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Let us inform you about the cost of teeth veneers in Turkey. This type of dental treatment is a simple option to get a perfect smile. Turkey provides a lower price of dental veneers compared with other countries. In this article, you will find the price list of veneer treatments in our clinic. Also, we will tell you why the costs are low in Turkey.  



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Cost of veneer treatment in our clinic

E-max veneers £200 per tooth

Lumineer veneers £245 per tooth

Empress veneers £200 per tooth

If you plan to correct your smile, dental veneers in Turkey are the best choice. The reason is a reasonable price. You will be able to get new teeth for a lower cost than in the UK or Germany. Such cheap prices will allow you to save up to 70-80% of your budget in Turkey. For this reason, you will have an excellent opportunity to treat a full smile. Well, why is dental treatment cheaper in Turkey than in other countries? The main reason is the low cost of laboratory fees and dentist’s work. As a result, clinics can offer a reasonable price for their services.


before and after veneers in turkey

What does affect the cost of dental veneers?

The cost of veneer treatment can vary according to several factors. Let us tell you more about them. The first of them is the number of teeth. Foreign patients prefer to have a full mouth correction because of the low cost of teeth veneers in Turkey. That is why we provide packages that include treatment of several teeth. You will be able to get a full set of veneers in our clinic. The second factor that affects the price is the type of dental shell. We offer Empress, E-max and Lumeneer veneers.

Types of veneers that you can get in our clinic

Our clinic provides several types of porcelain veneers. You will be able to consult with our dentist and choose the more suitable one. We also have prepared short information about every type for you. It will help you to find out the difference between them. In addition, we will tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of every type of porcelain shell. It will aid you in your choice. Well, let us tell you about the more prevalent types of porcelain veneers in Turkey.

Empress veneers

Empress teeth veneers

Empress veneers are a kind of porcelain shell that is famous due to their aesthetic appearance and durability. They are made of two layers. The first of them is ceramic. It provides strength for the shell. The top layer is made of glass. For this reason, Empress veneers look like your natural teeth. Glass ceramic is one of the most famous premier dental materials. That is why patients and dentists prefer this type of porcelain shell. You can wear them for 10 years.

E-max veneers

E-max teeth veneers

E-max veneers are made of pressed ceramic. This material provides extreme durability. Also, your shell will be transparent, thin and shining. For this reason, you will get a natural-looking result. Also, E-max shells are straight and can serve you for 10-15 years. That is why if you want to get durable and aesthetic porcelain shells, E-max is the best option for you.

Lumineer veneers

Lumineer teeth veneers

Lumineers are prevalent due to the method of their placing. This type of porcelain veneer does not need a lot of tooth preparation. In other words, the dentist will not appraise the enamel from your teeth. It is because this type of porcelain shell is thinner than other options. As a result, you will get veneers that will not make your teeth thicker. That is why you will get natural feelings after the procedure. In addition, less preparation allows getting Lumineers in one visit. They will serve you for 5-7 years.   

Veneer packages

Dentatur clinic offers the best services for you. That is why you will be able to get the best offers in our clinic. We care about our patients and try to make their treatment more comfortable. For this reason, we have prepared special dental treatment packages for you. They include free services and veneers for several teeth at once. Our veneer packages provide a set of 6, 8, 12 or 16 porcelain shells. It allows you to correct a full jaw or full mouth. Also, you will get such free services as:

How to take care of new teeth?

How to take care of your teeth

If you want to wear your veneers for a long time, it is better to care about them properly. It involves daily cleaning. It will help you to increase the duration of their lasting. That is why   we have prepared the tips for daily care about your veneers. 

  • Brush your teeth twice a day. It is a simple rule that will help to avoid gum diseases that can damage veneer borders. That is why make sure that you properly take care of your oral hygiene.
  • Use the right toothpaste. It is better to check its compositions. Some ingredients can harm veneers. These are sodium bicarbonate, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. They can affect the shyness and colour of dental veneers. Also, it is better to avoid whitening toothpaste. 
  • Use a soft toothbrush. It will save your shells from damage. You can ask your dentist which toothbrush you can use.  
  • Remember to visit your dentist for schedule checking. It will help you to repair your dental shells in time. For this reason, it is better to check your oral health every six months
  • Avoid coloured food. It can change the shade of your veneers. These can be coffee, coloured juice, red wine or berries. In addition, it is better to forget about cigarettes.
  • If you like active sport, you should avoid any harm to your porcelain shells. For that reason, you should use a mouthguard. It will protect your new smile. 

Why are veneers a good choice for you?

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