowns to restore teeth with significant dental decay or other issues. Dental crowns can be installed as a dental bridge to restore several adjacent teeth.

In this case, it becomes possible to restore a tooth that is unable to support a crown due to damage by anchoring a crown as a pontic, which is a crown supported by adjacent crowns.

Dental implants

best dental implants in turkey

Dental implants are the most effective solution for tooth restoration and are the treatment that is most commonly referred to as “fake teeth”. Nevertheless, an implant does not restore the entire tooth by itself. A dental implant is a replacement for a tooth root. 

Only after installing a crown or bridge on an implant does it become a fully functional “fake tooth”. Implants are used when the condition of the patient’s teeth prevents the dentist from installing a crown or bridge. The dental implant takes the place of a missing or damaged root and serves as a point for attaching a visible prosthesis.

How much are fake teeth in Turkey?

Fake teeth cost Turkey is much lower than in the UK. A patient can save as much as seventy per cent by travelling to Turkey for smile restoration. This is possible because of Turkey’s low living costs and government initiatives to support dental clinics. Low living costs mean that clinics such as Dentatur have lower running costs. This is because low living costs make prices of locally produced goods more affordable. In turn, we can reduce the prices of the procedure, as there is no need to recoup high operating costs.

The Turkish government also takes action to allow the clinics to raise the quality of their operations without significant cost increases. They offer financial aid and subsidies so the clinics can get the expensive imported supplies. This makes treatments at our clinic equivalent in quality to ones in Western European countries because we use the same famous brands of dental implants and other supplies. The precise fake teeth Turkey price depends on the type of dental procedure and the number of prostheses installed.

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What types of dental implants are used in Turkey?

Typically, patients travel for dental implants if they need to restore most or all of their dentition in a single treatment. We offer several types of dental implant-supported fixed bridges that replace all dentition in a single arch without requiring the surgeon to install many dental implants. These procedures are called All-on-X dental implants, with “X” signifying the number of dental implants per bridge.

All-on-4 dental implants

All-on-4 Dental Implantation

These bridges use four dental implants per jaw to restore all the dentition in a single arch. If the patient wants to replace every tooth in their mouth, they will need two bridges, eight dental implants in total. This is the most affordable full-mouth restoration treatment. Despite the small number of dental implants, All-on-4 systems are very stable and have been in use for several decades. The price of an All-on-4 bridge is £1,600.

All-on-6 dental implants

All-on-6 Dental Implants Cost in Turkey

These bridges are similar but use six dental implants per arch. The increased dental implant number makes the bridge more stable and able to withstand greater pressure. These bridges require that the patient’s jawbones to have sufficient density to withstand more pressure. If the patient’s jawbone density is reduced due to adentia or other reasons, he may be ineligible for this procedure without a bone graft.  The cost of All-on-6 bridges at our clinic is £2,400.

Benefits of dental implants

Dental implants have numerous benefits over other smile restoration procedures. They allow the patient to:

Dental implant installation

Installing a dental implant can take about half a year as dental implants need time for osseointegration. This makes implant installation a two-stage treatment.

Osseointegration is the process of implant fusing with the jawbone. Implants become much more firmly connected to the jawbone after osseointegration is completed. A newly installed implant can’t bear the pressure of a fixed bridge, so the dentist will install a low-pressure one at first.

First stage of implant installation

teeth surgery turkey

The first stage of implant installation begins with making jawbone scans. Implant installation necessitates computer tomography because the dentist will need a three-dimensional scan of the patient’s jawbones to determine the location and angle for installing implants. After the scan is completed and the dentist has determined where to install the implants, he will make incisions in the target locations of the patient’s gums.

Then, he will insert the implants into the bone. After suturing the cuts, the dentist will install the low-pressure bridge.

Second stage of implant installation

Dental Implantation Turkey

The second stage of treatment begins once osseointegration has been completed, and the patient returns to the clinic. The doctor will examine the healing progress, remove temporary bridges and install the permanent ones. If the bridges need any adjustments, this is when they will be made. Otherwise, the treatment is completed after the permanent bridge installation

How to get treatment at our clinic

To get treatment at our clinic, contact us using the information on this page. It will allow you to get a free online consultation and make a treatment plan. Our tooth restorations are among the best in Turkey, which is supported by many positive reviews from our patients. Getting treatment at our clinic will save you money and time, as we can perform various dental procedures, allowing you to get all the necessary treatments in one place.

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