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Do you want to know “How much are veneers abroad”? This and other facts about veneer treatment you will find in this article. It is an excellent dental solution for correcting smile imperfections. Let us tell you why it is better to get this treatment abroad.   



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Cost of veneers in our clinic

  • Lumineers – £ 245
  • E-max veneers (laminate) – £ 200
  • Empress veneers – £ 200,00

If you plan dental treatment, it is important to know the cost of the procedure. However, it is not easy to find out this information because the price can change according to the different factors. Clinic Dentatur offers several options for our patients. That is why you will get quality veneer implantation at a reasonable price. You can see our whole price list here

Before and after veneers

What affects the cost?

How to reduce the price?

If you want to reduce the price of dental veneers abroad, you can look for cheaper flight tickets. Our company helps to search better options for you. Also, you can choose a special treatment package that can include several veneers and free service. It is not a good idea to save on the quality of the product. It can cause the need to replace the shells in the future. 

Veneers packages

Our clinic offers special packages for patients. It provides getting new porcelain veneers at a lower price. The package can involve 8, 12, 16, 18, or 20 shells. They also include such free services as transference, hotel stay, consultation, X-ray, laboratory fees, and dentist’s work. In addition, we offer all-inclusive packages for other treatments. You can see them following this link. We offer a special package of three types of veneers:

  • Premium Selection – Celtra Duo Veneers
  • Premium Selection – E-max Veneers
  • Premium Selection – Empress Veneers 


The type of material is another factor that affects the price of the treatment. That is why you need to choose one of them to find out how much are veneers abroad. Our clinic offers a great choice of materials. Each of them has its own features. That is why you need to get more information about them before choosing one. We have prepared several facts about the types of veneers that we provide. 

Porcelain veneers

Porcelain shells are long-lasting and enduring. They will help you to cover different teeth imperfections. You will also be able to correct their size or colour. You can get porcelain veneers abroad on two visits. This type of material provides a natural-looking result. You will also have a huge choice of shade for porcelain shells. They are made especially for every patient. That is why you will be able to create a new smile. You can wear porcelain prosthetics for 15-20 years.


Lumineers are types of porcelain veneers. They provide an aesthetic view of your new smile. Also, they are durable. That is why you do not need to worry about the term of their staying. You can wear lumineers for 7-10 years. However, you need to care about them every day. (You can read more about it below). Another advantage of lumineers is the method of their placement. They do not need the preparation of teeth and save their structure due to it.

E-max veneers (laminate)

E-max shells are one of the most aesthetic variants. That is why if appearance is so important to you, this type is a perfect variant. E-max veneers are made from lithium disilicate glass-ceramic. It is another type of porcelain. The features of this material are the main advantages of E-max shells. They are the same as a Diamond because of their transparency and shine. Also, they do not need teeth preparation. It is because they are thinner and lighter than traditional porcelain shells. At the same time, laminate shells are also durable and long-lasting. You can wear them for 20 years with proper care. 

Empress veneers

Empress hells are also types of porcelain veneers. They are fully made from glass-ceramic. That is why they are durable and natural-looking. This material is one of the premiers used for dental procedures. Also, the dentist recommends them because of their long-lasting. They can withstand the daily press on teeth. That is why you can be sure of their sustainability. In addition, empress shells are safe for patients with allergies. It is because they do not contain metal. The light transmittance of the material provides the aesthetic view of empress shells. They are also more expensive than other types. However, if the aesthetic view of the result is your most important purpose, choose this variant.

What is the best country to get veneers?

You need to choose the country to find out how much are veneers abroad. It is because the cost of this procedure depends on the location. You can get the same procedure at a different price according to the country that you will visit. Clinics offer various services for the patients. The price for them depends on the cost of living in the country. We have prepared short information about more prevalent places for getting veneers abroad. It will help you to choose a more suitable variant for you.


Turkey is an excellent place for getting a new smile. You will find here the lowest price for dental procedures. It is because the cost of living in the country allows dentists to offer their work at a reasonable price. Turkish clinics provide comfortable conditions for their foreign patients. That is why you can be sure of a pleasant experience of correcting the teeth. Also, it is an opportunity to visit famous places and spend your vacation satisfyingly in Turkey. 


Poland is another good choice for getting new veneers abroad. The Healthcare system in this country increased in the last years. That is why all qualified dentists are in one modern medical infrastructure. It allows easy searching for a better clinic. The most popular city for medical tourism is Krakow. Poland also offers a low cost for dental procedures. 


Hungary is a prevalent country among patients who want to get veneer installation. Clinics offer modern technologies and qualified dentists. There are also famous Europe’s doctors in this country. That is why you will have a great choice of specialists. The price for correcting the smile in Hungary is also low. People combine visiting clinics with vacation because of the beautiful landscapes of this country.


Germany has the best health care system in Europe. That is why this country is a good option for getting dental treatment. Patients choose German clinics because of the high quality of the dentists’ work. Most of the clinics’ staff are English-speaking. That is why foreign patients can communicate with them without any discomfort. Popular medical tourism cities are Berlin, Munich, Humburg, and Frankfurt. 

The price of dental veneers abroad

Turkey – €200 – €450 per tooth

Poland – €200 – €500 per tooth

Hungary – €300 – €500 per tooth

Germany – €350 – €600 per tooth

Getting dental veneers abroad

Dental veneer treatment: stages

This procedure involves covering teeth imperfections. You can get porcelain veneers abroad in 2 days. This time includes several steps of treatment. Let us tell you more about each of them.  

  • Checking oral health. The first visit involves consultation with the dentist. It is better to do an X-ray to examine your mouth better. It will help the doctor to plan the stage of the procedure. On the first visit, you will also agree on the final result of the treatment.
  • Choosing the colour. One of the most responsible stages is designating the view of prosthetics shells. The dentist will show you the guide of the shades for your choice. Additionally, if you want to get a lighter variant than your natural teeth, you need to do the whitening procedure before the selected shade of the prosthetics shells.         
  • Teeth preparation. The next step that the dentist will do is the preparation of every tooth. This procedure provides abrasion of about 0.3-0.5 mm of the enamel. The dentist makes the place for prosthetic shells in such a way.   
  • Teeth impression. Another step of the first visit is taking a teeth impression. It will allow copying their structure and side. It is a necessary step that helps to make final veneers. You will need to wait for them for 1-2 days.
  • Placing temporary veneers. You can feel the teeth sensitivity after their abrasion. The dentist will place the temporary shells to reduce it. However, it is not a necessary stage. 
  • Installing veneers. The last stage provides placing the shells. The dentist needs to check the result at the end of the second visit. You also must confirm that you are satisfied with a new smile. 

How to care about dental veneers?

We have prepared rules for caring about a new smile. It will increase the duration of wearing porcelain shells.

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