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How to find the best dentists in Turkey is a question often asked by most patients. Everyone wants to receive the highest quality treatment, the basis of which is the experience and qualifications of the dentist.

This article will inform you about how to choose a dentist in Turkey, why this country is popular in the field of dental tourism, what services and treatments are provided here, and what is the cost of procedures in Turkey.

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Why Turkey Is a Popular Dental Tourism Country

Turkey has gained great popularity in recent years as a top dental tourism country. Many people from all over the world, especially from the UK, come to Turkey to receive high-quality dental care. Several reasons contribute to this.

Quality and Experience of Specialists

Turkish clinics state-of-the-art equipment

Turkey has highly qualified dentists who received education and work experience abroad. They have in-depth experience in dentistry, allowing them to provide high-quality services.

In addition, many Turkish clinics use state-of-the-art equipment and follow modern standards of dental practice.

Affordable Prices

cost of dental treatment in Turkey

The cost of dental treatment in Turkey is usually much more affordable compared to countries such as the US, UK or some Western European countries. It is due to lower health care and living costs in Turkey.

However, prices may vary depending on the specific clinic, location and complexity of the procedure.

Combined Rest and Treatment

Turkey a popular country for dental tourism

Turkey is a popular tourist place due to its beautiful beaches, rich cultural history and diverse attractions.

Many people choose Turkey for dental care as it allows them to combine treatment with relaxation and visiting picturesque places. After the treatment, patients can enjoy relaxing on the beach, visiting historical sites or immersing themselves in the local culture.

Dental Work Cost in Turkey

The cost of the most popular dental treatments in Turkey depends on the type of procedure, the complexity of the case, the doctor’s reputation and the clinic’s location. However, the prices for Turkish dental care are knock-down, more optimal and affordable compared to the UK.

You can find the following approximate prices for procedures:

  1. the dental implantation cost ranges from £250 to £2000;
  2. the veneer placement cost ranges from £200 to £275;
  3. the dental crowns and bridges installation cost ranges from £180 to £245;
  4. the dentures’ cost ranges from £300 to £950;
  5. the orthodontic treatment cost ranges from £1000 to £2000;
  6. the laser teeth whitening cost ranges from £200 to £280.

It is vital to note that these prices are approximate and may vary depending on the specific clinic and individual circumstances.

Tips for Finding the Top Dentist in Turkey

Here are several pieces of advice to help you find the top dentist in Turkey:

dentist in Turkey
Get a free consultation and a personal treatment plan!

Dental Treatments and Services in Turkey

The most popular Turkish dental treatments and services are implants, veneers, crowns, bridges, dentures, orthodontic treatment and laser teeth whitening.

Dental Implantation

Dental Implantation Turkey

Dental implantation is indeed a popular procedure during dental tourism in Turkey. It is replacing a lost tooth by placing an implant into the jawbone.

Dental implantation in Turkey is a very common procedure and many clinics offer high-quality dental implant services. Turkish dentists are highly qualified and have experience working abroad.

One of the dental implantation benefits in Turkey is the affordable cost. Prices for dental implants in Turkey are usually lower than in the UK.

Dental Veneers

Veneer in Turkey

The veneer installation is another popular procedure that can be obtained during dental tourism in Turkey.

Veneers are thin ceramic or composite plates bonded to the front teeth’ surface to improve aesthetics. Turkish clinics offer many veneer options, including porcelain veneers (such as Emax) and composite veneers (such as nanoceramic composite veneers).

One of the main benefits of veneers is their ability to change the shape, colour, and alignment of teeth and hide stains, bumps, and gaps between teeth.

Dental Crowns and Bridges

dental bridge

Crowns and bridges aim to restore and strengthen damaged or missing teeth.

A crown is a reliable and durable structure that is superimposed on the tooth surface, completely covering it. It restores the tooth’s appearance, function, and shape.

A bridge is an excellent option for one or more missing teeth replacement attached to adjacent teeth.

 It consists of artificial teeth called crowns that cover the adjacent teeth and support the bridge.



Removable dentures aim to replace some or all of the teeth in the dentition. They are easily removed and installed using special fasteners or clasps. Removable dentures provide functionality and aesthetics and help patients improve their self-confidence.

Fixed dentures, such as fixed dental bridges or implants, are also popular among patients who come to Turkey for dental tourism.


dental braces in turkey

Orthodontic treatment focuses on correcting malocclusion and straightening teeth. It may include braces, invisible aligners, retainers, and other orthodontic appliances.

Turkish clinics offer modern orthodontic treatment methods and a wide range of appliances that allow patients to achieve straight teeth and a harmonious bite, improving the functionality and aesthetics of a smile.

Braces such as metal, ceramic, or lingual (internal) braces are popular options. They allow you to accurately adjust the position of the teeth and bite.

Invisalign, or invisible aligners are also available in Turkish clinics.

Laser Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening in Turkey

Laser teeth whitening is a safe and simple option to achieve a whiter smile. During the procedure, a special laser is used to activate a whitening gel applied to the surface of the teeth. Laser exposure helps to enhance the whitening effect, making teeth lighter and brighter.

The advantages of laser teeth whitening in Turkey include the high efficiency of the procedure and short-term results. The results are noticeable after the first visit to the dental hygienist, and the teeth can become several shades whiter.

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